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13 November, 2010

very hot today, no beautiful snow

It is very hot here in Sydney today, after quite a few weeks of raining. Without a doubt, beaches would likely be full today (a good thing for shop owners around beaches).

My thermometer indicates 32C outside today. After years of suffering the heat, it is really nice to enjoy the aircon inside during hot summer days. (It took me years to catch up with Don.) I should have gotten the air conditioner installed years ago.

Today is the first hot day to properly test the air conditioner I bought last week.

Unlike the lucky Don in reputable Rochester/beautiful Boston/picturesque Quincy, no beautiful snow is expected during Christmas period in Sydney.

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Posted by Antony on 13 November 2010 2:44 PM |

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from iTunes Store:
It is indeed a very hot day today for a change and worthy of the use of your newly acquired Air-Conditioner.
I however, even though my home has fully ducted air-conditioning, keep the place closed up and shaded from early morning, and find it has a comfortable 24C ambient temperature.
The 8C temp. difference from the outside heat, is enough to make me feel comfortable, and costs nothing!
I suspect that you must have a very large "carbon footprint"!
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 13 November 2010 4:57 PM.
14C right now, -2C just 12 hours ago. Go figure!
Posted by Don_HH2K on 14 November 2010 7:59 AM.
The "carbon footprint" is not large at all. It is a very tiny office (nowhere near Don's spacious room).
So you can enjoy beautiful snow outside and not getting sweaty and sticky body inside (and out) while enjoy the nice and warm heater? Or do you guys have the fireplace on?
Posted by Antony on 14 November 2010 12:37 PM.
So it's Don's fault that you live in the Southern Hemisphere now? Pftt...
Posted by on 17 November 2010 2:00 AM.
I think you missed the point, we have wild weather here.
In the apartment we actually don't have the heat on at all, because my two roommates' computers generate enough heat to warm the place up quite well.
I actually think your office is larger than my new combined bedroom + office at the moment.
Posted by Don_H2K on 17 November 2010 2:29 AM.
It is not Don's fault at all, it was about (and to remind him) how lucky Don is, comparing to the poor Antony at least.
I was comparing this tiny 3m by 3m room to Don's spacious room at picturesque Quincy.
Posted by Antony on 17 November 2010 11:39 AM.
Congratulations, your office is the same size as my bedroom + office here. You simply have so much more space.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 18 November 2010 3:55 AM.
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