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16 November, 2010

I got lost!

Leichhardt to Burwood

From Leichhardt to Burwood as show on the modified Google Map above. I got lost.

I go to Leichhardt on weekly basis, although I don't go to Burwood that often, I go there quite frequent... for getting genuine Epson and Brother toners. I think I shall give that shop a plug - A & T Computer in Burwood sells genuine printer toners a very very good price. (to Don: Antony is a bargain hunter).

I never got lost on the way to Burwood, but today I decided not to use the GPS navigating system and I was departing from Leichhardt (instead of from my place), and I got lost. I took the usual route (Parramatta Road) and I kept driving and passed the turn off to the Western Motorway (M4) (I did not turn into it), and I told myself, it was not right. So I got the GPS navigating out, and it told me I had to perform a U-turn, and I was about 2.3 km over the destination. All because I forgot to turn into Burwood (either Shaftesbury Road or Burwood Road).

Reason for visiting Burwood? I needed to go to Mac1 Burwood store (now renamed to Mac1 Sydney store) to order the AluPen. Mr Sam Elphick told me that Mac1 (Wollongong) has AluPens, but I have to order it in Burwood store. So I went there today.

The staff at Mac1 Burwood store told me that they don't carry AluPen, and told me to try Apple Store. When does Apple carry stylus at Apple's own Retail Stores? I told the staff that his very Mac1 Wollongong has some. He then changed the response to they ordered some and haven't arrived.

The staff then proceed to order one for me, except he couldn't find it on the computer. I then showed him the AluPen box shot (with Mac1's price sticker I believe) sent by Sam. Thank you Sam!

Nothing wrong with using fingers on iPad and iPhone 4, but I feel like to have a stylus. (to Don: Antony is poor.)

Back to the getting lost bit, I guess the reason I got lost getting to Burwood is simply that, unlike Don, I don't have a BMW. (no wonder Don does not get lost while driving.) Also to Rev. Dr. Wu Yi: No, I did not follow the bus!

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Posted by Antony on 16 November 2010 10:14 PM |

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Why do you embarrass yourself with posts like this Ant?
You seem unable to adjust to the world outside your narrow existence in your newly air-conditioned office!
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 16 November 2010 11:14 PM.
It was not a big issue that I got lost while driving, just because I was too cheap to use the GPS navigating device.
Posted by Antony on 17 November 2010 12:04 AM.
Actually, while I have a pretty good sense of direction, one of the reasons I hate driving downtown is because I always get lost on the first try. It's made worse by the roads being almost all one-way, and the lack of parking. Hence it's just so much easier to take the train.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 17 November 2010 1:37 AM.
I thought you don't drive to CBD or town centres.
Posted by Antony on 17 November 2010 11:40 AM.
I suppose the big sign on Parramatta Road, that shows "Burwood Road" to the left, was not a hint enough of which way to go to BURWOOD?
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 17 November 2010 9:08 PM.
It was not that big if I remember correctly, hence I missed it.
Posted by Antony on 17 November 2010 10:22 PM.
Not as a matter of habit, but sometimes I have to pick things up or drop things off that I can't bring with me on the train (desktop computers, for instance). And on my first trips to those places, I always got lost.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 18 November 2010 3:53 AM.
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