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26 January, 2009

Happy Australia Day and Chinese New Year

Australian Flag

It has been really hot last week, reaching the hottest evening low temperature (25C or 77F) for 12 years in two consequent nights. I could only image Don living in beautiful Boston with beautiful snow is sooooo lucky, doesn't need to suffer the heat with annoying insects and sweaty body. (to Don: Antony is poor, he does not have an air conditioner.) Anyhow, not as well known as July the Fourth worldwide, but today is Australia Day.

If you are in Sydney, the celebration starts at Hyde Park from 10am, here's a short list:
Hyde Park: food and festivities from 10am
The Rock: free music on nine stages from 10am
Darling Harbour: entertainment from 11.30am

Also on the water (Sydney Harbour):
Ferrython: racing at 11am
Best Dressed Vessels: at 12.30pm
The Air Force flyovers at 2pm and 2.30pm
Tall Ships parading at 3pm

And the celebration finishes at around 9pm with fireworks at Darling Harbour, Enmore, Kogarah Bay, Miranda, Cronulla, Parramatta (at 11pm), Rooty Hill, Castle Hill and Penrith.

For more detail about the celebration in Sydney and around Australia, please refer to this page.

The weather is looking good for Sydney today. Forecast says a chance of light shower in the morning and then in the evening, the rest of the day is fine. Around 27C in the City.

a photogenic (Pura) cow

Incidentally, tomorrow is also the Chinese New Year. The year of Ox starts. For details on Chinese New Year celebrations, please refer to this page.

The photo above is a photogenic (Pura) cow, I took this photo in Tasmania during the trip. (on behalf of Remote Village, we say thank you to Pura cows.)

Also, congratulations to Prof Mick Dodson, the Australian of the Year. Indigenous leader Mick Dodson is the father of the reconciliation. He has spent a lifetime campaigning for indigenous rights. On 13th February last year, the nation paused as the Government announced the formal apology.

Australia Day
Chinese New Year in Sydney

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Posted by Antony on 26 January 2009 8:01 AM | photos

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from iTunes Store:
THIS. HAS. GOTTEN. OUT. OF. HAND. I second.. err third, what Donald and Rev. Dr. did. You have multiple Mac machines (which I'd guess totaled up would cost over 5 grand USD), yet you can't afford a simple $100 air-conditioner? I lasted without one this past summer.
Posted by Dave on 26 January 2009 8:39 AM.
"GOTTEN. OUT. OF. HAND" because of Australia Day? Geez. This entry is talking about Australia Day and its celebration and Chinese New Year. What's wrong with you?
An aircon has never been as cheap as $100 here in Australia. Please do not forget the expensive installation cost.
Posted by Antony Shen on 26 January 2009 10:48 AM.
Installation cost? You can't install it yourself? Oh and the "(to Don: Antony is poor, he does not have an air conditioner.)" has gotten out of hand.
Posted by Dave on 26 January 2009 11:31 AM.
Even before the installation cost, an aircon costs far more than $100 in Australia.
Correct. I can't install an aircon myself. I can't lift up an aircon, and I am no an electrician qualified to get proper power connected as well as hole drilling.
Please also remember that summer is not something like 70°F (21°C) when you guys complain about the heat. It goes above 40°C (104°F) easily here.
Posted by Antony Shen on 26 January 2009 11:46 AM.
70!? Dude, it was like 95F for a week in July last summer. And, all I did was stick it in the window, put some tape where there was a hole, and it stayed in there ('till October, might I add). And the power cord is the same as all other. Atleast here in the US, don't know about AU.
Posted by Dave on 26 January 2009 1:20 PM.
Lol... I don't know that this is OUT OF HAND - but it is kind of funny! I've never heard of Australia day. I'm from America though.
Posted by Mr Sparky on 8 April 2011 10:48 AM.
Australia Day is just exciting and one could ever relieved those historical moments.
Posted by on 11 August 2011 6:48 PM.
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