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27 April, 2009

Home is the Place @ Wisteria Lane

It has been two weeks since Desperate Housewives was on TV. (Due to Easter non-rating period.) Desperate Housewives is back tonight and Carlos will get his vision back!

Desperate Housewives

HD TVLast Week on Wisteria Lane, after Dave's lie to the police, the police arrest Porter. Lynette mortgage the restaurant for the $20,000 bail as the emergency fund was used by Lynette to pay Anne Schilling to leave town. On the day of the court, Preston shows up as Porter. Susan and Mike's son MJ is not happy that Mike is dating Katherine. Carlos is overjoyed that he can now see light after operation. Soon after, he learns that the situation has been really bad and Gaby had made many sacrifices during those years. Gady had to sell many items to survive.

Bree realises to know that Andrew is dating Orson's surgeon Alex Cominis. She invites them for dinner, and Alex tells them that they are getting married. Bree also discovered Alex had been starring in a porn movie. Andrew thanks Bree for caring him.

Dave wants to take revenge on Mike.

Missed out last week's Desperate Housewives? You can download last week's episode in stunning HD (High Definition) quality legally.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives, (Season 5 episode 11, Home is the Place)

The competition is on when Bree meets Andrew's future mother-in-law for the first time, as each is determined to win over their son's affection. Meanwhile, Susan is feeling lonely while Jackson is away and turns to Lee for company. Elsewhere, Edie grows weary of Dave as he continues to exhibit some odd behaviour.

Don't miss out tonight's exciting Desperate Housewives at 8.30 on Channel Seven followed by all new Brothers & Sisters. Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities is on at 8.30 on Channel Nine.

Last week's Mary Alice Young quote:
It's an awful thing to live in darkness, unable to see what others take for granted.
But if we are lucky, the darkness lifts and we can finally see the secret sacrifices made by our wives...
The surprising progress made by our mothers...
Or the unintended consequences of our own actions.
But there are those who prefer the darkness, because there, they see only what they choose to see.

Desperate Housewives

Last time on Desperate Housewives, (Season 5 episode 10, A Vision's Just a Vision):

The police arrest Porter, over Lynette's protests. Tom assures Lynette, "We'll get a lawyer, we'll get through this." They hire their neighbor, Bob, as their lawyer, and Porter tells them he has an alibi: He was at Edie's stealing her gun! Since no one saw him there, Lynette tells him, "Honey, that's not an alibi. That's a confession to another crime." She surreptitiously returns the gun, without anyone being the wiser.

At the follow-up after Orson's nasal surgery, Bree is shocked to see a a photo of the doctor with her son! She's hurt that Andrew never mentioned he was living with someone and invites him and his boyfriend, Alex, to dinner the next night. She also invites her "dear friends" Bob and Lee, who think they recognize Alex, but they can't say from where. At dinner, Alex admits that he and Andrew are engaged. Bree sees Bob and Lee exchanging looks and summons them to the kitchen, where she gets them to admit where they've seen Alex before -- in a gay porn film!

Bree takes Andrew aside and shows him Alex's DVD, but he already knows about Alex's "sordid past," and that he did it to afford med school. He tells his mother, "We both know I have sort of an interesting past myself, so, you know, glass houses... stones. Not to mention the fact that I love him. Very much." When Bree admits that she just wanted to make sure that Alex is being honest with him, Andrew says, "This might be about the nicest thing you've ever done for me. Not every boy can say that his mother's willing to rent gay porn for them."

Carlos is overjoyed that he can now see light after his operation, but his vision will take a few weeks to come back. That leads to problems for Gaby, because he'll now see that she's sold his prized baseball signed by Lou Gehrig. She asks the collector she sold it to give it back, but he refuses, unless she dances on the table for him. When she comes home, Carlos's vision has improved already and he wants to know where one of their paintings has gone. She admits that she had to sell it. He says he doesn't care, so she confesses to having sold the baseball too. That, he is not okay with, and calls her a "featherhead" and a "little thief." "This 'featherhead' kept our family afloat for five years," she says, saying he has no idea what she's had to do to survive. She gets the ball back, but Carlos, realizing the sacrifices she's made, sells it to buy her a beautiful dress.

Susan is trying to be okay with Katherine dating Mike, but little MJ is flat out against it: A zoo visit ends with MJ throwing a sundae in Katherine's hair. Susan realizes that she's going to have to make an effort to show MJ that she approves of his dad's moving on. Mike agrees it's a good idea if Susan comes along on their next outing, but Katherine isn't so sure. Susan's presence smoothes things over as MJ "shows" Katherine how to bowl, but when Mike unthinkingly puts his hand over Susan's, MJ, ever hopeful for a reunion, drops the bowling ball on Katherine's foot. MJ finally says he's waiting for Mike and Susan to get back together. Susan admits that one night, out of desperation when MJ was horribly upset, she told him that "maybe" Mike was coming back. She asks Mike, "Don't you ever think about it?" He doesn't answer.

Edie tells Dave that Porter's been arrested. He's staring hard at a woman and small child across the street and is so upset that he breaks the glass he's holding. Porter's bail is set for $20,000, and Tom is counting on their "emergency fund," to help them out. He doesn't know that Lynette used that money to pay Anne Schilling to leave town. Edie admits as much to Bob, swearing him to secrecy. The Scavo house is already "mortgaged to the teeth," so Lynette has no choice but to mortgage the restaurant. Warren Schilling sees Porter, who's out on bail, and threatens him, saying, "One day, you'll be walking home and you'll just disappear." Terrified, Porter leaves town and Preston takes his place at the arraignment. He fools Bob, but not his parents. Tom insists that they tell the truth and forfeit the bail, but Lynette says to trust her, and for now, tell everyone that Preston is Porter.

Dave goes to the cemetery and vows to a pair of gravestones that read "Laila Dash, Beloved Wife" and "Paige Dash, Beloved Daughter," "Soon, I will be with you, but first Mike Delfino has to pay. I want him to lose what I lost."

(source: Desperate Housewives recap)

Desperate Housewives

Desperate HousewivesYou can now buy the current seasons of "Desperate Housewives" (Season Pass). When you buy a Season Pass, you get immediate access to all episodes of the current season that are available, and receive new episodes as they become available. US$ 34.99 for the entire season or US$ 1.99 per episode. For just $1 more per episode, you can get Desperate Housewives in stunning HD quality.

Can't wait for tonight's Desperate Housewives, you can download it legally from iTunes Store.

Desperate Housewives

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Posted by Antony on 27 April 2009 4:47 PM | Desperate Housewives

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