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22 December, 2010

exceed original manufacturer's specifications, so what?

Well, unlike the very well regulated United States of America and particularly the very high class beautiful Boston, here in Australia, we receive a lot of unwanted phone calls (telemarketing). If you answer the telephone for business, you are likely to get certain calls targeting businesses/organisations.

We have been receiving telemarketing calls from this self-identified as Better Image a few times (thankfully not very frequent) trying to sell third-party toner cartridges.

(Well, Don knows well that Antony does not speak English.) Since I had time, I decided play with them. Here's the story of today's annoying phone calls:

As usual, the caller asked for the person in charge of printing application. (Usually they ask for the person in charge of printing system/supply, but this time asking for printing applications.) I know it must be one of them, and I decided to play with the caller.

After telling me that their toner cartridges exceed original manufacturer's specifications, I knew I was right about who had made the call. I immediately asked if the cartridge was "genuine". She replied "yes". It seems like those telemarketers have changed the definition of the word "genuine". It is clear that in conversation, "genuine" means original manufacturer's product. So I asked again, are the toners from the original manufacturers, she vague the answer by answering something "they are high yield/capacity toners". Of course I know their game, so I continued with the game, and asking for the brand. As expected, it took me a while to get her to admit that the toners she was selling is not made by the original manufacturer of the printer. -> One point for me on getting her to admit the part she tried very hard to vague about.

As I guessed, she tried to emphasise that her toners are better than original manufacturer's by using the words: "equal or exceed original manufacturer's specifications". I responded with that we have a policy on only using official (genuine) supply. She keeps saying that hers are better (as she claims), so what? A policy is a policy, and I intend to follow. (Just like Don has his principle, and he follows his principle.)

And you can't believe what came out from her. She asked me if I ever lied in my life? Geez, what's trying to sell me third-party toners have anything to do if I ever lied in my life. Then she continued that she I could use her toners and no one knows. Why should I use her toner just to breach the policy.

Further, she continued by offering her prices and she needed to know the model of printers we use here. Well, I replied nicely the information is confidential. She sort of offended by that. That's interesting. Of course, it was another policy.

She continued that using her toners could save money. Even if using her no-name brand third-party toners may be cheaper, it does not mean that I have to switch. Like Don has his principle on getting gadgets, I also have my principle (or this case, a policy) to follow.

For the record, I did try one of those third parties' toners which claimed "exceeding original manufacturer's specification". Needless to say, the result was horrible, the back of the print out had all the unwanted toner, and I had to not just throw out the third party toners, but also re-print a number of documents. -> Well, I learned my lesson time long ago: Brand is important.

My recommendations on buying toners: Official (original manufacturer's) toners are not that expensive as many people think. Simply go to price comparison websites like StatiICE, and you can get yourself a very good price on genuine brand (original manufacturer's) official toners, and in many situations original toners can be much cheaper than those third party ones by the annoying telemarketers.

Posted by Antony on 22 December 2010 7:50 PM |

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You could just as easily have hung up and saved both your time and effort and hers.
What principle on getting gadgets do I have? Also, why are things pertaining to me in extra-large text? This blog post is about a telemarketer, NOT me.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 23 December 2010 2:33 AM.
Well, I could have hung up, but I decided to play with those telemarketers. I have another interesting story with one of them.
You have a principle on getting the exact specifications, no less. (Or in other words, you'd rather not getting it at all since you don't settle for second best.)
Posted by Antony on 23 December 2010 12:31 PM.
You're the one that seems to think I don't settle for second best, despite having recently settled on a 6-year-old phone, and using a laptop that doesn't even have a working screen.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 23 December 2010 3:20 PM.
You told me that you must get the devices with certain specs on your computer or mobile phone. Or you refuse to get any.
Posted by Antony on 23 December 2010 3:50 PM.
I don't see what's so wrong with having reasonable expectations of how a device should perform or operate.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 23 December 2010 4:01 PM.
Reasonable? That's very very high end!
Posted by Antony on 23 December 2010 4:11 PM.
My ancient broken laptop and a 6-year-old phone are very very high end?
Posted by Don_HH2K on 23 December 2010 4:32 PM.
Your once known as "superfast 64-bit dual-core processor with powerful video" laptop was cutting edge technology.
You also demanded the very powerful Nokia N900 phone which was NOT available in Australia for more than 1 year after the availability in the States.
Posted by Antony on 26 December 2010 4:02 AM.
My laptop was never "superfast" nor "with powerful video" - my roommate even makes sure to tell me that the graphics card was (expletive) even when it was released.
I obviously didn't "demand" the N900, or I would have bought it instead of the ancient Treo 650.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 27 December 2010 3:26 AM.
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