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17 March, 2011

A Humiliating Business, Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane: Susan was forced to tell Mike about her provocative side job. Mike decided to take his opportunities in Alaska. Susan then told Paul to vacate within 60 days due to very slight damage in the house (thumbnail), then Susan realised that Paul told the school about her job and had Susan sacked.

Gaby gave a lot of attention and treats to Grace, not Juanita. Juanita was upset. Carlos noticed and warned Gaby. Gaby agreed to be careful.

It was Halloween, and Lynette's worry about Allison's lost of recent memory had realised. Tom initially refused to believe but at end, had to send her away.

Bree learned more Keith's past, he was actually in probation.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 7: A Humiliating Business)

Susan reluctantly accepts Lynette's offer to be Paige's nanny. Meanwhile, Bree is embarrassed to tell Keith that she is beginning to go through menopause. Then, Renee makes Lynette a tempting job proposition.

Desperate Housewives starts at 9.30 on Seven tonight after Grey's Anatomy.

Last week on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 6: Excited and Scared)

Itís Halloween! That means all kinds of tricks, treats, outrageous outfits and scary situations to make your neighbors nervous. Actually, that would describe just about any day on Wisteria Lane.

Susan fesses up to Mike about her short-lived career at She also tells him Paul Young is trying to blackmail her so he can get his hands on their house. Mike wants to bash Paulís head in with hammer. Itís a nice thought, but then the hammer would get all icky. Susan has another idea. She catches Paul in a minor lease violation which means he has 60 days to vacate the premises. Smooth, Susan. Very smooth.

"How much thought did you give MJ when you were dancing around in your underwear?"

Paul is frustrated because Beth wonít sleep with him. Hey, she wonít sleep with anyone. Sheís a 30-year-old virgin! A therapist suggests they go on dates to develop some intimacy. So Paul takes Beth to a haunted house. But heís only there to scare up a little gossip about one of the teachers in town. He asks one of the local moms if she knows what Mrs. Delfino has been doing during her after-school hours. The next day, Susan is fired.

With Susan out of work, Mike makes a call for top-paying job that would keep him in Alaska for three months. Yes, Paulís plan to hurt Susan works but his attempt to illicit a little affection from Beth falls flat. He says he wants her gone by the end of the week.

Later, Susan grabs the big club MJ was using as part of his Halloween costume and looks to take some batting practice on Paul. She stops swinging when Beth comes down the stairs aiming a gun at her. When Susan leaves, Paul finally gets one of the things he wantsóa little intimacy from his wife. And Susan gets the one thing she doesnít want, a goodbye kiss from Mike who is off to Alaska.

Bree is shocked to see that Keithís apartment is tastefully decorated and smells of potpourri. She was expecting a bachelor pad complete with empty pizza boxes, dirty underwear and a neon beer clock. Those clocks are pretty cool. The one thing she wasnít expecting was Keithís roommate, Mimi. Weíre thinking sheís the one who bought the potpourri.

Mimi is very cute, but also very safe. She says Keith never stops talking about Bree so she has nothing to worry about. Well, maybe she has one thing to worry about when she notices a letter from the Department of Corrections amongst his mail. Renee lets Bree know that Keith is on probation for a bar fight he was in last year in which he was defending his girlfriendís honor.

Renee hosts a big Halloween bash. Bree looks super sexy in her cheerleader outfit. Thatís probably why a guy dressed as a football player hits on her. This gets Keith all riled up. He admits he has a problem with his temper and she tells him about her past drinking. Hey, everyone has baggage. Keith says Bree has just seen him at his worst. Thatís fine. Bree assures him itís nothing she canít handle.

Lynette is worried because Allison has been having mood swings and memory issues. She tries to convince Tom there could be something wrong, but he refuses to see it. When Allison goes missing on Halloween night, Tom desperately combs the neighborhood looking for her. But itís Lynette who finds Allison scared and confused on Gabyís doorstep. Finally, Tom is able to see that his mom needs help. He make the difficult decision to send her to a nursing home.

Juanita thinks Grace stole her momís necklace, so she swipes it back. Gaby explains that she actually gave the heirloom to Grace as a gift. Juanita feels like an ignored little dog come Halloween night. Part of the reason is she dressed up like a dog to go trick or treating. But she also believes her mom is more interested in Grace, who is dressed to the hilt in a princess costume handmade by Gaby. This motivates Juanita to help Grace get out of her tiara by cutting off a chunk of her hair.
"Whoever left you handcuffed to the bed for three days...he has my respect."

Juanita is obviously upset by all of the attention Gaby is giving Grace. Carlos suggests they pull back a little. After all, they have to protect their daughter. Gaby reminds him that they are both their daughters. This could get very, very complicated.

Posted by Antony on 17 March 2011 6:35 PM | Desperate Housewives

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