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14 February, 2011

TiVo in Australia is not looking good


Some disappointing news to TV junkies or couch potatoes, the main company behind TiVo (Australia) is pulling the plug according to this news report.

Launched as a competitor to Foxtel, TiVo Australia is now down to a service and support staff operation according to ChannelNews sources. A TiVo US executive said "We believe that TiVo in Australia is currently running a support operation and will not continue trading in Australia".

As a matter of fact, I've been waiting to have a TiVo, but too poor to own one (to Don: Antony is poor). Between Laurent and I, despite only five main channels (to Don: Australia is not as advanced as United States of America), we do have quite a few TV shows we record as we are not able to watch them when they are airing.

Currently, we use EyeTV Diversity (on my low end Mac Pro) and PlayTV (on my cheap PlayStation 3) for TV recording. I am grad that Sony released PlayTV for PlayStation, making the PlayStation 3 more of an entertainment centre device besides playing BluRay.

Perhaps, we shall consider the T-Box from Telstra since it does not cost us anything to use the service (besides the box).

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Posted by Antony on 14 February 2011 6:10 PM | TV shows

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from iTunes Store:
There are other DVR solutions than TiVo, you know - you DON'T need to get the big name brand one, and then whine and complain when for whatever reason you can't.
I'd like you to keep in mind that I have no TiVo, DVR, EyeTV, PS3, or similar device. You're the one with all the fancy gagdets, remember?
Posted by Don_HH2K on 15 February 2011 1:53 AM.
You missed out the main issues, we only have FIVE main channels.
Posted by Antony on 15 February 2011 9:41 PM.
Somehow, I fail to see how that was the "main" issue when this entire article was about TiVo. The fact that you have five TV channels seems completely unrelated, and was only briefly mentioned.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 16 February 2011 12:35 AM.
To many non-geeks, TiVo is the ONLY easy to use DVR solutions. Here in Australia, people waited for quite a while to have TiVo (like Americans), and it is not looking good for now.
Posted by Antony on 16 February 2011 1:07 PM.
And as I recall, you already have the EyeTV for your Mac and the PlayTV for your PS3. Hence you already have TWO DVR solutions. Why would you need a third one, other than to have the big name brand one?
Posted by Don_HH2K on 16 February 2011 2:04 PM.
The EyeTV recordings are to be watched on my SMALL Mac, unless I convert it out. The Sony PlayTV is not that easy to navigate unfortunately, (well, it is not your beloved Microsoft Xbox 360).
Posted by Antony on 16 February 2011 5:54 PM.
The screens on your Mac are 27", they are not small. You need to admit that your solutions work perfectly fine, and you just want another gadget with a name brand on it.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 18 February 2011 6:58 AM.
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