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2 June, 2009

hit by a car

Unlike those living in beautiful Boston, I have nothing exciting to report today.

Many of you know that I like to do the very important window shopping. While looking for a car space at Westfield Bondi Junction, I was hit by a car from behind. Okay, not really "I", but the car I was driving was hit by a car from behind in the underground parking.

Both cars were fine. I can't see any dent or any noticable damage except the paint from another car's number plate. After getting the other driver's detail, I started my window shopping at the Westfield Shopping Centre.

I was really surprised that it was very hard to find a parking space during Tuesday afternoon. Perhaps, I shall say that I couldn't notice any recession going.

An unrelated news, Australian's Holden car manufacturer announced that there will be no job cuts despite the news regrading its parenting company American General Motors.

Perhaps, today's biggest news for Don is the Microsoft news on E3 (link). And for Sony haters, a new version of Metal Gear Solid will be available on Microsoft Xbox 360!

Posted by Antony on 2 June 2009 8:11 PM |

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Good to hear that you and your car are both alright.
Wow, no layoffs from Holden Motors for you guys! Government Motors is closing 14 factories here, which will cause another 20,000 jobs to be lost. (For some reason I thought Holden was a British subsidiary and that Vauxhall was the Australian one, but Wikipedia says I have the two mixed up.)
I haven't been following E3 very closely this week, mainly due to lack of time. Halo 3 ODST has been news for awhile, and Halo Reach was inevitable, they've had a novel about it for years now. Other than that, another Final Fantasy - who cares, doesn't "Final" imply that there should only be one? - and a Left4Dead 2 (they could save some time and just call it Left8Dead) well, I still haven't played through the first one.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 2 June 2009 9:52 PM.
I am relieved I didn't have to rush back from Osaka for your interment. You should understand that flagrant consumers like yourself will ultimately bump into another of like disposition in car parks.
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 3 June 2009 12:51 AM.
Ya think that the MGS for the 360'll be ported to Windows? They've only ported MGS (2000) and MGS2 (2003).
Posted by Dave on 3 June 2009 4:46 AM.
Ya think that the MGS for the 360'll be ported to Windows? They've only ported MGS (2000) and MGS2 (2003).
Posted by Dave on 3 June 2009 4:47 AM.
Rev. Dr. Wu Yi,
I am a very careful driver.
Posted by Antony on 3 June 2009 7:35 PM.
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