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January, 2012

New Year Eve's Fireworks
got somewhere awkward to clean?
the Boston-like sky
it's black light (not blue light) to attract insect
today is the 13th
two trips to the Castle, just for pure water
we all love conduits
no Wikipedia for 24 hours
old yellow Wiggle is back
No Security?
Love Never Dies
happy Australia Day
Antony can't calculate square root.
99 cents bargain!
scorching hot day
“stocking-up” the machines, because they are so powerful!

February, 2012

one person screaming is not enough
Desperate Housewives season premiere tonight
people are unbelievably low
armpits are the best spots to peg
bottled water is not much better
Watch While I Revise the World, Desperate Housewives
half Don's antique Cube
Revenge tonight!
why you need two chemical sprays (insecticides) in each corner
School of Hard Knocks, Wisteria Lane
living longer after announced dead
keeping healthy like Don
Revenge 8.45pm
real life revenge on the road
beautiful Boston, Siri knows.
The Art of Making Art, Desperate Housewives
you can't trust weather
Betrayal, Revenge
two-colour madeleines
won't be long

March, 2012

Witch's Lament @ Wisteria Lane
Mardi Gras tonight
Duplicity, Revenge
lucky, I have backup connection
one more sleep
Always in Control, Housewives
installing iOS 5.1 on my iOS devices
so I got up early today.
Guilt, Revenge
two iMac G4s is better than one
the long-awaited camera (Sony NEX-7)
Suspicion Song, Wisteria Lane
love the Retina Display, new iPad (64GB + 4G)
beautiful timing, Apple RAW support for NEX-7
waiting patiently
still people queuing (but not outside)
Intrigue, Revenge
new Apple TV (3rd gen, 2012)
LR44 is now A76
Putting it Together, Wisteria Lane
Margaret Fulton drinks Nespresso
Charade, Revenge
the price is right is back
no Wisteria Lane tonight
extra hour to sleep

April, 2012

be wary of lies today
Treachery, Revenge
Easter Bunny is coming
1 serval, 2 lionesses, 3 not-so-litte pigs
What's to Discuss, Old Friend?, Housewives
Thirteenth and Good Friday
Revenge is back tonight!
staying up late for 1D last night?
becoming like Don's America
kangaroos, koalas and emus aren't actually cute
Who Can Say What's True? Housewives
up early for nothing
Loyalty, Revenge
website down
What's the Good of Being Good, Housewives
one new likely destination in Adelaide
Duress, Revenge

May, 2012

boring day
everybody loves donkey, even diggers!
Infamy, Revenge
Is This What You Call Love?
the cat survives!
super moon day!
Commitment, Revenge
what if you won lotto tonight
Get Out of My Life, Wisteria Lane
the tooth fairy did not come
No revenge tonight
She Needs Me, housewives
No extended shopping hours, very un-Boston
Perception, Revenge, 8.30
$5 a tooth?
You Take for Granted, Housewives
Chaos, Revenge
be kind to the cats
solution for crowded earth? get rid of the car
Women and Death, housewives

June, 2012

One Thing
Scandal, Revenge
flying cat!
Any Moment, Wisteria Lane
vivid Sydney (not beautiful Boston)
macarons (not macaroons)
special episode, Revenge
rain, rain, rain
24-hour library?
Doubt, Revenge
carbon fibre tripod
With So Little to Be Sure Of, Housewives
McDonalds' burger photos were not faked.
Justice, Revenge
Apple Store Broadway this Saturday!
soccer fan? remember to sleep
from .Mac to MobileMe, now iCloud, the Yojimbo story
Lost My Power, Housewives
iCloud finally

July, 2012

ridiculous manslaughter charge
The People Will Hear, Wisteria Lane
Legacy, Revenge
I did not win the Bieber ticket
the very last of Desperate Housewives
Thirteenth and Friday
Grief, Revenge
thinning your wallets
Justin Bieber Day
Rick Astley
time to head to McDonald's again
some photos
Reckoning, Revenge season final
Westfield Eastgardens collapsed, I wasn't there
Christmas in July
Once Upon a Time, 3 times in 3 nights

August, 2012

treat for the homeless
got them all!
so, I bought an iPhone case
AluPen Pro
CLSID scam
thanks god, Olympic is over
sick again
1D is back with new single
the next iMac will have USB 3.0
bin singed
you can make a living by playing games

September, 2012

a poor man's (another) printer (Epson WorkForce WF-7520)
won't be approved by Don's America
Americans suing glass that breaks/cracks
So, there's "Novice Mode" after all
iPhone 5 is coming to Australia with LTE (4G)!
Macy Gray is coming to Australia
angry birds
pixie collection
I am not queuing this time
of course I ordered
free Boost day tomorrow
a poor man's new phone
cows and calves
a poor man's iPhones
Sony flash

October, 2012

iPhone 5 vs 4S
don't like the weather? sue the bureau!
power is back!
it has been a year.
yes, we lost an hour
the last of GCB.
chickens crossing the road
sculpture by the sea is on
too poor to pay for thickshake
Apple Special Event
today is the date
already delivered? TNT
PowerSupport Anti-Glare film for iPhone 5 is available
tsunami warning and why people should live in picturesque Quincy
one more Extreme joining the network

November, 2012

not getting an iPad mini nor 4th gen iPad tomorrow
not very Boston
a few changes on the road, remember to buy Bluetooth device
important air safety from the Middle Earth
Once Upon a Time special
Got your lotto ticket yet?
congratulations to Obama
You got to spend money to save money, another printer
I actually did some math
unbelievably low
looking for a dater. Antony does not speak English
Take Me Home is out
Click Frenzy day
got it! iPad with Retina Display (Wi-Fi + Cellular)
cheap flight to Singapore
Whitney Houston fan? 7.30pm tonight on 7
iPad family shots
Michael Jackson Bad 25 special

December, 2012

hot and humid
the mini hath arrived
Rev. Dr. Wu Yi is going to like this word
don't be mean or you will be drinking bleach
The Jacksons are coming to Australia
it's the Holy Tweet from Pope
Christmas shopping list?
unbelievable road rage
bloody black out
well done! the society needs more of those
poor man's iOS devices in 2012

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