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3 March, 2011

Let Me Entertain You, Wisteria Lane

Sorry for less blog entries this week, I have been slightly busier than usual. Still, the Desperate Thursday is very important, and here's the entry about tonight's Desperate Housewives.

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane: Susan's landlady printed some huge billboards to promote her, she can't have that. In order to take down the billboards, she had to pay $9,000 which is virtually all the money she earned. He landlady suggests some sort of private client service to make more money.

Gaby told all the ladies about the her real daughter, Grace, and she decided to buy the 8-year-old girl a 14-hundred dollar purse.

Bree and Renee had some competitions between Keith, which turned ugly. At end, Renee decided to let Bree have keith.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 5: Let Me Entertain You)

Susan's days as a sexy internet sensation may be coming to an end. Meanwhile, Renee and Gabrielle reveal some intimate secrets about each other to the wrong people, and Bree is exhausted by Keith's sexual stamina.

Mary Alice Young quote:
It's called a purse, and as every woman knows,
it can hold just about anything.
From a bottle for a baby, ...
To a cheque for protection...
To a gift for a new friend.
Whatever you find inside,
There's one thing you can be sure of...
Every purse says something about the woman who owns it, whether she knows it or not.

Last week on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 4: The Thing That Counts is What's Inside)

Gaby and Carlos finally meet their real daughter. Her name is Grace and sheís pretty much a pint-sized Gaby. Juanita also has lots of qualities resembling her real parents, Hector and Carmen Sanchez. Fortunately, the Sanchez family is quite lovely and Grace was obviously in good hands all these years. Carlos is impressed with Hector and Carmen and Gaby is thrilled when Grace appreciates the retail value of her designer purse.

"She once slept with a rodeo clown, but he's a senator now."
Carmen Sanchez is a little offended when Gaby shows up at her doorstep with a 14-hundred dollar purse she wants to give to her eight-year-old daughter. Carlos lets Gaby know that he wholeheartedly agrees with Carmenís reaction. But that doesnít stop Gaby from giving Grace an expensive necklace. Itíll be their little secret. is coming to America! That means Susanís days as an online lingerie-wearing housewife are numbered. Her dirty dusting was fine as long as it was only seen by folks overseas. Susan will miss the money, but canít risk having her neighbors come across her online life during a Google search. Of course, nobody will need a computer to catch Susanís sexy image on the giant billboard picture being plastered on the side of a building. Va-Va-VaÖuh oh.

The only way the Susan can stop the billboards posters from popping up all over town is to cover the cost of all the printing thatís been done. Itís about $9,000 and will effectively wipe out all the money she made. Maxine says Susan can make the cash back with some private online interactions of a slightly racier nature. Weíre not sure if Susan will take Maxine up on her offer, but we do know someone out there knows her dirty little secret after an unseen figure fishes a billboard poster out of the trash.

Lynette is pleasantly surprised to see how good Penny is with baby Paige. She takes full advantage of this by leaving the child with Penny while running errands, taking baths and jogging around the neighborhood. But Lynette stays away a little too long on a morning of a big math test. Penny has no choice but to take her baby sis to school with her. This getís Lynette sent to the principalís office.
"You bought an eight-year-old girl a 14-hundred dollar purse?"

Lynette learns that Penny has been taking care of the baby during the night so her mom can get some sleep. As sweet of a gesture as this is, Lynette lets Penny know that she doesnít have to do that anymore. Taking care of a baby is a momís job. Itís also the job of the nanny Lynette orders Tom to hire.

Beth doesnít understand why her new hubby Paul bought his old house. Apparently, he has plans to purchase a few more properties on the block. Paul tries to convince Mrs. McCluskey to give up her home. Was anyone else squirming during their thoroughly uncomfortable conversation? Anyway, Paul obviously has big plans for all of Wisteria Lane. But we still have no idea what they are.

When Renee discovers that Bree is a grandmother, she books a first class ticket for her daughter and grandson to come visit. What a great neighbor, right? Wrong. Itís all part of Reneeís evil scheme to sabotage Breeís first date with Keith. The plan works to perfection. Now Bree plots her revenge on Renee, who makes her own dinner date with the handsome handyman.

"A voracious libido and unlimited funds. A deadly combination."
Lynette says Renee has a fear of little people. They give her the heebie-jeebies. Renee sees flashes of little folks scurrying around the restaurant where she and Keith dine. An innocent young boy causes a mini freak out and a friendly little man sends Renee climbing up a bamboo wall. Reneeís screams of horror cause us to scream with laughter. The scene also brings a smile to Breeís face, as she set the whole thing up with the help of a friend from her church.

The next day, Renee confronts Bree, who decides she no longer wishes to fight for Keithís affections. Aww, thatís no fun. Renee realizes that Bree really likes this guy. She promises to back off and encourages her neighbor to go for what she wants. Renee has another reason for throwing in the towel. She says, ďBased on my dinner under the rainbow last night, I think Iíd rather have you as a friend than an enemy.Ē Smart woman.

Posted by Antony on 3 March 2011 10:20 AM | Desperate Housewives

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