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24 February, 2011

The Thing That Counts is What's Inside, Wisteria Lane

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane: Susan did pretty well in her sexy internet job, in fact, far too way, she became the new star. Tom received medical marijuana for his depression. Lynette of course would not let Tom have the marijuana. She replaced it with oregano and Tom did not know and thought that he had marijuana. Renee tried to rope Bree to hung for young guys, it ended up that Renee got Bree's contractor Keith.

Gaby couldn't resist herself and decided to find her real daughter, against Carlos' wish.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 4: The Thing That Counts is What's Inside)

Gabrielle reveals her secret to the ladies, while Renee continues her quest to steal Keith away from Bree.

Assuming no delays due to Christchurch earthquake, Desperate Housewives is on Channel 7 at 9.30pm after Grey's Anatomy.

Mary Alice Young quote:
Happiness, is something everyone searches for.
Some are sure they'll find it once they've moved back home.
Some think they'll find it by making a new friend.
Some hope to find it once they've defeated the competition.
Then there are those who stop searching for happiness,
because they look up one day to discover...
it was right there in front of them all the time.

Last week on Desperate Housewives (season 7 episode 3: Truly Content)

Susan is getting more web hits than any of the other ladies on, including Stacy Strauss. Who is Stacy Strauss, you ask? Well, she’s the Va-Va-Va-Broom girl who steals the sexy little move Susan makes while vacuuming. We won’t go into details. Let’s just say a nozzle is involved.

Stacy is ticked because Susan took home the monthly bonus check. Susan gets revenge by sabotaging Stacy’s vacuum cleaner. Talk about a dirty trick! Stacy barges into Susan’s place where they get into a lingerie-clad wrestling match. And, yes, the webcam catches it all.

"We gotta get back in the game. Cut loose. Let our hair down. That hair does come down, doesn't it."
Once the dust settles, Susan and Stacy make nice. After all, they’re both just trying to make a buck. Stacy figures she only has to do this a little longer before she can finally head home to Virginia. Susan is shocked to learn that Stacy’s been doing the Va-Va-Va-Broom thing for six years. This inspires her to bank that bonus check instead of blowing it on a big anniversary dinner with Mike.

You probably could have guessed that Lynette would throw a mini-hissy fit after a doctor prescribes medical marijuana to help with Tom’s depression. She doesn’t like the idea of her hubby suddenly going all Cheech & Chong on her. Lynette trashes Tom’s stash and replaces it with oregano. Fortunately, her never-been-high-before hubby doesn’t know the difference.

Carlos tells Tom that the only thing getting baked with the stuff he’s been smoking is lasagna. Tom is furious with his wife for making him look like a fool. That was never her intention. She just didn’t think he needed the stuff to be happy. Tom reluctantly admits she’s right. He’s content being high on family life.

Renee tries to rope Bree into joining her on the bar scene to find some guys. But Bree seems perfectly content hanging at home with her handsome handyman. She changes her tune when she realizes that Keith has a pretty young girlfriend. Let the stud hunt begin!

The ladies hit a local club where they see a lonely young man at the end of the bar. It’s Keith! He just got dumped and is now caught in Renee’s tractor beam which leads back to her house. In a desperate/innovative move, Bree grabs hold of a golf club and starts teeing off on her lawn sprinklers. She calls Keith for an emergency repair.
"On this street, never confuse being nosey with being friendly."

Renee knows that Bree is the one who lured Keith out of her clutches. She says, “Nobody steals a man out of my bed.” Renee’s been looking for a new hobby ever since she arrived on Wisteria Lane. Looks like taking down Bree will have to do for now. Game on!

The women of Wisteria Lane welcome Paul’s new wife, Beth, into their weekly poker game. Beth thinks it’s a sweet gesture but Paul’s suspicious. He says, “On this street, never confuse being nosey with being friendly.” Paul doesn’t mind Beth becoming buddies with the ladies. It could prove to be useful in the future. As for Beth, she’s a little surprised to learn that everyone on Wisteria Lane still thinks Paul’s a killer. Probably because he is.

"Let the stud hunt begin."
Carlos and Gaby make a deal with the hospital. They won’t sue as long as all attempts to find Juanita’s real parents cease immediately. While at the mall, Gaby finds herself wondering if any of the little girls she sees walking by could be her daughter. She asks Bob to track down the other family.

Carlos goes ballistic when he finds out because these people could legally take Juanita from them. He says, “If this ends badly…I will never forgive you. I mean it, Gabrielle. We’re done.” Let’s hope it doesn’t end badly.

Posted by Antony on 24 February 2011 10:35 AM | Desperate Housewives

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