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2 March, 2009

Mirror, Mirror @ Wisteria Lane

Desperate Housewives hasn't felt this lively since its first season. If you long ago gave up on the series, now is the time to jump back in.

Desperate Housewives

HD TVLast week on Wisteria Lane, Bree's new successful cookbook has the women of Wisteria Lane feeling envious. Then, Lynette is longing for a taste of her breadwinning days, she tried to offer Bree new designs, but Bree rejects. Gaby hatches a plan to have more sex with Carlos, but turns out that girl sees them having blind sex. Bree also discovers that Orson has been fired from his job after the prison. Orson wants Bree to hire him, but she rejects. Dave bought a house in the area and lent it to Mike cheaply for some unknown motivation.

Missed out last week's Desperate Housewives? You can download last week's episode in stunning HD (High Definition) quality legally.

Tonight on Desperate Housewives, (Season 5 episode 5, Mirror, Mirror)

The night is full of surprises. Dave convinces Susan to throw Mrs McCluskey a party for her 70th birthday, while Gaby's concerned she might be pregnant again. Then, Tom tells Lynette he's sold the pizzeria, and a startling reason for the bond between Bree and Katherine is revealed.

Desperate Housewives promo:
QuickTime (H.264)

Don't miss out tonight's exciting Desperate Housewives at 8.30 on Channel Seven followed by all new Brothers & Sisters. Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities is on at 8.30 on Channel Nine.

Last week's Mary Alice Young quote:
If you look closely into those faces around you, you will catch a glimpse of a certain green-eyed monster. And then you'll see they envy your career...
your love life...
the time you spend with their child...
How do you deal with such jealousy?
There are many ways. But the best is to simply share what you have.

Desperate Housewives


Desperate Housewives

This newly rejuvenated series it hasn't felt this lively since its first season.

Season five of Desperate Housewives kicked off by leaping five years into the future. It was a risky gamble but one that's paid off, reinventing what had become a rather stale and contrived melodrama with fresh, compelling storylines.

This episode revolves around a surprise party for elderly Wisteria Lane resident Mrs McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten). As narrator Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) reveals early on, the party is not destined to end well, and the episode depicts the events that turn it into such a disaster.

The episode also cleverly uses Lost-type flashbacks to resolve some of the questions raised by the five-year time skip. Fans who have been wondering why Susan (Teri Hatcher) left her long-time love Mike (James Denton) for Jackson (Gale Harold) will get their answer, as well as finding out more about the lives of fellow housewives Bree (Marcia Cross), Lynette (Felicity Huffman) and Gabrielle (Eva Longoria Parker).

And of course there are more intriguing hints that apparent nice guy Dave (Neal McDonough) is plotting something terrible... but who is his intended victim, and why?

Desperate Housewives hasn't felt this lively since its first season. If you long ago gave up on the series, now is the time to jump back in.

Desperate Housewives airs on the Seven Network on Monday, March 2, at 8:30pm.

Sam Downing

Last time on Desperate Housewives, (Season 5 episode 4, Back in Business):

During parent night at school, Mike is upset when he barely figures in MJ's drawing of his family: "That little bug with a hat on, that's me?" He buys his son a new bike but then doesn't have time to teach MJ how to ride. Mike is finally on his way over to show MJ the basics, but Susan realizes that MJ's already had Jackson, who's around a lot more, teach him. She orders MJ to fake a few spills to convince his dad he's a beginner and MJ ends up with a sprained arm. At the hospital, MJ admits he fell on purpose and Susan tells Mike that being divorced means that each one of them will miss important moments in their son's life.

When Bree's cookbook comes out, her friends are not-so-secretly jealous. Lynette sees this as her big chance to get back into marketing and comes up with a whole "jazzy" ad campaign, which Bree politely declines.

Lynette is even more upset when she realizes that her old assistant is the one handling Bree's account. At the luncheon to celebrate Bree's being named Businesswoman of the Year, Lynette drunkenly tries to offer some unasked-for advice so Bree asks her to leave. Bree admits that all her success has come at a high cost if it means losing her friends and possibly her husband and Lynette assures her. "All your friends are proud of you. Bitterly jealous, but proud."

Bree discovers that Orson has been fired from his post-prison job. Finding no luck in landing a new position, he suggests that she hire him, an idea that doesn't sit well with Katherine, who threatens to cut Bree with the scissors she's using to arrange flowers. Katherine tries to talk Orson out of the idea, describing what Bree's like as a boss: "Bitchy, tyrannical, shrill!"

Bree suggests they revisit the idea in a month but Orson decides to move into the guest bedroom and to skip her luncheon. He finally moves back in when she offers him the gift of a chef's hat -- and a partnership in her business.

Gaby is desperate for more sex with Carlos, so she arranges an afternoon playdate for Juanita. Unfortunately, Juanita comes home early and catches them in bed. When Juanita blurts out her newfound sex education to her friend, the playdates are abruptly canceled. "I guess it's back to the old schedule of ten minutes of grope and snore at midnight," Carlos sighs. Gaby insists that parents need "playdates" too and convinces the friend's parents to reconsider.

Edie asks Dave to buy a now-empty house on the block so they can rent it out. "My friend Mary Alice blew her brains out in this house. I let that slip and we can get it for a song." She's shocked when Dave refuses and even more so when he yells at her.

The house comes in handy when Dave realizes that Mike's only reason for refusing to join his and Tom's garage band is the time he spends commuting to his current place. Mike can't afford the rent on Wisteria Lane, but Dave buys the house -- as a present to Edie -- and gives Mike a fantastic deal on the rent. He insists that no one, especially Mike, know that he and Edie are the landlords.

(source: Desperate Housewives recap)

Desperate Housewives

Desperate HousewivesYou can now buy the current seasons of "Desperate Housewives" (Season Pass). When you buy a Season Pass, you get immediate access to all episodes of the current season that are available, and receive new episodes as they become available. US$ 34.99 for the entire season or US$ 1.99 per episode. For just $1 more per episode, you can get Desperate Housewives in stunning HD quality.

Can't wait for tonight's Desperate Housewives, you can download it legally from iTunes Store.

Desperate Housewives

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Posted by Antony on 2 March 2009 5:55 PM | Desperate Housewives

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from iTunes Store:
Someone interrupted my viewing with a phone call, whilst another hogged my big screen TV so that I had to watch on a smaller flat panel set!
Also the plot changes are getting a bit strange now.
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 3 March 2009 10:49 AM.
It was called keeping you informed about what is on Wisteria Lane. You should thank "someone".
How could you give up your 42-inch TV when the very important Desperate Housewives is on?
The episode was about filling the 5-year gap. Dave Williams is evil.
Posted by Antony Shen on 3 March 2009 12:01 PM.
Antony, how come you don't say, "WOW!!! Two flat panel sets!" to Rev. Dr. Wu Yi? I'm almost certain you'd say that or something equally ridiculous to me if I even had one flat-panel TV.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 3 March 2009 2:29 PM.
Because I've seen Rev. Dr. Wu Yi's TV sets. Actually, I set them up for him.
Yours would, of course, be the highest tech flat panel, without a doubt.
Posted by Antony Shen on 3 March 2009 5:07 PM.
Yes, but you also "WOW!"ed when I showed you the CRT TV that we need to whack to turn on.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 3 March 2009 10:22 PM.
Yours is the highest tech American product!
Posted by Antony Shen on 3 March 2009 10:56 PM.
Last time I checked, Mitsubishi wasn't an American brand.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 4 March 2009 8:37 AM.
DON, it's just very dark Antony's Oriental understatement at work here. Say one thing, mean another.
The last time I "WOW'd" a CRT TV was when an American friend of mine in Thailand bought a 35 inch RCA set.
Compared to my hotel 21 inch, it was huge!
Posted by on 4 March 2009 10:01 AM.
Rev. Dr., I should keep that in mind more often. Double meanings are frequent in my chats with Antony, even if he self-claims that a non-English-speaker shouldn't be able to do that.
When was the last time anyone but Antony "WOW"ed a 17" CRT HDTV set, let alone one that's made out of parts from eBay and Craigslist?
Posted by Don_HH2K on 4 March 2009 1:27 PM.
Do you honestly expect a non English speaker being able to speak "double meanings"?
HDTV is a huge thing (to me anyway), and I merely showed my excitement!
Posted by Antony Shen on 4 March 2009 1:30 PM.
Then how come there was no huge, "WOW!" from you when you got your 52" flat-panel HDTV set, but instead a "nothing special" and an "only 52 inches"?
Posted by Don_HH2K on 4 March 2009 10:15 PM.
Do you "wow" to thyself?
Posted by Antony Shen on 4 March 2009 10:49 PM.
No, but I don't see any reason to demean yourself as if my kludged-together 17" set were better than your Sony 52" set.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 5 March 2009 1:00 AM.
It was not demeaning. It was about being humble and modest.
Posted by Antony Shen on 5 March 2009 1:25 AM.
"Humble and modest" doesn't mean to "WOW!" the other guy; that would be against the point.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 5 March 2009 10:16 AM.
The "humble and modest" is regarding my own cheap devices. To your high tech gadget, I show my best interests.
Posted by Antony Shen on 5 March 2009 1:11 PM.
I would barely consider your stuff "cheap". Let's consider your TV, I believe you told me it was either AU$5119 or AU$4119, whereas the parts for mine totaled to about US$129. Again with your AU$1000+ camera (compare to US$50), not to mention all the other stuff that I would never dream of having.
There is nothing wrong with buying cheap stuff and occasionally building things yourself.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 5 March 2009 2:40 PM.
Back then, AU$1 worth around US$0.93; Now, AU$1 only worth US$0.63. Hence everything has been devalued due to the weakening of Australian dollar (or in your version, strong American dollar.)
You also have lots of things I would never dream of having.
There's nothing wrong with getting a cheap stuff. However, unlike you, I don't loathe big brands.
Posted by Antony Shen on 5 March 2009 2:53 PM.
"I don't loathe big brands."
In fact you adore them, you worship them, you can't get your credit card out quick enough to embrace them.
You prostrate yourself at the altar of the "biggies"!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 5 March 2009 9:56 PM.
Rev. Dr. Wu Yi,
Were you drunk?
Posted by Antony Shen on 6 March 2009 2:15 AM.
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