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January, 2011

Happy New Year 2011
finally an Apple TV
a caravan park
Australians support US economy and retailers' dirty tactics
a case
the Express
coffee recycling
visiting Alice Springs?
eleven starts today
Nespresso Recycling Bin
good to have my Nespresso
the plastic bags ban and recycling
poo everywhere, this is Australia's dirty secret
an essential peripheral
finally, a staple tacker
it's not very Hakuna Matata after all
no BBQ for Australia Day, banned by Police
remember Paul Young? Thursday is the new Desperate Monday
saving money tips for 2011
snow is beautiful and expensive

February, 2011

someone stole my NapiSan!
Yasi; Remember Paul
hot hot hot
not snow, but some ice flakes
a poor man's Move
You Must Meet My Wife, Wisteria Lane
someone is going to hate Verizon now
TiVo in Australia is not looking good
an event with an extremist
essential items to survive in Sydney
Truly Content, Housewives
finally, I had a poor man's hair cut
small needed purchase
Donkey Express
The Thing That Counts is What's Inside, Wisteria Lane
last night on Border Security

March, 2011

bugger! I missed out free money
Let Me Entertain You, Wisteria Lane
Americans, don't let us hate you again
racist border protection, again!
the milk war in Australia
Excited and Scared, Wisteria Lane
SuperMoon 19 March 2011
who's afraid of the big bad fox?
a chair
now, I am starting to worry
A Humiliating Business, Desperate Housewives
refusing Americans to use loo?
exactly what goes on in nuclear reactor
bugger, price hikes
no wonder millions of people wish they were Americans
this Friday, it's confirmed, and cheaper
Sorry Grateful, Wisteria Lane
Dame Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79
I got my latest exciting gadget
some people are waiting for iPad 2
my latest exciting gadget: iPad 2
new premier uses iPad!
OMG, LOL are now official English words
coffee is good for you
Pleasant Little Kingdom, Wisteria Lane

April, 2011

daylight saving ends, don't rely on iPhones as alarm
a loop in a brown box
slow internet
Down the Block There's a Riot, Wisteria Lane
it costs money to try clothes
to save $20b, you spend $31.3b extra
eSATA card
a poor man's manbag
Assassins @ Wisteria Lane
the April Fool's joke becomes reality
not many of those in beautiful Boston
a poor man's stool
portable battery power
real gold iPhone 4
no Housewives tonight and happy Easter/ANZAC Holiday
all Americans' fault! finally, I got the Dock
update to a poor man's setup
real life Prison Break
Where Do I Belong? Housewives

May, 2011

Windows 7, finally
T-Box, a poor man's TiVo
I'm Still Here, Desperate Housewives
poor man's new storage space
yesteryear's toy
Flashback @ Wisteria Lane
once in a life time Friday the Thirteenth
poor man's bargain hunt
lucky American teens
Farewell Letter
end of the world... Judgement Day this Sunday
I burned the iron table
if you have a cat and an iPad
Searching @ Housewives
No wonder people wow the BMW
keeping Americans safe for another 4 years
a poor man's fan

June, 2011

Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed, Housewives
HTML5 Video
we all love rewards, particularly when you are poor
I don't rush for the latest
Moments in the Woods, Housewives
today's bargain
let it snow more!
I did not know iPad can do magic
I knocked off Just Right
The Lies Ill-Concealed... Wisteria Lane
a welcome news for average households
cows are smart these days
beer nuts without beer
Mac phishing malware site
I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday, Housewives
whatever it is
my humble MacBook Air 2011 rumour
American citizen's rights on police searching
Internet Explorer 9 is not that bad after all
Then I Really Got Scared, Wisteria Lane

July, 2011

happy American Day
Motorcycle Gear
Firefox won't launch? “A copy of Firefox is already open”
And Lots of Security... @ Wisteria Lane
nice fine
two's better than one part 14: bargain keyboards
no more best known tabloid; beauitul Boston's super-spectacular fireworks
Don's approved gadget: RFID shield
I cancelled my credit cards
Come on over for Dinner, Housewives final
more MacBook Air predictions
how do you save $62? drive 87km.
not everywhere is safe and friendly like beautiful Boston
Costco opens in Sydney tomorrow
my predictions were all correct (on MacBook Air)
Grand Opening, the real important one
so I went to Penrith today
to kill a werewolf, you need a silver bullet
unusually quiet
The Fug
coffee day tomorrow
Gâteaux Fraisier

August, 2011

love is in the Air (MacBook Air 11-inch)
happy Qixi
a document scanner (Epson GT-S50)
census day today
Antony is poor. Drives 4km for 20 cents saving
10am. tomorrow. Southland
not open on Sunday
why you should drink coffee
half (priced) Dual Shock 3
less is more
free malicious and junk files checking service
bargain of the day
need new drum
finally, my new telephone (Uniden Elite 9135)

September, 2011

Picturesque Quincy
today is not Sunday
Omo, I am sold
a trip to IKEA
abcdefghijk (Sunrise joke of the day)
the sneak peek you've been waiting for
it's not Christmas yet
bug nes(t)
my third Dyson (DC35 Animal)
amazing Willow
Star Wars, the kitten version
Hornsby this Saturday
the cost of killing someone? just $500 fine.
you can't teach an old dog, but you can train a pig!
choker, crop top, Manolo Blahnik pumps, what?
Apple Store Hornsby
the trial starts
‘Let's talk iPhone’ is not about iPhone 5
bargain hunting: a backup printer, actually two

October, 2011

confusion time again: daylight saving
a Massachusetts two-faced cat celebrates 12th birthday
Let's talk iPhone, one more sleep
a very sad news: Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011
new GPS navigation: TomTom
another Fug
tea boxes, two's better than one
the plans.
pistachio macarons
mobile WiFi with Telstra
Motorola Flipout with Motoblur
I am not queuing
Got it! (iPhone 4S)
traffic jam next month
the end is nigh... again (doomsday)
the history of technology in animation
1.38pm is a bit late for Good Morning
Island Point Lighthouse
let Sydney be more like beautiful Boston
minus green = pink

November, 2011

interesting survey result
not in Tempe
The Week It Was 6 November 2011
did not sleep well?
from victim of police sting to admitted drug user, and $300,000 richer!?
wish you were born with blue eyes?
it was a happy ending
still prefer Sorenson Video 3 (video codec)?
welcome to sextuple one day
The Week It Was 13th November 2011
three (little) books
photo of the day, they are not mating
life before computer
no Christmas tree yet
want to run Windows on your Mac?
today is the day!
Lion, finally.
4 years jail for Conrad Murray

December, 2011

a lost pen
still waiting...
the cheap Aldi coffee attack
word ‘cute’ is sexual harassment?
three new old Macs
Twelve Days of Christmas
the weather
got a crying baby? you need a caring cat!
still looking for last minutes shopping?
free speed bump!
it's good to be back
one more good old Mac
bye bye 2011

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