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21 June, 2010

We All Deserve to Die, Housewives tonight

Sorry for lack of blog entries for the last few days. There were some personal issues. I will try to return to normal posting rate. The important thing for tonight, Desperate Housewives is on.

Last week on Wisteria Lane, it was all about the kids. Lynette caught Preston and Irena having sex in the house, then Irena was not happy with Lynette's response that Preston put his deposits on a 3-bedroom apartment planed to give up on college and getting a job at a meat packing plant. Irena later pressured Preston to get married with her sooner than expected.

Susan and Gaby were fighting with each other for their kids to win the school fund raising.

Bree formally introduced Sam to the family (to Andrew and Danielle), Andrew did not like Sam. Orson and Andrew later noticed that they virtually knew nothing about Sam besides what he said.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 6 episode 19: We All Deserve to Die):

Determined to derail son Preston's marriage to Irina, Lynette discovers the truth about her future daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Gaby offers to help out neighbours Bob and Lee in the most generous way but does not consider the consequences. Unbeknown to Angie, Danny meets Patrick for the first time.

The Desperate Housewives is on tonight at the usual time - 8.30pm on Channel 7.

Desperate Housewives recap (season 6 episode 18: My Two Young Men):

After Lynette catches Preston and Irena having sex in the house, she asks them not to let it happen again. Preston's solution: He and Irena are getting their own apartment. Tom expects Lynette to object, but she remembers how miserable their tiny first apartment made them. But her plan backfires when they get a three-bedroom apartment, which means that Preston is giving up on college and getting a job at a meat packing plant!

Lynette loses it and calls Irena a "self-serving piece of eurotrash who would sell her own mother for a pair of designer jeans!" We have to admit she deserves it when Irena throws her homemade borscht on her. Irena wise realizes she can't win the battle as long as she's just Preston's girlfriend, so she pressures him to move up the wedding to next week! Lynette now has no choice but to be nice to her.

Katherine is happily sleeping with Robin -- she just doesn't want anyone to know about it! But the secret comes out at a neighborhood party when everyone overhears Katherine tell Robin, "Just because i enjoy having sex with you doesn't mean I am a lesbian!" Katherine tells Robin she cares too much about what people think and packs Robin's bags for her. We feel terrible for Robin --- until Katherine says she wants to go with her! Awwww!

Susan and Gaby get into an all-out war when both desperately want their kid to win the school's candy-selling contest. Susan wants MJ, who never wins anything, to win to boost his self-esteem and Gaby wants Juanita, who has no friends, to get the party that goes to the winner. Both women engage in underhanded tactics, until Juanita confides to Susan that she just wants her mother to be proud of her. Susan takes MJ aside and tells him there's another way to be a winner, by letting Juanita win the contest.

Bree tells Danielle about Sam, so she returns for a tense dinner to meet her newly discovered half-brother. Andrew is nauseated to hear of Sam's many accomplishments including working with the poor and taking care of his sick mother. When Bree learns that Sam can also play the guitar, she brings out Rex's old guitar from the closet. Andrew objects, saying, "You're giving out my dad's stuff to a total stranger and I'm being unreasonable?" He suggests they split the guitar and then smashes it against the wall! "Yeah, I know he's the perfect son," Andrew observes after Bree chews him out and praises Sam's behavior. "Problem is, he's not yours."

Orson is also disturbed at how attached Bree is to Sam and asks Andrew, "What do we really know about him? He seems to be too good to be true, huh?" Andrew realizes all they know about Sam is what he's told them and vows to find out "everything I can."

Nick wants to tell Danny that he's not his biological father, but Angie assures him, "You're the only father he needs to know."

We finally meet Patrick Logan, who comes to pay off the neighbor who tipped him off about Angie's whereabouts. "She took something from me," he says. "I'm going to take it back." He lives up to his violent reputation when he kills the woman after she asks him not to hurt Angie! We're definitely worried when we see Patrick Logan on Wisteria Lane, watching Danny, unseen.

Posted by Antony on 21 June 2010 3:48 PM | Desperate Housewives

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