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14 July, 2011

Come on over for Dinner, Housewives final

Desperate Housewives

Tonight is the last episode of this season. You don't want to miss out. Last week on Wisteria Lane, Paul Young realised it was Felicia Tilman who poisoned her. But she ran away, actually not, she was waiting to kill Paul. Well, she caught Paul, poisoning him slowly. She managed to get Paul to confess that he killed Martha Hubber (Felicia Tilman's sister). Susan managed to save Paul from Felicia. Felicia seems to be killed in a car accident after she fled out.

As for Tom and Lynette, their relationship seems to be in trouble. They tried to recover in a B&B, but it turns out other way around. Tom tried very hard to please Lynette, but running out of ideas.

Bree thought she discovered Chuck was gay, well, it turned out he was undercover for other things.

Gaby? Gaby's dead stepfather showed up. Gaby was not comfortable, and decided to get a gun for her own protection.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 23: Come on over for Dinner)

In tonight's not-to-miss season finale, the ladies welcome Susan back to Wisteria Lane with a progressive dinner party that leads to a shocking murder! Meanwhile, Renee is devastated when she learns that her ex-husband is getting re -married.

Desperate Housewives starts at an earlier time tonight - 8.40pm, (well, most likely at 8.50pm tonight according the EPG) on Seven.

Last week on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 22: And Lots of Security...)

Susan is the prime suspect in the attempted poisoning of Paul Young. She’s also the baker of all those lethal cookies she dropped off at the school. Susan points the finger at Felicia Tilman. Makes sense, as she’s the real psycho here. When Mike and Paul go to confront Felicia, all signs indicate that she’s skipped town. Thankfully, this means Susan has been cleared of all charges. It also means Paul is leaving Wisteria Lane.

With their tenant moving out, Susan and Mike are free to move back home. Paul clears out the house, but gets whacked on the back of the head before he can skedaddle. As you may have guessed, Felicia is the mystery whacker. She ties up Paul in order to proceed with her plan of slowly poisoning him with an IV mix.

Felicia manages to videotape Paul confessing to the murder of her sister. When the police find his body, they’ll also find the tape. Her plan didn’t involve Susan popping by while she’s still there. Susan calls the police, but Felicia attacks her before they arrive. A struggle ensues and Felicia escapes. Paul admits to Susan that he killed Martha all those years ago. He makes the same statement to the police.

As for Felicia, she’s cruising along the highway until Beth’s ashes spill out in the car. The dust causes Felicia to swerve into oncoming traffic. And by oncoming traffic, we mean a big, old truck. CRASH! We’re thinking Felicia lost a lot more than a few fingers after this twist.

Bree’s relationship with Detective Vance is moving along swimmingly, though not intimately. Lee thinks Chuck is gay, as he’s seen him at some of his old stomping grounds. The fact that Chuck wants to wait to hit the bedroom and had a close relationship with his handsome ex-partner seems to support this theory. They stopped working together after going on a camping trip together.

Bree learns that Chuck frequented gay bars in the past as part of an undercover sting. He stopped working with his partner after that camping weekend because that’s when he found out the guy was sleeping with his wife. Long story short, Chuck’s not gay. But he is a good kisser, as Bree can attest.

Tom and Lynette are trying to work through their problems at a B&B. They meet Lisa and Andy, a young couple in love. Tom and Lynette join them for some candle-dipping. It’s not that they’re into wax, it’s just better than being alone. The Scavos spend entire day with the now-weary other couple. The night ends with Tom and Lynette feeling more distant to each other than they were before.

Not even the lovey-dovey couple can stand to be around Tom and Lynette. She thinks he isn’t trying. He disagrees. That’s why he replaced the crappy engagement ring he got her years ago with new diamonds. Lynette appreciates the gesture, but she loved the old ring. Nothing is working. These two are in real trouble.

A stranger has been hanging around Wisteria Lane. He’s been watching Gaby through the window. She also catches him skulking around the supermarket. Surveillance video shows the mystery man to be Gaby’s stepfather. She’s completely shocked, as the guy’s supposed to be dead. Next thing you know, Gaby’s taking shooting lessons with the hopes of getting a gun permit. She had previously told the instructor she couldn’t shoot anybody. She seems to have gotten over that fear.

Posted by Antony on 14 July 2011 6:16 PM | Desperate Housewives

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