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18 June, 2009

hard to get a regular light bulb

a regular light bulb

Somehow, I was surprised that it is sort of hard to get a regular light bulb (as in non-energy saving one). All I need is a light bulb like the one above. Kmart seems to have plenty of energy saving light bulbs, but I can't spot any regular incandescent light bulbs.

Before the very advanced Don from beautiful Boston tell me that I should use energy saving ones or even us the far more energy efficient and advanced LED light bulbs like him, well, most light bulbs in the house are energy saving ones, but it's for bathroom. My experiences tell me that the energy saving light bulbs do not last long in the bath room.

Well, another night of darkness in the bathroom. (to Don: do I need to say more? the bathroom does not even have light... Antony is poor.)

I will get a few non-Energy saving light bulbs from supermarket.

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Update (20 June 2009): Finally, we got some basic old fashioned light bulb for the bathroom. I no longer need to suffer the darkness in the bathroom.

Posted by Antony on 18 June 2009 8:07 PM |

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from iTunes Store:
I believe the energy-saving Australia passed some legislation recently that outlined a plan for prohibiting the sale of incandescent lightbulbs in the near future. I can't really blame the shops for not carrying them if they won't be able to stock them soon.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 19 June 2009 5:47 AM.
I thought that was some States in beautiful United States of America.
Posted by Antony on 19 June 2009 8:32 AM.
From the BBC:
The bulbs will be completely phased out by 2010 and replaced with the more fuel efficient compact fluorescent models which use around 20% of the electricity to produce the same amount of light.

In the US state of California, they're planning to ban their sale by 2012, but that legislation hasn't been passed yet.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 19 June 2009 10:45 AM.
I have a number of old bulbs, but they are bayonette not Edison Screw. Change the fitting and they are yours. I keep one in the laundry as it goes on and off very infrequently.
Posted by Zen Master Wu Yi on 19 June 2009 1:50 PM.
Finally, we got one basic old fashioned light bulb for the bathroom. I no longer have to suffer the darkness in the bathroom (until the bulb goes off).
Posted by Antony on 20 June 2009 2:43 PM.
You make buying a simple light bulb sound like rocket science...LOL!!
Posted by Zen Master Wu Yi on 20 June 2009 5:19 PM.
It has been raining for the last 2 weeks or so. The weather is not as beautiful as beautiful Boston's. Getting a light bulb requires some sort of trip, I am not ordering light bulbs online or from eBay or something like our friend Don.
Posted by Antony on 20 June 2009 8:59 PM.
Lightbulbs on eBay are cheap, and save you said trip. Also, the 7-day forecast in Boston is rain all week, and not fun for going out to stores.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 20 June 2009 9:15 PM.
Well, for items like light bulbs, you can't trust the expensive postage and handling which uses unreliable delivery service.
Posted by Antony on 20 June 2009 9:21 PM.
Expensive and unreliable? Some people even offer free shipping, and I don't think I've ever had anything shipped from eBay lost in the mail. The Amazon Marketplace, though, is a different story altogether.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 21 June 2009 9:42 AM.
These energy saver bulbs give me a headache. I tried switching my home over to CFL spiral bulbs, but had to switch back when it gave me a headache every night. Until they develop an energy saving bulb that doesn't trigger headaches, I have to use the old fashioned bulbs. Until then, I have a box of unused energy saving bulbs in the closet.
Posted by Sean on 30 June 2009 4:44 AM.
I think its not hard to get a regular light bulb, we can get these light bulbs in all electrical shops.These Fluorescent Light bulbs are being used especially in bathrooms and in corridor.These Fluorescent light bulbs are being banned only in European countries.
Posted by Lenin on 12 August 2009 2:22 PM.
Today one of the most effective and innovative thing in the lighting industry is the LED bulbs and these are sure to make the people more curious in the coming days.
Posted by David Teddy on 9 January 2014 3:50 PM.
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