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iPhone 5

9 January, 2010

Belkin Dual USB Charger

There are a number of situations that you just have a bit too many devices that you need to charge, and many of them use the USB power for charging. However, plugging all those USB chargers might take quite a fair bit of room. In situation like this, Belkin Dual USB Charger is a perfect solution.

Belkin Dual USB Charger

Belkin Dual USB Charger comes with an iPhone/iPod Dock Connector to USB cable and a standard USB cable. Of course, you are free to use two iPhone/iPod Dock Connector to USB cables or two standard USB cables.

Besides saving room, there's also a great benefit on this charger, particularly for environmentally concerned extremists. The reason is simple... every power adapter (or transformer) wastes energy while converting electricity, by combining a few into one, you simply save energy.

(to Don: Antony is poor.)

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Posted by Antony on 9 January 2010 10:47 AM | gadget

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from iTunes Store:
Well, not to sound elitist, but two instead of one isn't that much to me. I have an ATX supply under my desk that I power everything from my router, to my speakers, to my GameCube from. Having everything on one switched supply is much more efficient than having several small linear supplies.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 9 January 2010 12:24 PM.
I believe you are aware that every power adaptor generates heats which also means wasting energy... I believe the saving would be beneficial in long run.
Posted by Antony on 9 January 2010 8:07 PM.
Mildly embarrassed, can't reply!
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 11 January 2010 3:09 PM.
What was to be "mildly embarrassed" about?
One less adaptor would make easier for travelling, in particular, easier to to pass the racist Customs who are good at targeting all dark skinned people with an excuse of random or profiling.
Posted by Antony on 11 January 2010 5:05 PM.
Again, I have been pulled aside every single time I've been to an airport, hence either you need to revise your statement or accept that you are not dark-skinned.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 12 January 2010 12:27 AM.
He bases all his absurd assumptions on a television programme he watches weekly. He has never been racially profiled or singled out for customs or security checks.
He is also an extremely fair skinned person who avoids direct sunlight! I'm sorry I had to add this comment even despite my former embarrassment plea.
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 12 January 2010 11:14 AM.
The security/police/Customs etc like to target all non-white Caucasians, which is a well known fact. If you were born as a non-white Caucasian, the chance of you being targeted is automatically much higher than white Caucasians.
Of course, they would randomly pick up a few white Caucasians to pretend that they are not racist.
Posted by Antony on 12 January 2010 7:55 PM.
If you're going to talk about randomness, I can't count out the possibility of "every time" not being random, but it is highly unlikely.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 15 January 2010 3:05 AM.
Because you travelled with a group of 'pale white' Caucasian Americans, and in comparison, you are not that white. Furthermore, you told me that you brought 20+ batteries for the trip, which caused the alert by the security guards... (there was a plane bomb ignited by batteries).
Let's face it... everybody knows that non-white Caucasians are being targeted by default, and they just have to pick up a few white Caucasians to cover up their racist profiling.
Posted by Antony on 15 January 2010 8:05 AM.
So now you are saying that I look "not that white", even though just a few weeks ago you were calling me "pale" and such?
Posted by Don_HH2K on 15 January 2010 10:39 AM.
It depends on the context, of course.
When comparing between you and me, you are pale white.
Posted by Antony on 15 January 2010 10:56 AM.
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