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19 March, 2010

even toddlers choose friends on what brands they like

Somehow, I have a feeling that either Don won't like the finding of the research, or scrap the finding blatantly.

The study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that children as young as three are judging their peers on the brands they use.

We all know that brand means quality and difference. Except our American friend Don. It's on almost everything, not just flowers (according to Don, this is the only difference in quality). From toilet tissue (well know brands vs cheap generic brand) to the car manufacturer, besides the type/style/model people, many people stick to the brands they trust.

Allow me to mention a real life experience.

Once I went a (rather boring) Christmas party of a philatelic club. Before I get into the main part, I shall mention that in the philatelic club, they are all old guys. Not just old, but they are all good at whinging and whining and extremely cheap (on almost every thing else besides stamps). When they serve tea or coffee, it literally means just tea or coffee (cheapest brand possible, and sugar sachets stolen from all different shops). I brought my own good coffee or tea there instead, that's besides the point. In that evening, the club provided some soft drinks. Only Pepsi among many generic (cheap) brand soft drinks. I told Laurent that the branded one (Pepsi) would be the most popular, and I was right.

(The moral of the story? Even those well known stingy old fellows know which are the good brands, despite the fact that they aren't likely to buy those themselves.)

Getting a good quality product is without a doubt an important thing for today's 21st century lifestyle. Dividing friends based on what brands they belong to? I can understand in the video games where Xbox 360 and PS3 aren't interoperable most of times, but for children at 3...?

news story: Toddlers choose their friends on what brands they like, says study (The Advertiser, 18 March 2010)

Posted by Antony on 19 March 2010 10:39 AM | newstalk

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from iTunes Store:
Much of what you just said about me is completely false, and I have told you that time and time again. I did NOT say that flowers were the only exception; they just happened to be one of them. Speakers are another, as are cars. (Well, perhaps this is just another indicator that you are only selectively listening to me.)
I only tried to discourage you from your extensive brand loyalty. Somehow you interpreted that to mean that I don't see any difference between, say, Pepsi vs Coke or BMW vs Kia. That isn't the case. All I tried to tell you was that sticking to one or two brand names (i.e. everything by Apple whenever possible) is a bad idea, because at some point, something better may come along that's not by that brand.
If you want to argue my hatred for brand names, that is an entirely different argument from the quality (or lack thereof) of what they produce.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 19 March 2010 11:45 AM.
You missed out the points again. You are the one keeps telling me that brands is not important (with very few exceptions). And the main focus of this entry is that even toddlers know the importance of brands.
Posted by Antony on 19 March 2010 2:29 PM.
That is only a piece of it. What I am trying to show you is that fixing yourself to one or two brand names without staying open to other choices is a bad thing.
You are very very good at hiding your implications within your blog posts, then claiming that I am going off topic when I point them out.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 19 March 2010 2:41 PM.
We agreed that you shouldn't assume a non-English speak able to speak indirectly often, with insinuations, other implications etc.
Posted by Antony on 19 March 2010 3:11 PM.
You speak English, please come to terms with that.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 20 March 2010 12:37 AM.
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