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16 December, 2009

the car was hit again

The car was hit again, unlike last time I was not driving. In fact, it was parked stationary right outside the house. And a delivery truck (not a van) decided to park right in front of the parking space and misjudged the space. It ended up like this...

(This photo was taken after Laurent moved the car to the car park at back. Laurent took the photo of the truck and the car in the spot with his mobile phone, but I am too lazy to upload photos from his mobile phone.)

We contacted the insurance company (AAMI). They took the car away for assessment this afternoon, and will let us know whether they will repair it or otherwise. The good thing is that, we don't have to pay any excess since it was not our fault.

Another photo of the damaged car:

Well, overall, it was not a BMW. The car was not a strong built comparing to 4WD or expensive cars such as BMW.

As for the time being, we don't have a car at all. Unlike rich Americans, where most households have more than one car, or in average, many American families have 1 or more cars per license holder.
(to Don: Antony is poor.)

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Posted by Antony on 16 December 2009 11:44 PM | photos

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I actually think that, if a delivery truck and a BMW got into a fight, the delivery truck would win. Good construction is no match for a physically heavy object.
Now if we were talking about a Jeep, Hummer, Land Rover, or similar, it might be a different story.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 17 December 2009 4:50 AM.
I did not fake the photo, nor making the story up. The key thing is... we don't have any cars for the time being, which means we are poor, unlike Americans where they have 1 or more cars per license holder.
Of course, the car was not a good construction BMW. Still, we couldn't afford a 4WD (or SUV) like a Jeep, Hummer, Land Rover, or similar.
Posted by Antony on 17 December 2009 8:22 AM.
Quelle damage!! What a shame Ant, hope insurances will cover the repairs. You can do without the car for a short time, besides which, you are going away soon!
Is it not still driveable?
BTW, the average Australian household has two or more vehicles according to recent statistics.
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 17 December 2009 10:53 AM.
Posted by benjanim on 17 December 2009 12:28 PM.
Why are you still assuming there's more than one car per licensed driver in America? We don't have more than one car per licensed driver, nor do any of my relatives.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 17 December 2009 2:45 PM.
Still waiting for the response from insurance.
Bad things do happen.
I did not say more than one, I said "1 or more", which means at least 1 car per license holder. In that comparison, you guys have 1 car per license, we have zero cars per license holder (or used to be 0.5 cars per license holder). One way or the other, we are poor compared to you guys. As usual, you missed out the key points again.
Posted by Antony on 17 December 2009 3:02 PM.
The "key points" you are trying to make is completely invalid, seeing as you are calling yourself poor for not having two cars. Again, you can't define richness in material possession, but rather through purchasing power.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 17 December 2009 3:56 PM.
Three cars for three of you guys; comparing to the poor us, zero cars (or used to be only one car) for the two of us. All factual, based on our conversation, hence valid points.
Posted by Antony on 17 December 2009 5:04 PM.
You forgot that it's actually two cars for three people. The third, which you misinterpret as being ours, is registered to a business. That makes it illegal to drive it except for business purposes, i.e. you're not supposed to drive it for personal matters like going to the store.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 18 December 2009 1:00 AM.
You make it sound like no one uses business car for personal matters. Car registered for business can still be used for private matters, just need to tell the government (tax office) the percentage of usage. Most people do not drive business vehicles for personal matters is simply the business vehicles are most likely filled with equipments or not very comfy etc.
Still, you guys have MORE cars.
Posted by Antony on 18 December 2009 1:23 AM.
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