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6 June, 2010


Unlike many people (e.g. Don) upgrading, I am downgrading my keyboard. (Okay, this is not 'new', I am downgrade to a secondhand version, and it has been here for 3 months.)

I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth) from the iMac I bought in late 2006, which is still my main computer BTW. The keyboard is pictured below.

A year later, Apple released new aluminum keyboard (also Bluetooth), a new thin profile keyboard (to Don's dismay). Initially, I thought I would not like it, but after using it for a while in an Apple retail store, I liked it, and I have been using it since. It has been a very comfortable keyboard, and it is used on the iMac (my main computer).

Well, I am not changing the aluminum keyboard, but I decided to change the original wireless keyboard that came with the iMac in 2006 to (new) Apple Wireless Keyboard (aluminum thin profile again, sorry Don).

What do I do with the old Apple Wireless Keyboard (white)? It sits in the lounge and it has been used for PlayStation 3 and other minor tasks. It works well for me, just a bit heavy.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

And this part will get Don's approval - it's an (unopened) secondhand item I bought from MacTalk's trading forum. (to Don: Antony is poor.) I got it about 3 months ago, and just opened it for the first time (for the photo).

The contents:
Apple Wireless Keyboard

I have been working on my 2+ years old MacBook Pro for a fair period of time, and I am getting used to using keyboard without the numerical keypad.

The beautiful of this keyboard is that it is very comfortable to use in a very thin profile.

The weight of the original Apple Wireless Keyboard (white) weighs 1048 grams (1.048 kg or 2.31 pounds in Don's American unit)
Apple Wireless Keyboard
(After years of usage, it is still in pretty clean condition I'd say.)

And the new Apple Wireless Keyboard (aluminum) only weighs 326 grams (0.326 kg or 0.72 pounds in Don's American unit)
Apple Wireless Keyboard

In other words, the new wireless keyboard is less than one third (1/3) of the old wireless keyboard.

This Wireless Keyboard works smoothly with Apple iPad.

Both measures include the required batteries, and the kitchen scale is accurate to 1 gram.

Because of far less keys and far less weight, changing from the older Wireless Keyboard to newer Wireless Keyboard can be considered as downgrading. (to Don: Antony is poor.)

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Posted by Antony on 6 June 2010 11:31 PM | Mac hardware, all things Mac, gadget

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from iTunes Store:
I don't think your idol Steve Jobs would like you telling the world that Apple's latest keyboard is a downgrade from the previous model.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 7 June 2010 1:02 AM.
It's the word specifically for you, since you like to use all the negative words about Apple.
Posted by Antony on 7 June 2010 1:10 AM.
Also, what have I "upgraded" recently? I haven't upgraded my 11-year-old phone or my 11-year-old camera, and no plans whatsoever to upgrade my 4-year-old computer.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 7 June 2010 5:33 AM.
You bought a very forward future-proof 64-bit dual-core laptop back in 2006. Back then, it was a very big thing.
Posted by Antony on 7 June 2010 9:58 AM.
That was four years ago.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 7 June 2010 12:42 PM.
And it took me almost two years to catch up with your 64-bit dual-core laptop.
Posted by Antony on 7 June 2010 1:44 PM.
As I recall, it was only a couple of months until you got your 64-bit dual-core iMac, and in terms of hardware an iMac shares more in common with a laptop than a desktop.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 8 June 2010 1:21 AM.
It's not a laptop, not portable (to most people at least).
Oh, you upgraded your transport and mobility to a nice BMW. Me? Still does NOT even own a car at all.
Posted by Antony on 8 June 2010 12:02 PM.
First time I've ever heard the term "upgrade" used in reference to an intangible object...
Posted by Don_HH2K on 8 June 2010 12:48 PM.
Intangible or not, from relying on public transport (like Antony still does now) to driving a flash BMW, it is, without a doubt, a huge improvement, hence "upgrade". That applies to the huge improved mobility as well, hence, another form of "upgrading".
As a matter of fact, Antony does not own any car.
Posted by Antony on 9 June 2010 12:26 AM.
Did you forget that I still take public transport much, much more than I drive?
Posted by Don_HH2K on 9 June 2010 12:42 AM.
No, but you do have the option, hence the mobility that many people don't have.
Posted by Antony on 9 June 2010 12:48 AM.
However, "upgrading" implies that I am using the new thing over the old thing.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 9 June 2010 9:06 AM.
For example, from taking bus to hailing a taxi, it is a form of upgrading. From a room in motel to a room in hotel, it is also a form of upgrading.
In your case, your transportation method and your mobility are being upgraded.
Posted by Antony on 9 June 2010 11:43 AM.
Using your analogy, "upgrading" would imply that I actually take the taxi instead of the bus, which is false. I have the ability to take the taxi, but still take the bus, which isn't upgrading at all.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 9 June 2010 11:55 AM.
That was an example. Your method of transportation has been upgrading from relying on public transport to driving a BMW to anywhere, which is a form of "upgrading".
Your mobility has also been upgrading from limited to public transport route and timetable to your ability of going (almost) everywhere at anytime you like. That is also a form of 'upgrading'.
Posted by Antony on 9 June 2010 12:05 PM.
You are still treating the ownership of a car like I use it exclusively, which is completely false. I keep telling you that I barely ever drive, and much more often either walk or take public transport. It's a simple concept; what's so hard to understand?
Posted by Don_HH2K on 9 June 2010 2:26 PM.
You own a BMW. You also have the option of going (almost) anywhere and anytime you like. Many people (I included) do NOT have such luxurious option. That option is a form of "upgrading".
Posted by Antony on 10 June 2010 11:24 PM.
Even though I don't, you meant?
Posted by Don_HH2K on 10 June 2010 11:39 PM.
When it's pouring rain, you can sit inside your nice and comfy BMW staying dry and warm, then drive pass those poor dark skinned guys waiting in the bus stop with hardly any sheltering. Perhaps even give them some splashes.
You got the picture?
Posted by Antony on 11 June 2010 11:03 AM.
No, because I've never done that. I've walked to work in the rain plenty of times.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 11 June 2010 12:50 PM.
"... drive pass(sic) those poor dark skinned guys waiting in the bus stop with hardly any sheltering. Perhaps even give them some splashes.
You got the picture? "
Antony you don't realise how offensive such a remark is to many people!!
Posted by on 11 June 2010 4:22 PM.
I have been the one trying to get some cover from rain, and I have been splashed (intentionally in my feeling) by some cars with people smiling inside.
Posted by Antony on 11 June 2010 6:09 PM.
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