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15 March, 2010

Careful the Things You Say, Wisteria Lane

And to give thanks for this new land, where we are free from religious (perskacootion/perspacotion).

Last week on Wisteria Lane, the word “persecution” was simply too difficult for a 7-year-old girl to pronounce. Juanita couldn't say it correctly during a play. And she swore in front of a full audience. The problem was not really the swearing, but Gaby's response to principal's punishment. Juanita would need to be home schooled, by Gaby. Lynette learned that Tom cheated on a test at school, she was furious, but Tom did not feel guilty about that. Bree was about to break up with Karl, but he gave her a broach originally belonged to his grandmother. She wore it to Susan's, and Susan immediately recognised it. Katherine blackmails Susan and Mike to be friends, but Susan discovered her intention. Katherine became a bit nosy at Angie's side as well, Angie suggests Susan that Katherine was the one attacked Julie. Orson tried to replace the broach Bree lied to Orson where she got that from. Orson sensed something strange.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 6 episode 7: Careful the Things You Say):

Susan believes Katherine may be Julie's assailant, Angie invites a reluctant Bree and Orson to dinner, Gaby struggles to home school Juanita, and Lynette has her own suspicions as to the attacker's identity.

The Desperate Housewives starts on tonight at 8.30pm on Channel 7 after My Kitchen Rules.

To Don: The non-English speaking Antony can't pronounce the word “persecution”.

Desperate Housewives recap (season 6 episode 6: Don't Walk on the Grass):

We cringe when Juanita utters the f-word during a school play, but we cringe even harder at Gaby's overreaction to the proposed punishment: She curses out the principal and yanks Juanita out of the "crappy" school. But now Gaby has no choice but to home school Juanita, which goes as badly as we would have guessed. Juanita misses her friends and we wince after she doesn't answer when Gaby asks, "You still think I'm a good mom, right?"

Lynette is appalled to learn that Tom cheated on a test at school, but he insists, "There are times in life when you need to break the rules to survive." We're worried when he admits he might flunk out. He points out that she can't take the moral high ground since she's continued to lie about being pregnant, knowing that if Carlos finds out, she could lose her job. "You're no better than I am," he tells her.

Bree is about to break up with Karl, until he tells her he loves her and presents her with a broach that belonged to his grandmother. She wears it over to Susan's, and we groan when Susan immediately recognizes it. Bree insists on giving it back, saying pointedly in front of Karl, "I couldn't possibly wear it, knowing that Karl gave it to you." She lies that she found it at a nearby antique shop and that it was a "steal." She goes to break it off with Karl for good and we can't believe it when he gets on his knees and proposes! She's got issues with his ethics (we can't blame her), but he promises he'd be a better man as her husband. She agrees to keep the proposal pending, if he can get her that divorce she so badly wants. Things may be coming to a head soon: Orson goes to buy Bree a replacement broach but finds that the antique store where she supposedly bought the first one doesn't sell jewelry.

Katherine blackmails Susan and Mike into being friends by threatening to sue over Susan's having shot her. But the temporary truce falls apart after Katherine calls Mike to fix a leak and Susan, who rightly doesn't trust Katherine, finds her bedroom filled with lit candles, roses and champagne for two! We should have seen it coming that the two rivals would end up falling into the bubble bath! A dripping Susan emerges, telling Mike, "FYI, we hate her again."

Katherine is also a thorn in Angie's side: Angie tells her she's sad because it's the anniversary of her mother's death, but then Katherine overhears her talking to "Ma" on the phone. Angie lies that she was talking to her mother-in-law, but the secrecy and the fact that Angie was speaking Italian to her mother reinforce our theory that the "Bolens" are in witness protection. Realizing that Katherine's gotten far too nosy, Angie plants the idea with Susan that it was Katherine who attacked Julie!

Posted by Antony on 15 March 2010 5:43 PM | Desperate Housewives

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