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25 December, 2009

it is still Christmas! Merry Christmas

And I have packed up the tree.

As usual, Laurent and I followed our ‘worse than kids’ Christmas tradition (as mentioned in 2007 and 2008), we got up not long after midnight, and we opened all our presents. We went back to bed after the most important thing on the Christmas day - presents opening.

Some good news to report. We picked up the car yesterday afternoon from the repairer. According to the repairer, the cost was around $1500 (charge to the insurance company, AAMI). Although it is not a BMW, but it is insured, and we don't have to pay anything for it. AAMI even covered the taxi cost to the repairer.

Finally, we have access to a car.

As mentioned earlier, we did follow the Christmas tradition - opening the presents on Christmas after everybody gets up, as well as our own tradition - opening them at the earliest time possible. This means when we got up again today, there was a pile of packaging materials. After some cleaning of the packing material, I went ahead and started vacuum the floor, followed by removing the LED Christmas lights and disassambled the tree. Except a few presents laying on top of the coffee table, the living room is back to normal.

Laurent commented: “It is still Christmas, and you have put the tree away?”

At the time when I disassembled the tree, it never occurred to my head that Christmas is not over yet.

Well, just a bit information for Don, at tonight's Christmas party (in a friend's place) with 25-30 people, there were about 11 iPhones, I roughly counted. And as a matter of fact, iPhone was one of the topics. This proves that owning an iPhone does not mean 'rich' or anything.

Still, happy holidays to all, and drive carefully.

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Posted by Antony on 25 December 2009 10:00 PM |

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I will admit, I am also a bit surprised that it is still Christmas and you already put the tree away.
11 iPhones at a party could also mean you just have a lot of rich folk at that party. Please remember that at $37, Don's smartphone was probably the cheapest he could get.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 26 December 2009 1:16 AM.
It is usual in Australia to leave the tree and other decorations of xmas in place until after new years day.
I realise that they are going away on 30th Dec but no excuse for the boxing day take-down!!
The car looks better than it did even before the accident, perhaps the repairer washed it, now perhaps you will stop bleating about being "poor" and "car-less"!!
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 26 December 2009 10:50 AM.
Rev. Dr., you should know that Antony will never let something like that drop. He'll, predictably, stop talking about how he didn't have access to a car and therefore was poor, and start talking about how he's poor because there was a span of a few days where he didn't have access to a car.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 26 December 2009 12:51 PM.
All the presents were opened. What is the need for the tree? At the time cleaning the floor, I also took it down, so I don't have to take the tree down later.
Rev. Dr. Wu Yi,
For your information, I did not go out for Boxing Day sale, due to the weather.
Posted by Antony on 26 December 2009 1:29 PM.
"......I did not go out for Boxing Day sale, due to the weather."
Then you are only a pseudo-hardcore insatiable shopper.
A true retail pervert would never let mere weather stop them from worshipping at the temples of commerce!
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 26 December 2009 2:03 PM.
What do you mean by "pseudo-hardcore insatiable shopper" and "retail pervert"?
"Bargain hunter" is the proper term!
Also, this blog is family friendly, please mind your language.
Posted by Antony on 26 December 2009 2:36 PM.
Isn't it bad luck to take your tree and decorations down before the twelfth night?
Posted by MacMan on 27 December 2009 5:49 AM.
Although Antony has been living in the Occident for over half his life, he is still unaware of most of its traditions.
You missed "the key point" MacMan, the presents had been purchased,given and opened, that's what it is all about!
Ho, Ho, Ho................
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 27 December 2009 10:45 AM.
Isn't it bad luck to take your tree and decorations down before the twelfth night?

I've never heard of that.
Posted by Antony on 27 December 2009 12:05 PM.
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