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28 January, 2011

saving money tips for 2011

Earlier this year, Sunrise featured a segment of Fiona Lippey from Simple Savings show us how to save money. Here's the tips:

saving money tips for 2011

It is pretty well known that many American families have one or more cars per license holder in the family. That sort of luxurious comfy lifestyle is not really suitable for saving money here in Australia. Don has a BMW sports car. For the records, Antony is poor, Antony does not own a car at all.

No spend pledge simply means buy only what you need, not what you want. Well, Antony is a good bargain hunter, and he only gets what he needs.

The third point simply means people should get a suitable plan (or combined deals) for the communication cost. Recently, Laurent and I switched our mobile service provider, landlines, and internet connection to Telstra, it means a saving for us.

As for points four and five, when I was in undergraduate, unlike Don, I packed my own sandwich to university every day, no Mountain Dews. I did not buy or drink Coca-Cola everyday.

Smoking? I can't afford smoking. BTW, cigarettes are far too expensive here (thanks to the heavy tax). Christmas Island is perhaps the best place to buy cigarettes and alcohols in Australia. Duty-free there.

So the conclusion of this entry: Antony is poor.

Posted by Antony on 28 January 2011 9:16 AM |

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from iTunes Store:
Just so you know, I've had the same tank of gas in my car since mid-December, and if I plan things right, I can keep it in there until February.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 28 January 2011 3:59 PM.
You missed out other parts. (1) Your family fits into the "one or more cars per license holder", something luxurious to many many people (2) BMW, just by its name, tells a lot. (3) Antony does not have a car because he is poor.
Posted by Antony on 29 January 2011 11:08 AM.
I am going to assume my previous message got caught in your spam filter, so let me try to recall what I replied from memory.
You forgot to consider a number of key factors, such as my family being separated by 400 miles away, and one of those cars being registered to the store. Hence the household only really has one car, as one is only for business purposes and the other is 400 miles away.
Second, you forgot that my BMW cost just as much as a typical used car, or just intentionally overlooked that again.
Third, Antony just bought a computer that cost more than my BMW - that really says something about how poor he is.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 1 February 2011 3:24 PM.
Yes, I did not receive your previous post on this.
So, (1) your family has the ability of each member driving a different car, heading to different directions all at once. Us, don't have much freedom and luxurious option.
(2) Despite the actual cost, people see the BMW car, not the exact price tag. And again, BMW means a lot.
(3) The Mac Pro? Well, it was following your longevity principle, remember?
Posted by Antony on 1 February 2011 10:17 PM.
I always thought that sticking with a contract phone was the lesser of two evils when it came to having a cell phone. That is, until my girlfriend introduced me to TracFone. Their $45 a month unlimited talk, text and data plan is a clear winner above my old contract phone. Thatís why I love my girlfriend so much.
Posted by Jessy on 2 February 2011 2:41 PM.
1) I don't see any use in naming and shaming us for your own misallocation of money that otherwise could have afforded you the same "freedom and luxurious option".
2) This is why looks are deceiving, and generally should not be trusted. This especially holds true when judging on brand names, as you attempted to do.
3) Except we all know that you didn't buy it for longevity - in fact, in three of four years you are probably going to replace it, telling me it's "too old" or "too slow", while I will likely still have my then-7-or-8-year-old laptop.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 3 February 2011 7:38 AM.
Firstly, Antony does not speak English, he does not have the ability to use English as sword.
1) it is true that we don't have such option. It seems clear that such options were nothing special and to many of us, it is a very luxurious lifestyle one can only dream.
2) people judge things by look first.
3) I did buy the Mac Pro according to your longevity principle. As a matter of fact, Laurent had been telling me to upgrade the iMac.
Posted by Antony on 3 February 2011 9:56 AM.
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