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24 March, 2011

Sorry Grateful, Wisteria Lane

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane: Bree discovered that she had a very humiliating issue - Bree was facing menopause. To make the situation worse, Bree was meeting Keith's parents and his mother was Bree's regular gynecologist.

Susan is in financial trouble, and she thought she got a job as an interior designer, but that turned out to be a baby-sitter for Lynette's youngest girl. Well, Susan was not in a situation to refuse.

Gaby tried to thank Bob for helping them find out their biological daughter, she then realised that Bob was not one of those gay stereotype guy. Instead, Bob likes beers and watching games. Bob and Carlos then go out for the games often. Bob had his social life back. Well, then Lee ruined it. At end, Gaby brought Lee back to Bob.

Beth (Paul's new wife) discovered that Paul Young had an evil plan going, and Beth was Felicia Tillman's daughter.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 8: Sorry Grateful)

Gabrielle and Carlos host the Sanchez's to a Thanksgiving feast and learn some surprising news. Then, Bree discovers some family secrets of her own when she invites Keith and his parents over for Thanksgiving.

Desperate Housewives starts at 9.30 on Seven tonight after Grey's Anatomy.

Mary Alice Young quote:
Humiliation, it's not always something we can avoid.
We may have wives who insult our masculinity.
We may take jobs we feel are beneath us.
We may have boyfriends who make us feel old.
Yes, there are all sorts of ways to be humiliated in life.
But the surest way to get your dignity back is to get what you've been waiting for.

Last week on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 7: A Humiliating Business)

Bree is having hot flashes and not because it's warm outside. She's going through "the change." This is happening just before she's to meet Keith's parents. Timing is everything, right? With her regular gynecologist out of the office, Bree asks the sub, Dr. Mary Wagner, if there's anything she can do to put a pause in menopause, as she's having such a great time with a much younger man. Wink, wink!
"Oh, please, you're telling me you never pretended to like football? Or laughed at a Three Stooges movie? Or faked an orgasm just to make him stop."

Later, Keith introduces Bree to his loving parents. His dad is Richard Watson. We're guessing his mother kept her maiden name for professional reasons. She's a doctor. A gynecologist to be exact. Yes, Keith's mom is Dr. Mary Wagner. As you may have guessed, this leads to some extremely revealing dinner conversation. A follow-up chat about Keith's desire to have kids someday leads Bree to believe this relationship may have run its course. As for Keith, he just wants them to keep being happy together.

Renee seeks Lynette's help in starting an interior design business. In order to make this partnership work, they need to find a nanny for baby Paige. Renee says, "There's gotta be some poor schlub out there who's trustworthy and desperate for money." Speaking of Susan…

Our favorite money-challenged housewife has a mini-meltdown at the market because she can't afford to buy MJ cereal with a prize inside. So she's thrilled when Renee calls with a job offer. The elation ends once Susan realizes they want her to be a nanny and not an interior designer.

As you may have guessed, Susan is a natural at the nanny gig. But she feels like a bit of servant. Things go from bad to worse when Susan impresses a prospective client with some design ideas, effectively upstaging Renee and Lynette. Susan fesses up that she's embarrassed by all that's happened. A heart-to-heart chat with Lynette makes her feel a little bit better, but this is obviously still pretty humiliating for her.
"I know my husband. He's not passing up these chimichangas for a plate of franks and beans."

Carlos is bummed when Gaby invites Bob over for dinner. It's not that he doesn't like the guy. It's just they have nothing in common. Or do they? Turns out Bob and Carlos are both big college basketball fans. So they start hanging out. This has a panicked Lee trying to convince Gaby that they may become more than just friends. Lee says, "Bob's college nickname was Flipper. And it wasn't because of his dolphin tattoo."

Fearing the worst, Gaby makes Carlos cancel plans for an overnight golf outing. Bob is bummed to learn that Gaby actually thought he had an agenda with her hubby. Actually, he was just lonely. Gaby tells Bob that Carlos can go golfing but then changes her mind again. Gaby realizes that the reason Bob is so lonely is because he misses Lee. So she wants the two of them to spend the weekend together. They don't have to golf.

Paul is thrilled to finally be enjoying "everything" that comes along with wedded bliss. You do know we mean sex, right? Paul and Beth put passion on hold when an old prison cellmate, Derek Yeager, pops by for dinner. Actually, he's not just visiting. Paul informs Beth that Yeager is moving into his old house. Oh, we should also probably mention that he was in jail for killing a guy. There goes the neighborhood…again!

Beth desperately wants to know why her hubby is inviting murderers to move next door. She threatens to frame Yeager on an assault charge unless he spills the beans. We still have no idea what Paul has in store for his neighbors. Whatever it is, it looks like he has the full support of his loving wife. But wait! There's more!

Ever since she arrived on Wisteria Lane, Beth has been making mysterious phone calls to her mother. She picks up the phone one more time to tell her mama that she now knows Paul's plan. But this isn't a long distance call. It's a face-to-face chat with a glass partition serving as a separator. That's how it works when you visit a loved one in prison. That's how it works when your mama is Felicia Tillman.

Posted by Antony on 24 March 2011 11:12 AM | Desperate Housewives

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