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25 February, 2009

Jansjö LED lamp

Jansjo.jpgLast year, I bought an Arkie Desk Light from Freedom. The Arkie Desk Light features 40 LED lights and consumes only 2 watts of electricity when using.

Last week, I purchased another lamp, I am sure this new lamp will receive Don's approval.

Presenting Jansjö table lamp (pictured on the right).
It only consumes 2.5 watts.

(as usual, more photos follow...)

Both Arkie Desk Light and the Jansjö table lamp are powered by LED technology. The technology that uses very low power and lasts a lot longer than incandescent bulb.

There are some photos to show the differences:
Arkie Desk Light:
Arkie Desk Light
The colour is a slightly blue. However it is not that blue in real usage. (the camera's white balance setting was intentionally set to Daylight.)

Jansjö table lamp:
The colour is close to incandescent bulb.

Please note that in order to show the colour difference, the camera was set to the same setting (same aperture, shutter speed, same ISO), the white balance was set to daylight on both (wrong setting intentionally). As usual, the flash was not fired.

An important related note: Apple is leading the industries with A Greener Apple on reducing environmental impacts, not just producing energy efficient products, Apple also leads the industries with using toxic-free and highly recyclable material as well as minimising the packaging material.

This entry has Lightbox effect enabled. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

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let there be light (7 February, 2008)

Posted by Antony on 25 February 2009 1:16 PM | photos

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from iTunes Store:
Awhile ago I bought two LED light bulbs (18 LEDs and 0.75W each) for $7.50 on eBay. The light from them is actually very blue. I've been looking for a cheap third bulb, since the overhead light has three sockets; for continuity I left the extra one vacant.
The bulbs don't put out much light, so occasionally I have to switch on the 13-watt fluorescent lamp.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 25 February 2009 2:29 PM.
Your energy frugality is an example to all of us DON.
As for the "shritery darker Antony", he is just showing off again...LOL!!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 25 February 2009 8:13 PM.
Showing off a table lamp?
Last time, I went to an environmental whatever shop, the LED light bulbs were out of stock, and they were more than AU$30 each.
Posted by dark skinned Antony on 25 February 2009 10:56 PM.
If you want to replace the resistors so they run off 220v instead of 120v, I'd be happy to mail them to you for the $7.50 they cost me.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 26 February 2009 10:53 AM.
Apple might be making "greener" products, but won't they pass the cost onto the consumer? "Look at this new MacBook! The MacBook Cardboard! Starting at only $7999!"
Posted by Dave on 26 February 2009 4:10 PM.
Dave, you should check out Project Corrugated PC, back from the glory days of TechTV in 2004.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 26 February 2009 10:18 PM.
Thank you for your offer. The energy saving lamps will do for me.
You are greatly mistaken.
Posted by dark skinned Antony on 26 February 2009 10:22 PM.
Thanks for the review, I think I'll by a Jansjo now.
Posted by name: on 8 June 2009 10:22 PM.
Very fascinating, see there's a big difference between the two photo, I really appreciate the first one, it was powered by Led Lights technology
Posted by Dinah Bee Menil on 3 March 2010 2:33 PM.
you stole my name you silly desk lamp
Posted by arkie on 4 June 2010 12:19 PM.
Wow, 40 leds for 2 watts. They must be very very low power leds! You might want to look at our MicroLED, its only 1.6 watts, designed to directly replace a 10 watt halogen 12 volt light. They are great for "puck" lights and desk lamps that use those types of mini halogen lights.
Posted by Led lights on 27 July 2010 10:45 AM.
where did you find the Arkie lamp? i've searched for it online and not getting any hits. i'm looking for fixture that gives off a blueish light like it has.
Posted by on 28 August 2010 6:13 AM.
Quite a difference in light out put between the two. thanks for the post. Have you checked out these [url=]LED bulbs[/url]
Posted by Led Bulbs on 26 January 2011 9:59 AM.
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