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2 June, 2011

Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed, Housewives

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane, Susan earned the bad news about her kidney which she probably wouldn't live for long, she then decided to have a picnic in the woods. Except Mike couldn't relax at all and ended up in disaster. Gaby and Lee had different approaches on parenting. Gaby realised that Juanita was not good at and decided to save Juanita her face by stealing her tap shoes. At end, Gaby learned that even Lee's daughter did not perform perfectly, it was the achievement and performance that matters.

Lynette let Renee babysit Paige, a big mistake.

Bree goes up and down Wisteria Lane to look for someone who can help Susan with a kidney. The result: Bree and Paul's wife Beth both match.

Beth tried to work her way back into Paul's life, and Paul pretty much admits that he killed her mother's sister, Martha Huber. Paul kicked Beth out again.

After Beth learned that she was a suitable donor, she walked into a emergency of the hospital and delivered her donation form, and pulled the trigger on herself. Dead in front of the reception of the emergency.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 17: Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed)

Paul Young stands in the way of Susan getting her much-needed kidney transplant. Lynette is furious with Tom when he passes up a lucrative job opportunity in order to continue working with Carlos out of friendship. Bree becomes concerned over Andrews' escalating alcohol consumption, and Gaby is shocked when Renee continues as planned with her neighbourhood party after the tragic suicide attempt of one of Wisteria Lane's residents.

Desperate Housewives starts at 9.30 on Seven tonight after Grey's Anatomy.

Last week on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 16: Searching)

Susan wants to celebrate her anniversary with a picnic in the woods. The big day is still a few months away, but she wants to head out into the wilderness right now. Why? Well, things aren’t looking good for her kidney-wise. The doctor advises that Susan take care of any unfinished business sooner rather than later.

Susan and Mike try to make the most of their faux anniversary bash even though everything seems to be going wrong. A little lovemaking under the sun is interrupted by some gunfire from the South. And by that we mean a Civil War reenactment group happens to swing by.

With any chance of romance gone with the wind, Mike and Susan opt to head home. Too bad their car won’t start. Mike is beyond frustrated. But it’s not because of all that went wrong. He’s just not ready to say goodbye. Susan isn’t either, but she still wants to enjoy every moment of every day.

Gaby and Lee have different philosophies when it comes to parenting. There’s only one way to determine who’s right. A talent show! Gaby and Lee won’t be performing though. No, there’s a school event where Lee’s newly-adopted daughter, Jenny, will be playing the violin. Juanita will be making noises with her armpit. May the best kid win!

As talented as her daughter is in armpit acoustics, Gaby wants her to do some tap dancing instead. Juanita is no Bojangles, so Gaby hides her shoes prior to the performance. Later, Jenny stumbles during her violin solo. You may think Lee would be bummed, but he couldn’t be prouder. Gaby suddenly feels like a heel for not letting Juanita do her thing. She snags back the shoes so her daughter can do her best interpretive tap dance. Juanita draws applause from the crowd, with the loudest cheers coming from her mom.

Lynette introduces Renee to the joys of parenthood by letting her babysit Paige. Renee’s up for the challenge. Lynette realizes she’s also up for a little multitasking when she catches her on a date with baby Paige by her side. Well, she was by her side until Renee pays a waitress a hundred bucks to take care of the child. Lynette gives the waitress two hundred bucks to act like she lost Paige. Needless to say, dinner ends abruptly and Renee realizes she’s not cut out to be a mom.

Bree looks for ways to take her mind off all she’s lost by helping others. She goes up and down Wisteria Lane trying to find someone who is willing to donate a kidney to Susan. Seeing as how most neighbors usually just crave a cup of sugar, you can imagine the less-than-favorable response Bree gets to this particular request.

Undaunted, Bree throws a big brunch in which a transplant coordinator dispels the myths of kidney donations. There’s also a nurse on hand to test all her guests. The hard work pays off. There are two matches. Bree is shocked to learn that she’s one option. The other possible donor is Beth Young.

When Beth tries to work her way back into her hubby’s good graces, Paul pretty much admits that he killed her mother’s sister. With nowhere to go, Beth visits Felicia in jail. Their meeting doesn’t end well. Later, Bree tells a despondent Beth that the two of them are a match. Both women want to be the donor, but Bree says she needs to be the one. Judging by the look on Beth’s face, that doesn’t seem acceptable.

Beth enters the hospital ER to deliver the forms needed for kidney donation. The duty nurse tries to tell her that she’s in the wrong department, but Beth continues to detail her wishes. Eventually, the nurse promises to deliver the forms to the proper place. Beth is satisfied. She believes that this is the most important thing she’s ever done. Then she removes a gun from her purse, points it at her head and…BANG!

Posted by Antony on 2 June 2011 7:42 PM | Desperate Housewives

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