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3 September, 2012


So, I bought a new coffee machine, even though my current Nespresso coffee machine still works well, and I still love it (and use it everyday). Who says that I can only buy a new coffee machine when current one breaks down? Unlike our good friend Don who lives in picturesque Quincy near beautiful Boston, I carefully decide before I buy things. In other words, I also patiently waited for a good bargain before I shop.

Here's the new machine, my third Nespresso coffee machine:
Nespresso Pixie

(as usual, more photos follow...)

I still use my Nespresso Lattissima (bought in mid 2008). It's a beautiful machine, still works very well. Just that I need another Nespresso machine.

So, I choose a compact Nespresso.
Recently, Nespresso came out with a new machine called U. Although Nespresso U is cheaper by $100 in RRP, I decided to get the Pixie for compactness and portability reasons.

Nespresso Pixie and Aeroccino 3

I am sure Rev. Dr. Wu Yi would be happy with this: One key feature about this new Nespresso Pixie is that the machine heats up very fast. A whole lot faster and hotter than my current Nespresso Lattissima. I decided to measure the temperature of the coffee. I pressed Lungo button right after the machines indicate they are ready. Pixie gives almost 20°C hotter coffee than Lattissima (when just switched on from cold).

To get suitable coffee temperature (but not burning) on Lattissima, I usually leave the machine on for about 30 minutes, and leave the milk out for similar time. With Pixie, I don't need to wait that long.

Nespresso Pixie

One small disadvantage on Pixie is that I don't have a milk compartment like Lattissima. I would need to use the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 for heating and frothing milk. Not a big deal, but I need to rinse the milk Aeroccino after each use. Therefore, I will continue to use my Nespresso Lattissima (until I got the new Lattissima+, I guess)

Unlike Don, drinking Nespresso coffee is certainly much cheaper than buying Mountain Dews.

Rev. Dr. Wu Yi, I know you love my Nespresso coffee.

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Posted by Antony on 3 September 2012 9:26 AM | coffee and food

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from iTunes Store:
Long time dead I guess Antony, so go ahead and worship at the altar of commerce. I just don't see the point with Nespresso machines, trapped in the cycle of having to buy their expensive capsules. I make my coffee by hand and select the brand and type that I like at any given time.
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 3 September 2012 11:50 AM.
Nespresso capsules aren't that expensive (less than 70 cents each). Just like electricity (only few cents for one kilo-watt-hour). Nespresso capsules are definitely much cheaper than drinking coffee outside.
Posted by Antony on 3 September 2012 1:02 PM.
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