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7 January, 2009

today's very big Apple news

MacBook family 2009

Apple has, once again, made another headline today, making a nice way to start the year 2009. The Macworld San Francisco 2009 (MWSF2009) brings us important updates to Apple's iTunes Store, exciting new Apple software, and the world's longest built-in battery lifetime in the new MacBook Pro.

The biggest news perhaps is the complete removal of DRM (digital rights management) from all music purchased from iTunes Store. It is understandable that the negotiation with all major music labels was not an easy task. The removal of DRM music allows rightful users to play music iTunes Store on even more products.
On top of high bitrate (256kbps AAC) and DRM-free, there will be a price change from April. The single 99 cents per song will become 69 cents (USD), 99 cents (USD) and $1.29 (USD). Apple states that there will be more 69 cents songs than 1.29 cents songs. (MacCentre701: iTunes music to be completely DRM free)

Well, I am pretty sure that the never-satisfied open-source extremists and Apple-bashers would of course find new ways to bash Apple.

To be honest, I am not that excited about the DRM thing. Firstly, I am not an open-source extremist. Secondly, the DRM restriction on iTunes Store do not limit me much. I have been able to music purchased from iTunes Store pretty much everywhere I need to.

places_20090106.jpgThere are two software updates, iWork '09 and iLife '09. The most exciting one is of course the new iPhote '09 in iLife '09. iPhoto '09 adds new face detection technology and GPS geotagging for sorting and organising images. Some of you many recall that I bought a Sony GPS-CS1KASP GPS tracking device for my photos few weeks ago. I love the idea of proper documentation of the photos I took, an (semi-) automatic record of the date and location. I am pretty sure that open-source extremists and super-privacy concerned individuals loathe this Geogatting idea very much. (Actually they pretty much hate any technology embraced by Apple, but that's the point of this blog.)
(MacCentre701: Apple Introduces iLife 09)

17-inch MacBook Pro
17-inch MacBook ProThen, there's the new precision aluminum unibody enclosure 17-inch MacBook Pro, making the entire MacBook family in green and light weight precision aluminum unibody enclosure design. Apple has once again led the industry on designing the greenest laptops, thinnest and lightest laptop in 17-inch category as well as featuring the world's longest built-in battery... lasting 8 hours under wireless productive environment.

As for open-source extremists and Apple bashers, they would of course bashing Apple on making 17-inch MacBook Pro being non-user replaceable. Like if they would ever consider to get one to start with. (MacCentre701: new 17-inch MacBook Pro features long 8 hours battery life)

If you decided to get the new 17-inch MacBook Pro or any MacBook, or actually any laptop or new gadget, don't forget to get invisibleSHIELD for your new gadgets to prevent ugly scratches without the added bulkiness.

Posted by Antony on 7 January 2009 2:10 PM | Mac hardware, all things Mac

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from iTunes Store:
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 7 January 2009 4:23 PM.
Its the same old same old. Overpriced, underpowered machines, for less than technical literate people. I don't dislike Apple's software. But I do dislike the price premium they put on their hardware.
Posted by Dave on 7 January 2009 6:37 PM.
Hey Ant, when I re-installed iTunes, it dragged back all my music I thought I had lost when I put the new XP OS on! I was soooo happy.
Now if I can only do the same with Limewire!
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 8 January 2009 8:44 PM.
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