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30 March, 2009

the un-reliable power in Sydney


There's the latest proof that Sydney's power is not as reliable as beautiful Boston's. In fact, this is tonight's news headline.

Started at 4.45pm (AEDT), four major power cables have faults which affected northern CBD, the city's east and suburbs such as Paddington, Surry Hills, Rose Bay and Darlinghurst. And the traffic lights are out in CBD area.

The poor Antony does not have a power generator. (to Don: Antony is poor.)
To keep your appliances and gadgets safe, some rated surge protectors are highly recommended.

News source: Sydney CBD and suburbs hit by massive blackout (, March 30, 2009 05:30pm)

LARGE parts of Sydney have been blacked out after a massive power failure.
Energy Australia spokesman Anthony O'Brien said a fault had affected four major power cables that supplied two sub-stations in the CBD.

The fault was affecting supply to a large portion of the northern CBD, the city's east and suburbs such as Paddington, Surry Hills, Rose Bay and Darlinghurst, he said.

"Crews are on site at sub-stations in the city's north and Surry Hills trying to pinpoint the locations of the faults and make the areas safe," he said.

Mr O'Brien said the fault occurred at 4.45pm (AEDT) and Energy Australia was still unsure how long it would take for power to be restored.

There is ability to re-route power from other locations but this could only be done once the area has been stabilised, he said.

The RTA said traffic lights were out in the CBD and eastern suburbs.

The NSW Fire Department said it was a major incident, with about 40 call-outs to lift rescues and automatic fire alarms going off.

"Many people are stuck in lifts and we're on our way to rescue them," the department said.

Cameron Stone, a worker at Deloitte in the CBD, said it was "chaos".

"Half of my office has gone home because we have no power, there's no lights working on George St and there's traffic everywhere," he said.

"Everyone is trying to get home at the one time."

Elise, an office worker in the CBD, also said that there were no traffic lights working on George St - the CBD's main street.

"Traffic is moving slowly, police are directing at intersections," she said.

"Twenty-four floors of my office building were evacuated, but everyone was calm and people are just trying to head home."

The Twitter social network was flooded with hundreds of messages from those affected:

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Gotsound said: "Apparently the whole Sydney CBD all the way to Central are currently on diesel power generator. I hear firetruck alarms all over the place."

Xorprime said: "No power here in Bond St as well as there is a smoke coming out from the Harbour view."

RT said: "Power just out in Wynyard. The trains are still running though."

More to come...

Posted by Antony on 30 March 2009 6:06 PM |
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I despair at your powers of reasoning Antony.
Sydney's power is far from unreliable and there are few outages in any given year.
Your blog is like a tabloid newspaper, always misleading banner headlines and no substance!
Give us a break!
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 30 March 2009 7:15 PM.
And while I am on a roll, what's with the "beautiful Boston" thing all the time?
You've never been there and are unlikely ever to go there,and it is no better or worse than any other city on the planet!
Nor are you black, very dark, poor or politically marginalised, just get on with your life instead of filling the pockets of the "Big End of Town" retailers!
I rest my case your Honour.
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 30 March 2009 7:22 PM.
what's with the "beautiful Boston"
So Don will know how unreliable the power supply in Sydney, and hence he will know how lucky he lives in Boston.
Did you take wrong medicine tonight? Make sure you took the right dosage.
Posted by Antony Shen on 30 March 2009 8:15 PM.
I am pleased by your attempt at humour.
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 30 March 2009 8:53 PM.
Astronomical Symmetric Patterns were associated
with the Sydney and Melbourne Power Outages in 2009.
These symmetries set up disturbed magnetic fields
repeatedly in Australia and created intense electron flows - also known as electricity. Please access for details.
Posted by Matt Maddox on 25 May 2009 1:27 PM.
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