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January, 2013

evil kids needs tough punishment
want to own a pig? you need a 4WD (SUV) first
take extra care (if you live in NSW)
the ice cream story
there are ways to avoid surcharges, but may not worth it
make sure you entered the right town (suburb) and country on GPS
it's hot today
Lance books are non-fiction, still
Jabra Drive
Neighbours' Ramsay St is actually Pinoak Ct.
Mountain Dew contains restricted ingredient

February, 2013

Panasonic DVD player
Revenge is back
updated setting
Resurrection, Revenge; other bits
toilet seat notebook - iBook Clamshell
suing the university for not performing well?
Need some protective skin for your latest gadget?
One Way or Another
Confidence, Revenge
one more iMac G4, 20-inch this time.
lock up your horses!
Intuition, Revenge
a music player (PowerCD)

March, 2013

I do have a CRT monitor
Forgiveness, Revenge
we all love rewards points
my first Tagine
my first DYMO
Gaufrette Potato Nest, finally
Illusion, Revenge
we all love cats
a church for non-believers
the new pope and the end
Penance, Revenge
Captain Peacock dies at age 92
we all know what whingers are
Lineage, Revenge
I was overcharged for $3480.50
pigs at Easter Show

April, 2013

Revelations, Revenge
finally, I got the book
the catstody battle, custody I mean
Power/Sabotage, Revenge
the car broken down
Americans demand the latest of the latest
a small fraction of a car
Collusion, Revenge
two-headed pig survived in China
poorman's setup
Click Frenzy again? Meh.
Union, Revenge tonight
Our Don turns 22 today
worse than Don's Boston
Sacrifice, Revenge

May, 2013

this man spent all his life savings on a carnival game
it's flu season again
Michael Jackson 'fooled everyone'
the one in charge of laws does not follow the laws himself.
Retribution, Revenge
the real life revenge
Illumination, Revenge
why you should use your credit cards whenever possible
Victory, Revenge
it is safer to seat at back
Super Moon today
Masquerade - Revenge
Surface Pro coming to Australia tomorrow
ridiculous road rules

June, 2013

Engagement, Revenge
iOS 7's new interface and layout
two faced kitten
car on fire
Truth, Part One, Revenge
new camera, Sony DSC-HX50V
season final, Revenge
we have a new Prime Minister!
it could be a good thing if you don't understand English

July, 2013

good to see some blue sky
don't dare to take seats that is not assigned to you
a marriage gives you a son older than you.
Carl Zeiss will be known as ZEISS
do you know termites can fly?
what do pigs do during the day?
US Govt Agent is racist against Asians
you can shoot dead a black kid, as long as you are white
don't travel if you are aged 80 or over
if Trayvon Martin was white
a US City files bankruptcy?
long lasting fluorescent
meet the zonkey (=donkey + zebra)

August, 2013

US Govt demand master encryption keys
got hit by a bird poo while walking?
Made in Australia
Witches saved by an Elf
"scaremongering by eccentric fringe groups"
Michael Scofield is out
Kazaar and Dharkan now permanent
Xena Warrior Princess might return
mont saint-michel style scallop
Epson LabelWorks LW-400

September, 2013

new iPhones on September 11?
Martin Luther King Jr had a dream 50 years ago
new 3TB wireless backup disk (AirPort Time Capsule)
order your 5c today
how to survive guide
Big Mac is pretty healthy
iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s pricing (outright)
poor man's new phone - 5s
best way to punish your naughty teenage daughter
15th anniversary of Will & Grace

October, 2013

recycling pizza box?
dagwood dog
One Direction, Fleet Review and NRL Grand Final
how to make a perfect cup of tea
Eric McCormack and Debra Messing still looking great
a man forgets wife on honeymoon
2 credit cards no split bills
forgot where I parked the car
where do you park your horse these days?

November, 2013

iPad Air is here.
hot day
was Krups, then De'Longhi, now Breville and De'Longhi
a poor man's new mini toy.
back to the 19th century
Click Frenzy
cleaning cleaning
US black boy jailed for 3 yr without conviction
another case, another black guy wrongly jailed
poor man's first full frame
5.6 kg of antique junk
proper lighting

December, 2013

no more analogue TV
unbelievably double standard
interesting Kindle ad
Jack and Karen unites
let it snow, in Cairo
Harold Camping dies
even this Reddit user apologised
a sewing machine
the year that was 2013
a cheap TV

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