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22 November, 2010


Finally, I got the Adobe CS5. Not the top end edition, but the Design Premium.

CS5 Design Premium

Unlike Don in beautiful Boston/picturesque Quincy who does not usually settle for second best, I did not get the top end version. (It is not the Master Collection, to Don: Antony is poor).

Only wish I was a student (like the lucky Don in beautiful Boston)! It is not the Educational/Academic/Student edition. Despite not the Educational/Academic/Student edition, I managed to get it for a good bargain from eBay. Don't worry, it is legit, the serial numbers work well on Adobe site.

Well, part of the budget of this year's Mac Pro purchase. Of course, you don't just budget on the hardware, you need software as well.

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Posted by Antony on 22 November 2010 7:16 PM | all things Mac

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from iTunes Store:
What is it, and, what does it do?
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 22 November 2010 7:46 PM.
It's the world's famous design software suite, including the well known Adobe Photoshop.
Posted by Antony on 22 November 2010 9:48 PM.
Since when do I not settle for second best? I still have, use, and enjoy my ancient copy of Photoshop Elements 2.0!
Posted by Don_HH2K on 23 November 2010 1:37 AM.
You had the very expensive top-of-line Windows Vista Ultimate, remember?
Posted by Antony on 23 November 2010 1:47 AM.
I got it as a prize, for free - not only have you not come to terms with that, but I didn't "demand" it and would have kept on using XP otherwise.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 23 November 2010 5:07 AM.
Not long after the release of Windows 7, you switched to Windows 7 Professional, which is pretty high-end as well.
Posted by Antony on 24 November 2010 12:04 AM.
Dear Antony: FREE.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 24 November 2010 2:52 PM.
Very nice Antony. I got it too, but with a hefty student discount. How much did it run you?
Posted by John Egenhofer on 26 November 2010 2:14 PM.
RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is more than 3 grand here, and I got it for less than half of the official price tag.
Too bad, I am not a student.
Posted by Antony on 26 November 2010 3:04 PM.
Yeah, it is too bad. I got mine for free, as the student discount brought it down to $250 USD, and my school paid for it. Technically, I was supposed to uninstall it and return the license to my old school, but I may have forgotten.
Posted by John Egenhofer on 27 November 2010 12:54 PM.
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