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12 April, 2010

Boom Crunch @ Wisteria Lane

The exciting Desperate Housewives is back tonight, after the Easter (Bunny) long weekend. Something big is happening in Wisteria Lane tonight!

Before Easter on Wisteria Lane, after Carlos wanted Lynette to Florida office (a promotion), Gaby agreed to help Lynette to talk Carlos to let Lynette stay. Just as Gaby brought the news to Lynette, Lynette's lawyer delivered the lawsuit to Carlos. Carlos hired his lawyer and giving Lynette an impossible assignment. She failed, and that was enough ground for getting fired.
Susan discovered what was between Bree and Karl (Susan's ex-husband). Danny wanted to be with Julie, but got rejected.
Mike was not happy with Katherine when she told MJ that Susan was a bad person.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 6 episode 10: Boom Crunch):

Christmas cheer is curtailed when disaster strikes. Danny's vital mistake may cost Angie her freedom, and a plane crashes down on Wisteria Lane, putting lives in peril.

The Desperate Housewives is on tonight at the usual time - 8.30pm on Channel 7.

Desperate Housewives recap (season 6 episode 9: Would I Think of Suicide?):

The strangulation murder of a waitress leads everyone to suspect that Julie's unknown attacker is responsible. We catch a glimpse of the killer, or at least, his brown loafers, and we try to figure out if we've ever seen those shoes before.

Lynette is sure that Carlos isn't serious about relocating her to Florida, not until the staff throws her a "Bon Voyage" party and he gives her old office away. "We have an opening for you in our Florida office, but here your job's already been given to Tim," Carlos tells her, adding, "I guess this gives you no choice but to quit."

Lynette begs Gaby to talk to Carlos but Gaby refuses. But later that night, Gaby talks Carlos into forgiving Lynette, just as Lynette decides to sue Carlos for all he's worth! The next day, Gaby shows up with flowers as a peace offering, but we cringe when Lynette's lawyer pulls up with notice of the lawsuit at the same moment.

Carlos next move is to give Lynette an impossible assignment he demands be ready by 9 a.m. the next day. She's an hour late with completing her task, so Carlos, with his lawyer by his side, orders her to clear out her desk. Lynette promises, "I will not go quietly." And we wince when he tells her, "I don't care how you go. I just want you gone."

Julie tells Susan Nick can't have attacked her, especially since he wanted to get back together afterward! So when Julie and her father switch cars for safety's sake, Susan assumes that it's Julie meeting Nick at a hotel, not Karl meeting Bree, as Susan discovers to her horror.

At their first self-defense class, Susan waits until she has Bree in a chokehold to tell her she knows her and about Karl. "Feels bad, huh, being betrayed by someone you trusted," Susan whispers. But after Bree confesses that she loves Karl, Susan gives them her blessing. But first she has to ask, "Are you drinking again?"

Danny tells Julie he wants to be with her, even though he knows about her affair with his father. We're alarmed when he doesn't see why that would be weird, and moreso when tells her, "I forgive you." Julie turns him down flat and we can't believe it when Danny tries to kill himself! Or when he tells the nurse that his name isn't Danny, but Tyler.

Meanwhile, Nick confesses to Angie that he the waitress's last customer before she was killed. He wants to leave town, but Angie insists they're staying put. "After 18 years of being a ghost," she tells him, she finally feels she belongs somewhere. She refuses to make a deal with the feds, swearing, "I killed a man. They'll be ready to make a deal when I've got a needle in my arm."

Mike is furious when Katherine tells MJ that Susan is a "bad person" for stealing his father. We've kind of scared of Mike when he tells her, "You've never really seen me get angry, but if you want to, just talk to my son one more time. Then you'll see what I'm capable of."

The next day, Mike freaks out when Katherine picks up MJ from soccer practice. He orders MJ to go home, then tells Katherine, that he never loved her. "The whole time I was with you, all I was thinking was, God I wish you were Susan." She hands him a knife and tells him, "Please kill me. It would be less painful." We gasp when Mike replies, "I don't care enough about you to kill you." And we're reeling when Katherine calls 911, claiming she's "bleeding badly," then stabs herself off-camera!

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Posted by Antony on 12 April 2010 5:33 PM | Desperate Housewives

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