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21 March, 2010

a watch

A very hot day today. That's not the topic of this blog entry.

I did my first product shot today at Australian Centre for Photography as part of Lighting Course.

Before I show you this photo, this is not my watch. (to Don: Antony does not have a watch to wear. Antony is poor.)

a watch

This is my first product shot in studio setting. No photoshops (manipulations) at all, except adding watermark and resizing. The reflection was real. And it was not my watch. In fact, I don't wear a watch.

This entry has Lightbox effect enabled. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

Posted by Antony on 21 March 2010 11:19 PM | photos

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from iTunes Store:
Most people will agree that Rolex is a rich/fancy watch. I only have a cheap Casio.
I will guess that you don't wear a watch because you are one of those following the new trend of taking your cellphone out of your pocket to check the time. Hence you are not only richer and new-fashioned, but stylish and trendy as well.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 22 March 2010 2:02 AM.
It was a fellow student's watch. Antony does not have a watch, Rolex or Casio. See: Antony is poor.
Further, I'm still using the same 3.5 years old iMac and two years old MacBook Pro, nothing new here.
Casio watches were NOT cheap. I had been wearing Casio watches when I was young. Casio Baby-G watches were not cheap.
Posted by Antony on 22 March 2010 6:00 AM.
I guess I have to repeat my point because you didn't listen. You probably don't have a watch because watches are yesterday's thing, and instead take your phone out of your pocket to look at it. That's the new and stylish way of checking the time, and we can all agree that a phone costs more than a watch, though you will probably argue with me over that.
By comparison, I have not only an old watch, but an even older phone, and a laptop that is older than both of your Macs. You're the one with all sorts of new gadgets, by comparison I am still living in the 90s (people tell me this all the time).
You are implying that I got my Casio watch for the super-expensive market price. It was $20 from eBay, it would have retailed for $90.

Posted by Don_HH2K on 22 March 2010 11:32 PM.
I mentioned a few times that I don't own that Rolex watch.
And it was not the reason I don't have a watch. When I used to wear a watch on my wrist, I have a tendency of knocking the watch on all sorts of objects (walls etc), and leaving ugly scratches. It was before I discovered InvisibleSHIELD.
Later, I learned to wear watch on a new position which would not get it scratched - I put the watch on my belt loop. The disadvantage of this is that when I change trousers between days, I might forget to remove the watch and put (hang) it on the new pair of trousers... So I started to get used to living with a watch.
Nothing to do with trend. Also, Casio watches aren't cheap.
Posted by Antony on 23 March 2010 10:50 AM.
I could really care less about the scratching on my watch, as long as I can tell what time it is. Remember, your beloved invisibileSHIELD did not work for me.
Well, your preference is the latest trend, even if you are not doing it to be trendy. Lucky you. I look like something from the 90s.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 23 March 2010 11:44 AM.
I don't dress anywhere 'trendy'. As a matter of fact, due to insect bites this summer, I've been wearing long sleeves all this HOT summer. -> Look stupid I know.
Posted by Antony on 23 March 2010 11:52 AM.
You're asking the wrong person about looking stupid, I wouldn't know about that.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 23 March 2010 2:14 PM.
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