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10 November, 2009

a poor man's way of entertaining guests

This morning I had a friend visiting, and I had to show some hospitality.

After the important greeting, I offered my friend the very best Nespresso coffee. She knows which flavour she wants which was good. (In fact, she bought a Nespresso machine after tasting my Nespresso coffee.)

Nespresso capsules

Then, we shifted our attention to video gaming. Unlike Don who has 3 video gaming consoles (one from each major company), I only have a PlayStation 3 and a Wii. We decided to play Wii as it is more social. Wii Fit Plus was one of the fun games we played.

What happened next is likely not to gain Don's approval, I offer her Coca-Cola. I get two cans of Coca-Cola out of fridge, and pour them into two Coke glasses (like the Coke glasses seen in this entry) with straws. Of course, I provided coasters. One of the coaster was the colour-changing one as mentioned last month. Unlike Don, she was quite impressed with the coaster.

We then played for more Wii games.

This was the poor man's way of entertaining guests. (to Don: Antony is poor.)

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Updated: added a photo.

Posted by Antony on 10 November 2009 11:47 PM | coffee and food

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from iTunes Store:
All I do is get two regular plastic cups and a bottle of Mountain Dew. Not enough money for the very best Nespresso coffee.
I only have yesteryear's consoles. Not enough money for the newest like your PS3 and Wii.
I guess my way is the "even poorer man's way" of entertaining guests.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 11 November 2009 2:31 AM.
Of course, when guests around, you present the best for the guests.
Most people would agree that glasses look far better than plastic cups.
Posted by Antony on 11 November 2009 11:02 AM.
Or occasionally we just share the bottle. Nothing high-class or rich about that.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 11 November 2009 1:06 PM.
Well, you have a BMW, the focus won't be on the drink you provide to your guests.
Posted by Antony on 12 November 2009 7:42 AM.
When people see my car, usually they will ask how come there's tape all over the edges of the back windows. No rich guy would tape his windows in place, BMW or not.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 12 November 2009 9:38 AM.
You also have lots of other high tech gadgets on top of three video gaming consoles. You guests can easily change from Nintendo or Sony to Microsoft games.
Posted by Antony on 12 November 2009 3:24 PM.
You know how many controllers I have for each console? ONE. Good luck playing multiplayer with one controller.
(Usually my policy is, bring your own controller.)
Posted by Don_HH2K on 12 November 2009 10:46 PM.
Didn't you once tell me that (even) you had two controllers?
Posted by Antony on 12 November 2009 11:00 PM.
Then I sold them on Craigslist for $10 each.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 13 November 2009 2:50 AM.
Hey don't think like this.You can also give your friend some food or juice.I like that you share your experience with us.Keep up the good work.
Posted by nutrition sportive on 14 November 2009 9:00 PM.
So you decided to be less hospitality and more inconvenience for your guests/friend for just $10?
Posted by Antony on 15 November 2009 8:07 AM.
No, I simply figured out that they never wanted to come to my place to play games, because I had all of yesteryear's stuff while they had Wii's and 360's.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 15 November 2009 2:04 PM.
If I lived in picturesque Quincy or even in beautiful Boston, I would be thrilled to visit your place and play your consoles.
Posted by Antony on 15 November 2009 10:06 PM.
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