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19 April, 2010

If... (Desperate Housewives)

Tonight is an important night. Channel 10's successful TV show - MasterChef (series 2) starts at 7.30pm (till 9pm). Which means it crashes with the very important Desperate Housewives on Channel 7.

The exciting Desperate Housewives is back tonight, after the Easter (Bunny) long weekend. Something big is happening in Wisteria Lane tonight!

Last Monday on Wisteria Lane, the people in Wisteria Lane were preparing for Christmas celebration (on the street), and there was a plane crash. Bree, Orson and Karl might be in trouble.
At the hospital, a nurse, Mona, concludes that since the Bolens had no insurance, and Danny had more than one name, made Danny slipped out their secret. She turned to black Bolens for 67 thousands. Bolens do not have that much money. On the way out continuing blackmailing, she was killed by the plane.
Susan managed to get Katherine's daughter Dylan to admit Katherine into special care.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 6 episode 11: If ...):

In the aftermath of the plane crash, the residents of Wisteria Lane reflect on what their lives might have been like had they made different choices. Susan contemplates a life with Karl had she not left him and Angie ponders the consequences should her secrets be revealed.

The Desperate Housewives is on tonight at the usual time - 8.30pm on Channel 7.

Desperate Housewives recap (season 6 episode 10: Boom Crunch):

Katherine is wheeled out of her house on a stretcher -- and points to Mike as her assailant! We totally saw this coming!

At the hospital, a clever nurse, Mona, concludes that since the Bolens have no insurance, want to pay cash, and Danny has more than one name, "You're in the Witness Protection Program!" Angie nods and says, "You're one sharp cookie."

Armed with photos of Orson "consorting" with a fellow ex-con, Bree serves him with divorce papers. "If you send me to jail for fraud, you're going with me," she promises. We actually feel a little sad for Orson when he tells her he was only bluffing and that he'll move out right away. He realizes she's already got someone on the side and she promises not to go public with the relationship until they're divored. "What a tasteful solution. You must write an etiquette book for adulturers," he says.

Susan tries to get Katherine to admit she stabbed herself, saying, "We both know that Mike didn't do this." But Katherine smiles and tells her, "I've got seven stitches and a knife with Mike's fingerprints that say otherwise." Susan hits on another way to prove Katherine's lying: She calls her daughter Dylan because, as Bob tells her, only a family member can get someone committed. When Dylan shows up, we're shocked to hear that Katherine's told her she's the one married to Mike! Susan sets her straight by showing Dylan her wedding album. Dylan asks her mother to tell the police that Mike is innocent. We're horrified (but kind of relieved) when Katherine has a spectacular freakout. Looks like that commitment is a done deal!

The Scavos are panicking over money: Lynette's lost her job and the college won't refund Tom's tuition! Tom hopes they'll win the lawsuit, but Lynette groans, "Won't that be great? Living off the money we made from suing our best friends." She tries to apologize to Gaby, but Gaby won't hear her out. They can't even get through one carol at their annual holiday gathering before they start ripping off each other's Santa hats!

Meanwhile, Karl shows up to tell Bree to get ready for his surprise -- a plane flying over the holiday celebration with a banner asking her to marry him! Bree, understandably, is furious, but it's too late to cancel the flight -- the pilot's in the air and he's just had a heart attack! His wife, who can't fly, is headed right for them! Bree goes to tell Orson the truth about Karl, but Karl insists he should be the one to break it to Orson. A full-fledged fight breaks out between the three of them in Santa's workshop.

Mona gives Danny a ride home and comments that she knows all about his situation. Danny misunderstands and tells her the truth -- that his mother is wanted for murder! Dana demands $67,000 from the Bolens, or she'll go to the police. How extremely convenient, then, that the first person killed by the out-of-control plane is Mona! We gasp as Celia stands to get hit next, but breathe a sigh of relief as Lynette sweeps her to safety. And we shudder when we spy a bloodied hand in the wreckage of the workshop, but we don't know whose it is!

Posted by Antony on 19 April 2010 7:27 PM | Desperate Housewives

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