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19 May, 2011

Farewell Letter

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane, Susan's kidney transplant had a hope, but the donor was her high school classmate Monroe. Susan later realised that Monroe was obsessed with her, and she had to call off the kidney transfer.

Lynette's mum Stella's newly wed hubby Frank died on the day of family photo shot. Stella managed to postpone Frank's death date (on paper) so she could inherit his huge amount of money.

Bree met Amber (the mother of Keith's son Charlie) and did not want to let Keith know that he had a son. Then, Bree agreed to look after Charlie at a pizza place where Keith bumped in because he saw Bree's car. Keith played with Charlie for the game. Back home, Bree told Keith about the Charlie.

Carlos sent Gaby to therapy. Gaby refused to talk about her childhood, but to overcome her problem, Gaby agreed to talk to the therapist about her past.

Paul knew it was Zach who shot him. Mike (Zach's real father) tried to talk to Zach but failed. Later, Mike and Paul talked to Zach together to help him.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 15: Farewell Letter)

Lynette and Tom feel that it's time for the twins to move out and be independent. Gaby and Carlos visit Gaby's hometown to confront her past. Keith asks Bree to move to Florida with him.

Desperate Housewives starts at 9.30 on Seven tonight after Grey's Anatomy.

Last week on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 14: Flashback)

Now that Paul knows that Zach is the person who shot him, he wants to track him down. Mike claims he has no idea where the kid is. It’s lie. A flashback shows us that Mike paid a visit to Zach awhile ago. The boy was scattered and rambling at the time. The fortune he inherited from his grandfather was pretty much all gone. Zach feigns indifference about the money, but he can’t hide his anger when Mike mentions Paul is out of jail.

"You used to be cute. What happened?"
Mike pays a present day visit to Zach to find the boy more strung out than before. He admits to shooting Paul. It’s obvious that Zach is hooked on drugs. There’s no way he’s going to rehab though. Mike has no choice but join forces with Paul. Together maybe they can find a way to help their son.

Susan runs into Monroe, an old high school classmate who has tried to friend her on Facebook 12 different times. Guess she never got his request. Their current live chat is cut short when Susan bursts into tears. She’s just been told it could take years before she gets a new kidney. She tells Monroe she’ll see him at the reunion. Maybe.

The rules for kidney donation change if someone is willing to donate directly. Old high school chum Monroe offers to do just that. Think Susan will accept him as a Facebook friend now? Of course, by the look on Monroe’s face as she hugs him, we’re thinking he’s always wanted to be more than just friends.

Susan realizes Monroe has been obsessed with her since high school. There’s a photo album filled with pictures. Monroe also kept one of her old English papers that he fished out of the garbage, not to mention her old retainer. Susan must finally break it to Monroe that even though he’s giving her a kidney, he’ll never be more than just a friend to him. That’s not going to be enough, so Susan’s name will remain on the transplant waiting list for now.

Stella’s caustic new hubby, Frank, wants a family portrait. When Lynette tries to weasel out of it, Frank tries to bribe her with $500 of gas money. That’s not going to work. However, Stella and Frank are more than welcome to come over to the Scavo place for a family photo op. CLICK! The picture is snapped, but it’s not a good shot. Frank’s eyes were closed. That’s because he’s dead.

It’s a sad time for Stella. Sure her new hubby is dead, but the real tragedy is that Frank’s new will doesn’t go into effect until tomorrow. If they call the coroner now, she gets nothing. If they wait until morning, she gets millions. Lynette says, “I didn’t want Frank in my house when he was alive. Now you want me to hang out with his corpse?” Better hope they have plenty of air freshener on hand.

Gaby is in therapy and has extreme difficulty talking about her childhood. The session does not go well, though that’s not what she tells Carlos. Gaby says she needs to step up her treatment to three sessions a week. Carlos is livid when he discovers this triple play of appointments isn’t with the psychiatrist. They’re at the beauty parlor. So, Carlos serves as his wife’s personal escort to her next therapy session. Gaby’s scared to talk about how her stepfather molested her. That’s why Carlos is seated right by her side when she finally lets it all out.
"First rule of therapy is no wine, but I'm gonna change that."

Bree has a late night meeting with Amber. The check she gave her will take five days to clear. Bills are due now, so a cashier’s check is needed. The new money exchange takes place at a pizza place, where Amber asks Bree to watch her son, Charlie, while she runs to the bank.

Keith spots Bree’s car in the parking lot and pops inside. He meets Charlie. Bree says she’s watching him for a friend, but what she’s actually doing is seeing the immediate bond Keith forms with the boy. Back home, Bree finally comes clean and tells Keith that Charlie is his son.

Posted by Antony on 19 May 2011 7:08 PM | Desperate Housewives

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