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27 November, 2009

Sony PlayTV has arrived

I have been waiting for PlayTV for quite a long time, and I got it finally.

Now, I can watch, pause, and record digital TV on my Sony PlayStation 3 with PlayTV. It's actually, I can also watch live (or recorded) TV on my PSP anywhere WiFi is available.

Setting up Sony PlayTV is pretty much straight forward. Some of you might need to get a spliter and feed the TV signal (aerial) to Sony PlayTV. However, I simply decided to unplug the TV signal (aerial) for the VCR/DVD recorder, and plug that one to the PlayTV. Since we bought Sony Bravia TV last year, we haven't been watching VHS tapes (we have been watching DVDs on that VCR/DVD player still) since, nor any recording done on that (All TV recording were done with the EyeTV Diversity on my iMac).

Contents of Sony PlayTV:

After setting up the PlayTV, I tested my PSP's Remote Play feature. It really works as advertised, I can watch live TV (or recorded) TV on PSP's screen, as long as PSP is in the WiFi range, and the main PlayStation 3 is on. I will have to test if I can access the PlayTV content from outside my network.

Photo shows the cover for Sony BlueRay Remote Control (sorry, not focused well):

Benefits of watching TV on PSP instead of on the Sony 52-inch Bravia TV? Well, for one, we only have one TV (to Don: Antony is poor), and I can't move the TV to any room I want. PSP is without a doubt, very portable.

My EyeTV Diversity can record two digital channels at the same time, and plus this PlayTV, I can record three digital TV signals at the same time.

(to Don: Antony is poor.)

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Posted by Antony on 27 November 2009 12:06 AM | gadget

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Posted by rehan on 27 November 2009 12:52 AM.
Aren't you EVER embarrassed by the amount of clap-trap you buy? Have you no shame? Are you trying to build your own personal NASA?
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 27 November 2009 11:50 AM.
It is a much cheaper alternative than getting a TiVo, which is very popular in the States.
Posted by Antony on 27 November 2009 1:10 PM.
It's the final piece of the puzzle that makes the PS3 a great DVR. It's an awesome addition to the PS3.
Posted by Yay! PlayTV on 13 December 2009 1:18 PM.
noob question... do you plug in aerial to playtv as well as tv and not into plug in house, or what have you.....
Posted by James on 19 December 2009 9:07 AM.
Plug-in the coax cable in there like the say you plug the coax cable into your VCR or TV. You might need a splitter for that.
Posted by Antony on 19 December 2009 12:33 PM.
Looks like a great way to dual-purpose your PS3 as a DVR, but how long can you watch tv shows on the PSP? I'm not 15 anymore and get carsick trying to watch a UMD, so there's that. Clearly the PSP LCD rocks the socks off any competition, but I can't imagine spending an evening watching tv on it... however cool it is.
Posted by Fix My Playstation on 9 October 2010 2:54 AM.
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