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23 December, 2009

still looking for last minutes shopping ideas?


With only 2 more sleeps until Christmas presents opening time, getting all the gifts can be tricky.

If you like visit the store, there's a great news for you. Myer Sydney City store will be open all night tonight. That right, you can shop all day today (23 December) until 6pm tomorrow (23 December) for 34 hours straight!

On top of that, they have exciting hourly specials from 9pm tonight right until 9am tomorrow morning. You can read the hourly special here.

Need to send gifts to someone not in travel distance?
iTunes Gift Cards is always a popular choice, you can print it yourself, or send it via email.
Amazon Gift Cards, another popular choice.

Posted by Antony on 23 December 2009 4:14 PM |

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from iTunes Store:
I actually wouldn't put it past you to shop for 34 hours straight. (As you know, I hate shopping.)
Posted by Don_HH2K on 24 December 2009 9:25 AM.
For the record, although I went to Myer Sydney Store, but I did not stay there past 10pm. I only got myself a small item (under discount).
Posted by Antony on 24 December 2009 5:24 PM.
You also called your huge TV a "small item under discount", if I recall.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 25 December 2009 1:44 AM.
Did I?
Well, the tiny item I bought was able to be carried in a small shopping bag. And I was able to take it home with me by bus.
To be fair, the TV is nowhere huge in American's standard.
Posted by Antony on 25 December 2009 2:14 AM.
Often times, small things in small shopping bags are expensive too. (Case in point, MacBook Air.)
I believe you have the biggest TV of anybody I know, despite how I live in the land of huge TVs. One guy might have you matched for TV size (I never asked him the size), but definitely not beaten.
Even the 36" TV my friends just got is big to me. And remember my TV is only 17".

Posted by Don_HH2K on 25 December 2009 6:55 AM.
It was just a small skin care product, the store had special discount on that. Nothing extremely expensive. Plus, you don't expect a poor guy to spend a lot or buy expensive goods.
How many times do I have to repeat that I don't really own the TV entirely, unlike you and your countless number of gadget.
Posted by Antony on 25 December 2009 8:15 PM.
You're still trying to tell me that I have a countless number of gadgets when you have even more! I am constantly trying to get rid of stuff while you are always trying to acquire new stuff.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 26 December 2009 12:19 AM.
It's the new trend in this country DON,spend until you are up to your neck in debt. Change for the sake of change..bigger, better, brighter consumer goods. I fear for future generations!
Where has the concept of responsible, sustainable living gone?

Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 27 December 2009 3:09 PM.
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