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11 January, 2009

Energizer Rechargeables

Well, Antony hates using AA/AAA rechargeable batteries but he uses NiMH rechargeable batteries. (All Energizer branded if you want to know.)

Related to Sony AC-VQ900AM (dual battery charger and AC adapor) entry, here's another battery topic. This is a brilliant product I saw when I was window shopping, and I can't resist myself not getting it - Energizer Rechargeable Dock & Go Charger. (to Don: Antony is poor.)

About a year back, I decided to try out using rechargeable AA batteries (NiMH). This is the charger I got back then, Energizer Ultra Compact Charger.
Energizer Ultra Compact Charger
It takes 8.5 hours to fully charge 4 AA NiMH (2500mAh) batteries.

Energizer Rechargeable Dock & Go Charger:
Energizer Rechargeable Dock & Go Charger
It takes only 3 hours to fully charge 4 AA NiMH (2500mAh) batteries, and it powers off by itself.

There's a problem with NiMH rechargeable batteries. Not all devices can be used with rechargeable batteries, simply that standard AA or AAA batteries provide voltage of 1.5 V (volts), while NiMH provides only 1.2 V. Also, although the name "rechargeable" sounds great, but a NiMH battery can only last only 100s of charges over its lifetime. Most non-brand NiMH batteries lose their charge at about 1.5% per day. In plain words, rechargeable batteries won't perform well after some time and some uses.

Why did I buy Energizer Rechargeable Dock & Go Charger since I already have an Energizer Ultra Compact Charger? Charging time is obviously the number one decision reason. Spending 8.5 hours on charging batteries while on holiday is obviously a super stupid idea. Timing 8.5 hours is obviously a big hassle.

Contents of Energizer Rechargeable Dock & Go Charger:
Energizer Rechargeable Dock & Go Charger

Other benefits of Energizer Rechargeable Dock & Go Charger include the charger pods that can be used for storage and travel (as well as charging). The Energizer Rechargeable Dock & Go Charger is also a smart charger, if the batteries have some power left, it will adjust the charging time. It also powers off automatically, hence you don't need to set a timer just to remove the batteries after charging.

All the rechargeable batteries I have.
Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

Before you guess, I am not converting from alkaline batteries to NiMD rechargeables. But then why do I buy so many rechargeable batteries? Well, it would be wiser to use NiMD rechargeable batteries in certain situations, for example the GPS tracking device for photos (Sony GPS-CS1KASP) requires an AA battery. And the manual states:
alkaline battery: about 10 hours;
NiMH battery: about 14 hours.

Don't ask me why.

Also the flash for camera requires 4 AA batteries and works with NiMH battery.

Somehow, I still prefer using standard AA/AAA alkaline batteries. All my Wii Remotes and Wii Balance Board use alkaline batteries.
alkaline batteries

(to Don: Antony is poor.)

And the important news on the rechargeable battery breakthrough:
The recently released 17-inch MacBook Pro incorporates the world's longest built-in battery (in 17-inch laptop category) that delivers 8-hours wireless working environment and 1,000's of recharge cycles. The typical lifespan of a laptop battery is about 200 to 300 recharges (i.e. the capacity declines to approximately 80 percent). (A recharge is one complete charge and discharge of a battery’s energy.)
More detail at

This entry has Lightbox effect enabled. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

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Posted by Antony on 11 January 2009 7:07 PM | gadget
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Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 11 January 2009 10:33 PM.
Rev. Dr. Wu Yi,
This is a very important topic... almost every gadget requires some sort of power.
Posted by Antony Shen on 12 January 2009 8:52 AM.
Conversely, if you didn't have all these gadgets, you wouldn't need all this power?
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 12 January 2009 3:39 PM.
Rev. Dr. Wu Yi,
You just gave me an idea for another blog entry - a very short list of all electronic devices (or gadgets) Laurent and I carried for this trip.
Posted by Antony Shen on 13 January 2009 5:23 PM.
So where is this list?
Posted by Rev. Dr. Wu Yi on 16 January 2009 10:16 PM.
It's coming. I just took the photo yesterday.
Posted by Antony Shen on 16 January 2009 11:24 PM.
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