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8 March, 2010

Don't Walk on the Grass, Wisteria Lane

Desperate Housewives

Last week on Wisteria Lane, we all learned that money can do anything. Other mothers did not want their kids to attend Juanita's birthday party because they thought Gaby was a lousy mother. Gaby decided to throw a very big party. Other kids joined, but the party was a smash when the monkey was out of control. Carlos pointed to disappointed Gaby that their girls didn't panic like other kids because they are independent, thanks to Gaby's negligence. (That is something very different to today's over-protecting parents.)
Bree was offended by the motel maid as she told Bree "Enjoy it while it lasts". Susan and Katherine heated up during a neighbourhood watch. Later, Susan shot Katherine's arm. Katherine listened to Angie not to press charge on Susan, but to stay high and let Susan look like a monster.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives (season 6 episode 6: Don't Walk on the Grass):

Bree begins to fall for Karl and drifts further from Orson, Katherine continues her attempts at seducing Mike, and Gaby gets Juanita expelled from school. Plus, Lynette learns Tom is cheating, and Angie hides the truth about her mother.

The Desperate Housewives starts on tonight at 8.30pm on Channel 7 after My Kitchen Rules.

Mary Alice Young quote:
It is in our nature to judge the people around us.
If they ignore our wishes, we believe they are disrespectful.
If they don't watch their children, we conclude they are unfit parents.
If we catch them cheating, we assume we know their reasons.
But what happens when we finally stop for a moment to judge our own lives?
It can be painful to step back and see what we've been doing...
and even more painful to realise we have no intention of stopping.

Desperate Housewives recap (season 6 episode 5: Everybody Ought to Have a Maid):

We know Gaby has a relaxed approach to parenting, but we're still shocked when another woman calls her a "lousy mother" to her face! The other moms snub her, so she lures the neighborhood children to Juanita's birthday party with promises of big attractions like a clown, a bouncy house, even a monkey! The party is a smash, but then the monkey goes ape and attacks the clown! Gaby laments, "I am a terrible mom," but Carlos points out that their girls didn't panic like the other kids. "They are independent and resourceful, and that is thanks to your negligence," he says reassuringly.

Lynette hires Roy as a handyman as a favor to Karen, but is irked when Roy defers only to Tom. Our jaws drop open along with Lynette's when Roy says, "Just because you enjoy crunching (your husband's) walnuts doesn't mean I do!" We get some good insight into why the Scavo marriage has lasted as long as it has: Tom tells Roy that Lynette's upbringing (no dad, alcoholic mom) left her a bit of a control junkie. "She can control me. If I let her, because it makes her feel safe." Awww!

Bree is offended by a judgmental motel maid who's witnessed her meetings with Karl. We wouldn't have guessed that the maid had her own scandalous affair! "Enjoy it while it lasts," she advises Bree, "because it doesn't last long." Bree swears that her affair won't end the same way. After Karl arrives, Bree glances at the Bible in the hotel nightstand, but closes the drawer to kiss Karl instead. We see she's made her choice!

Julie's home from the hospital, but refuses to talk to Nick, saying only, "It's over. " We find out Danny's fight with Julie was over her having a boyfriend, which Danny now knows his own father! But Julie has no clue he knows about the affair when she tells Danny that the attacker couldn't have been her boyfriend: "He's not that kind of guy." Danny offers her something to help her sleep: The family gun!

Bree tells her friends she had to fire Katherine, adding, "I think she needs help," but Susan admits she can't feel sorry for Katherine after the way she crashed her wedding. And she's outraged to hear that Katherine hit on Mike, which Mike never mentioned. Things come to a head at a neighborhood watch meeting after Susan ignores Katherine when she tries to volunteer, escalating into Susan publicly threatening Katherine if she doesn't leave her and Mike alone.

That night, Julie hears someone outside and responds, gun in hand! Susan takes the gun and, startled, fires out the window. We don't know whether to laugh or cringe when we see she's shot Katherine (a mere shoulder graze), who's appointed herself to the neighborhood watch after all.

Nick panics when he learns that Danny lent her the gun, since it's registered under their real name! " We're impressed with how well Angie handles it: She talks Katherine out of calling the police by telling her, "Mike's still crazy about you," and that by staying quiet, she'll look like a "saint" while Susan looks like a "monster.

Posted by Antony on 8 March 2010 2:46 PM | Desperate Housewives

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