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January, 2010

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, Happy New Year!
Don is famous! LBP
Nespresso Recipe Set (Large)
wireless keypad
why you need Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac
Belkin Dual USB Charger
Nespresso Recipe Set (Small)
wireless headset
the very important Don corner
time for a board game?
it's good to be back
you are a pervert unless giving up your seat, says British Airways.
a pile of mails
dirty tactics of some small retailers
tow for 12 dollars
iPad, the tablet from Apple
haven't had excited TV recently? Desperate Monday is returning!
the server was down

February, 2010

Nice Is Different Than Good, Wisteria Lane
too poor to buy drink
best people for trafficking drug? Queensland Police!
before and after
what!? trying to get rid of beautiful snow?
Being Alive, Desperate Housewives
benefits of being a police officer?
fruit flies everywhere? vinegar is the solution
10% yesterday, 20% today
Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover, Housewives
photo from Valentine's Day
a few nights of Cats
you simply can't trust the government
The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues in Wisteria Lane
your enemy's enemy is your friend, the Amazon and Microsoft chapter
it takes 35 minutes for 3.5km ride on Sydney's bus
Sydney Mardi Gras this Saturday
Mardi Gras 2010 highlights

March, 2010

Everybody Ought to Have a Maid @ Wisteria Lane
American President is Coming to Town
Don't use your PS3, says Sony
Making of Michael Jackson - This is It
you can be arrest for playing offensive music in Australia
Don't Walk on the Grass, Wisteria Lane
I am still here
new AirPort (Simultaneous Dual Band II)
a cheap phone
I can wait
I am outdated
Careful the Things You Say, Wisteria Lane
remember The Smurfs?
even toddlers choose friends on what brands they like
a minor change
a watch
The Coffee Cup, Wisteria Lane
Earth Hour 2010 is extremism
it's all those non-white, non-Caucasian, non-English speakers' fault
Human Achievement Hour tonight, turn your lights on!
Brother MFC-8890DW
Would I Think of Suicide? @ Desperate Housewives
I got a new scanner, Bluetooth + laser!
Livin' la Vida Loca star is out finally

April, 2010

April Fool's Day today
Happy Easter Bunny Holiday
back to normal, daylight saving ends
three little pigs in the Easter Show
I can't afford buying books
a new iron
Boom Crunch @ Wisteria Lane
a stolen rockmelon
well, one extra month to wait
shop like Americans
If... (Desperate Housewives)
it's a discriminatory world, not just race, also the look
so I ordered...
homemade deep fried chips
my first Blu-ray disc
Justin Bieber on Sunrise tomorrow
You Gotta Get a Gimmick, Wisteria Lane
blame the police
homemade bread
free upgrade

May, 2010

that was the problem
How About a Friendly Shrink? @ Wisteria Lane
it's an AT&T. (HTC Touch Pro2)
'prick' is not offensive, said Magistrate
a stapler
invisibleSHIELD arrived today
amazing space saving
'tis the night before the important pre-order
not a desperate Monday today :-(
expensive art boards
I must be stupid
having too many gadgets?
the 1 million number
The Glamorous Life
some good news from Telstra
being generous
a poor man needs a bag
a good deal
Lovely @ Wisteria Lane
Apple Store Bondi opens this Friday
Vodafone and 3 (THREE) finally released their plans
not looking good so far
no, I did not camp overnight
a poor man's tablet
The Chase, Wisteria Lane

June, 2010

government said iiNet welcome the filter , iiNet denied
Don (Key) is the preferred prime minister
the Loop Bag
and the tradition continues...
Chromolume #7, Desperate Housewives
Disney was here, bits and pieces
luggage scale
upgrading Message Centre
My Two Young Men, Fairview
Lost Internet connection.
Antony needs retail therapy!
We All Deserve to Die, Housewives tonight
sweet and hot
a poor man's (portable) TV
Antony is cheap!
outdated transportation; ice rink
Epiphany, Wisteria Lane
bargain like Don
a few more CATs

July, 2010

it's freezing cold
bloody squeaking noise!
A Little Night Music @ Wisteria Lane
a few more poor man's accessories
Google Australia breached Australian laws, no punishments
ABC to launch 24 hours news channel
season finale tonight!
I can wait, again
teapots and teacups
want to be a good Samaritan?
30 July is the date
this is Sydney
Griffin PowerJolt Plus
one more week to go
coffee lover? don't miss out Aroma Festival tomorrow
coffee masterpiece
You can't embarrass an overweight customer, so you kick out a regular weight one
this is for Don
it's the math game again
the clock is ticking...
old fashioned, but healthy (I believe)
finally, I got myself an iPhone 4

August, 2010

let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!
the Don cake
let there be more light
the Dock
packaging tapes are expensive
a poor man's trackpad (Magic Trackpad)
Happy Friday the Thirteenth
bye bye Epson Stylus Photo R230
a Battery Charger
not in Castle Towers (Castle Hill) today
cockroach problem in your place? try eucalyptus
today's eggciting news
not an iPhone, Nokia 6700 slide
Magic Mouse
iPhone 3G unlocked, officially
Don Cake 2

September, 2010

my thoughts on the Apple Special Event
Nokia phone is now invisibleSHIELD-ed
welcome to FaceTime, Jo-Ann
finally Australia has a new government
PlayStation 3 is future proof?
entering correct information to Xbox Live, your account gets suspended!
100 lucky window shopping cats
Apple Store Perth
some cheap magnets
a printer (Brother MFC-9840CDW)
got unfairly attacked by an off-duty Police Officer?
two cheap clocks, two's better than one, part 12

October, 2010

daylight saving starts in eastern parts of Australia
a small computer display (Cinema Display HD)
Citiz Wall, a small accessory
perfect 10 day
some nice dress up
amateur photos from recent trip
my first in-house server (Mac mini Server)
random breath test, greedy government?
bite relief
my lucky bamboo died
out of Coke
moshi teraglove
Ritual Espresso spoons
environmentally friendly method to kill a cockroach
Vodafone bill
presenting a poor man's Mac Pro and LED Cinema Display

November, 2010

you can't believe retailers' new dirty tactic
now, I have a multimeter
printed more then expected
finally, a proper air conditioner for the poor
Australian police's bully tactic
homemade strawberry tartlets
SSD is simply amazing! Really makes a whole difference.
very hot today, no beautiful snow
I got lost!
Charlotte Cake
a trip to Taronga Zoo
best $40 spent
one down!
30 more sleeps to go
black Friday bargain
Amaysim - new mobile provider
I did not get lost this time; AluPen
bloody Telstra

December, 2010

welcome to the Mac world, Rev. Dr. Wu Yi
Once you got cable, you can't go back
a poor man's setup
a point and shoot camera
I opened the iMac
a Don approved iMac (Intel Core i5)
season's greetings with caramel, vanilla, and almond
world's best prison, in Boston
contactless for the first time
Wisemans Ferry
two's better than one, part 13: the display chapter
18 cm for $16
more 3G quota from Telstra (at no extra charge)
how do you get more people to use the public transport?
every Christmas is the same... Carols in the Domain
exceed original manufacturer's specifications, so what?
the spirit of Christmas
Merry Christmas 2010
want to build a supercomputer? Just 1760 PS3s
no wonder Don hates snow
my first Dyson
the year that was 2010

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