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6 February, 2009

more surge protectors

Few days ago, there was a surge in the electricity. The damage: a few power boards' built-in surge protection have done their duties, and the door chime (plug-in version) is damaged. Obviously I did not use a surge protector for that door chime.

As for those power boards' built-in surge protection, they are not very high rated ones, not a lightning arrester. They can only absorb 75 joules. (Arlec Surge Protected Plug Pack Power Board, SWP-LS)

The package of the power board states:

2. If during use, the indicator lamp goes out, the protection circuit has probably absorbed a large power surge and its surge absorption ability is spent. This means the unit is no longer protecting your equipment and must be replaced, however it can still be used as a regular power board.

As some power blackouts or unstable power is expected over the weekend due to extreme high temperature forecasted. (to Don: We don't have very stable power supply here in Sydney, nor beautiful snow.) I decided to replace the two no longer surge protected power boards with some new ones.

I went to Kmart late tonight and bought a few surge protected power boards and two Arlec Plug-in Power Surge Protector (DA14). (BTW, Kmart in Broadway Shopping Centre is now opening until midnight every day.) These small surge protectors are not the good ones like Belkin Surge Cubes. Arlec DA14 can only absorb up to 75 joules while the Belkin Surge Cube can protect up to 861 joules. Without a doubt, a higher joule rating reflects higher-quality surge protection and longer product life. But at late Friday night in Sydney, where can I get high rating surge protectors like Belkin's?

After shopping at Kmart, I decided to check out Coles supermarket in lower level. It turns out that Coles offers two types of surge protectors Arlec DA11 and Arlec DA14 (like the one Kmart has). The good thing is: DA14 at Kmart is AU$9.99 each, and it is about AU$4.32 each at Coles. As for the DA11 model which is also a double adapter and higher energy absorption of 100 joules it costs AU$3.98 each. I ended up getting 5 Arlec Surge Protected Double Adaptor (DA11) and returned the two DA14 at Kmart.
(to Don: Antony is poor.)

Belkin SurgeCubes
(photo posted previously, I did not get those this time.)

I will, of course, get some more high rated surge protectors like the Belkin Surge Cubes. Those low rated Arlec surge protectors will be installed on less expensive appliances. It is better to damage the surge protector rather than appliances and important gadgets. Clearly, I haven't got enough Belkin Surge Cubes.

For everybody's concern, I do have proper (high rate) surge protected and noise filter power boards for my Apple Mac computers and entertainment centre (Sony Bravia TV, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii).

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Posted by Antony on 6 February 2009 11:40 PM | gadget

more February 2009 blogs. (or 2009 blogs)
from iTunes Store:
I still only have three power boards, and barely have anything plugged into the third one. I also only lost one device to a surge, though it was my fault and nothing to do with the local power.
Also please note that mine do NOT have expensive brand names like Belkin or Arlec, but rather are no-names acquired for free, as usual.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 7 February 2009 9:05 AM.
I would consider Belkin is more of an expensive brand, but Arlec is just a cheap local brand.
Posted by Antony Shen on 7 February 2009 9:11 AM.
Well, there isn't much cheaper than the brand .
Posted by Don_HH2K on 7 February 2009 9:21 AM.
You can't judge everything simply by its price tag. There are situations where a quality (or in this case high rated surge protector) is needed.
Posted by Antony Shen on 7 February 2009 12:24 PM.
Antony, please don't give our overseas friends the idea that Sydney is a third world city like Bangkok or Pattaya where the power supply is intermittant!
We RARELY experience surges or brown-outs, unlike a certain NZ city. Major US cities have had their share as well.***************************************************
"You can't judge everything simply by its price tag."
I thought your life revolved around, High price is GOOD, Cheap price is BAD!!!!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 7 February 2009 12:44 PM.
Rev. Dr. Wu Yi,
What you did not know that is that our overseas friends call me wasting money for simply not getting the cheapest item.
Posted by Antony Shen on 7 February 2009 12:53 PM.
Not even the cheapest item, but $150 for a fan? I can get a fan for maybe ten dollars around here.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 8 February 2009 12:06 AM.
My fan does not cost $150 (AUD), only $99.95 (AUD). It was Laurent's.
A fan like that at that price is not that expensive. When you got your superfast 64-bit dual-processor laptop, you also demanded a number of ports, not just a laptop.
Posted by Antony Shen on 8 February 2009 12:42 AM.
I would call a fan at $99 to be unnecessarily expensive, and $150 to be ridiculously expensive. $99.95 does not qualify for "only".
And I know that you would not be complaining about my laptop if I had bought a laptop with your beloved DVI interface, and carried around a DVI-VGA adapter with me all the time. But I guess in Sydney, you guys are so advanced that you all use DVI now, and VGA is a relic of the past. We are not so fortunate here; DVI is still rare.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 8 February 2009 1:01 AM.
Laurent needed two tower fan with adjustable speed and not occupying huge footprint. Also, Laurent's fans can also be used as an evaporative fan by simply adding water.
This is 21st century. You don't buy a fan with no speed adjustment (besides on and off), just like you don't buy a TV without a remote control.
BTW, both Laurent's and mine have remote controls for the fans.
I don't carry DVI-VGA (or any video out cables) with me at all. When I take my MacBook Pro out with me, I simply use the built-in display. I don't demand huge display while on the go.
Posted by Antony Shen on 8 February 2009 1:30 AM.
Keeping in mind that my fan has no speed adjustment, and my TV does not have a remote control for anything but the TV tuner. Everything else, such as the volume, input switches, resolution, etc. are all handled manually. I don't demand a monster 52" Sony TV like you.
Also remember that I have eight sets of vertical lines through my laptop's display, because it is broken. If I don't have to use the built-in display and can instead use something better, I will. My problem is that those external displays are all VGA, not DVI.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 8 February 2009 5:10 AM.
I would think that the price is not the important factor here, it is the use and the quality of the product that you buy which determines whether the product is worth the buy for us.
Posted by Nintendo DS Games on 6 November 2009 2:02 PM.
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