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28 June, 2010

Epiphany, Wisteria Lane

Last week on Wisteria Lane, few things developed. Susan found out that Mike had loan repayment problem and Mike had to lost his UTE. Susan wanted to offer help, Mike refused taken support from Susan. He ended up seeking help from Carlos. Andrew dug out Sam's past, included the fact that he hadn't completed his MBA. Same sabotaged Andrew successfully, and almost cost Bree's career. Back home, Orson pointed out that Andrew was not smart enough to make such subtle sabotage, but more likely Sam's style. Danny's real father Patrick Logan showed up in the coffee shop where Danny was. Gaby wanted to donate her egg to Bob and Lee, but Carlos was not happy about that. Later she learned that Lee has left Bob.

Lynette discovered Irina's secrets, just about she was going to wed Preston. The wedding got called off. And we discovered Preston's geeky friend Eddie was the mysterious killer in the area.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 6 episode 20: Epiphany):

The Fairview strangler has been living among the women of Wisteria Lane. He once caught Gaby and Carlos during an intimate moment, Bree offered him a job and some dating advice, and Susan encouraged his passion for art.

The Desperate Housewives is on tonight at the usual time - 8.30pm on Channel 7.

Desperate Housewives recap (season 6 episode 19: We All Deserve to Die):

We're troubled to see someone clipping a newspaper article about a missing teenage girl and pasting it into a scrapbook -- right next to the article about Julie's attack.

Mike's truck is repossessed because he's behind on payments. "Enough with the macho pride," Susan tells him, but he won't take any money from her. Susan comes up with a scheme: She pays her friends to clog up their plumbing. Mike catches on, especially when he finds Susan's earring in Gaby's drain. He insists he doesn't want her help. "If you can't let me help you, maybe there's something wrong with our marriage," Susan says. Mike confesses his real money woes -- he's totally broke! It's not Susan he tells, but Carlos, who asks him, "How much do you need?"

Andrew's been digging into Sam's past, including his supposed MBA. "Turns out Golden Child here never got his degree," he tells Sam in front of Bree. Sam explains that he's a "few classes short" because he left school to care for his dying mother. Sam then shows Bree that Andrew charged some items to clients, then used them for himself. Andrew tells Bree that Sam's manipulating her, so she fires Andrew. Sam is alarmed to hear that she plans to eventually take Andrew back in, so when the food is sabotaged at an important dinner we suspect him, not Andrew. Bree believes Sam, but Orson points out that this kind of smart, subtle sabotage is more Sam's style.

Patrick Logan shows up at the coffee shop where Danny works and strikes up a conversation. He tells him he's writing a book. "It started out as a love story but now it's getting kind of dark." He asks Danny for advice on what to do next with the story, which is about a woman who vanished with the main character's son. "Seems to me like the guy would kill her," Danny suggests. "That was my first instinct too." He goes back to the cafe to tell Danny that that was "too easy" and instead, he's going to have his main character take the son.

Gaby overhears Bob and Lee fighting -- their egg donor backed out. Gaby has a suggestion: "Why not take mine?" Carlos tells her he doesn't want her "handing out your eggs like party favors to every childless gay couple that wanders by." Gaby won't listen to him, until Bob and Lee make it clear they don't want her to have an active part in raising the child. Gaby has Carlos tell Bob and Lee that the arrangement is off. When she goes to see how they're taking the news, she's shocked to hear that Lee has left Bob.

Lynette takes Irina gown shopping and the Russian saleswoman translates a call Irina takes from an angry man: "Go ahead and call the police, you'll never find me." Lynette tells Tom, "That woman is hiding something and I am taking her down." Lynette learns that Irina's already married! And that she has a record of cleaning out guys' bank accounts. Irina tells her, "Give Preston your file. I will explain it all away. He will believe me, he always does." But Preston's overheard the whole thing and calls off the wedding.

Preston's geeky friend Eddie gives Irina a ride to the airport. And we realize he's the guy who attacked Julie when he offers to let Irina stay at his place. She tells him, "I'm a little out of your league," and he pulls off the road. We hear screams from the parked car and then Eddie digging a grave!

Posted by Antony on 28 June 2010 5:12 PM | Desperate Housewives

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