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January, 2009

NYE08 Fireworks Photos, part 1
Happy New Year 2009
NYE08 Fireworks Photos, part 2
tracking myself with Sony GPS-CS1KASP
Bertie 3.0 - phpBB teddy bear
the upcoming Mac mini
double Bones (The Woman in the Car / The Superhero in the Alley)
three books
The Sunshine State, Prison Break
today's very big Apple news
It's very Don.
Why you need a Sony AC-VQ900AM
Griffin Simplifi
Energizer Rechargeables
Telstra PrePaid Wireless Broadband
The Woman in the Garden, Bones
the Remote Village in Tasmania?
presenting Aeroccino +(plus); I miss my Nespresso
it's good to be back
coffee is good for you
it's good to have a big TV
the week it was, 18 January 2009
tonight's TV guide
YouTube offers video clip download, in H.264
tomorrow's big news
it's a very beautiful day
it took half a year to arrive
two legs more
a Pizza Hut is closed for good
Obama is the new US President, the week it was, 25 Jan 09
Happy Australia Day and Chinese New Year
iLife '09 now ships
Housewives returns next Monday
the troubled Starbucks
back to cooking again

February, 2009

the week it was 1st Feb 2009
the wait is over! Housewives returns tonight.
croquembouche in Wisteria Lane
Masterpiece, Criminal Minds
some new words
more surge protectors
square plates are back
We're So Happy You're So Happy @ Wisteria Lane
52 Pick-Up, Criminal Minds
two little useful gadgets
Happy Friday the Thirteenth
happy Valentine's Day
the week it was 15th Feb 2009
Border Security, 24 and Underbelly tonight
Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else, Housewives
Friday the Thirteenth's cooking
don't txt in the class
two's better than one, part 10, Chinese Dining Sets
some square dining plates
Sorel, Greek, Sirloin, Venison, Meringues and Moka
National Day of Mourning
Back in Business @ Wisteria Lane
how to catch big chickens
Jansjö LED lamp
Bonds - new active
my alpha 350 is back
Russian and Native Australian, the food chapter

March, 2009

the week it was, 1 March 2009
Mirror, Mirror @ Wisteria Lane
mobile phone and internet access are more important than having a partner
very green new Apple desktops
Seven Million Dollar Home joins Crumpler family
King of Pop is back
Sydney Mardi Gras tomorrow
the good old naming and shaming work
the week it was, 8 March 2009
There's Always a Woman, Desperate Housewives
Sydney Mardi Gras 2009 photos and video
Sydney Royal Easter Show next month
Epson Perfection V30 scanner is back
Google's new advertising move
people do camp for Jacko concert tickets
the week it was, 15 March 2009
What More Do I Need? @ Wisteria Lane
a poor man's accessories
testing Macro lens, and it's tasty
a work of art outside a gallery
remember to wear undies
train, photos from archive
the week it was, 22 March 2009
City on Fire @ Wisteria Lane
a day in Royal Botanic Gardens
another book on photography
whingeing pom
Earth Hour tonight
the week it was, 29 March 2009
the un-reliable power in Sydney
Me and My Town @ Wisteria Lane
Sony Super Quick Charger

April, 2009

happy April Fool's day
Nintendo DSi out today
bio-battery is 3 times more power than lithium battery
enjoy your extra hour of sleep, daylight saving ends!
Sydney CBD blackout AGAIN
The Week It Was 5 April 2009
even Housewives know that square plates make the food taste extra better!
baa, baa, bad sheep
Sunrise and coffee
two Sony GN58 Flashes; two's better than one (ch 11)
Happy chocolate eating holiday
LaCie Rugged Hard Disk
The Week It Was 12th April 2009
Unbelievable! blackout in Sydney again!
extremist's ban on plastic bags
000 does nothing but insults
LG launches Arena in Australia
invisibleSHIELD 30% off everything
The Week It Was 19th April 2009
it's back! A Vision's Just a Vision
no more 5 cents coins?
Australia will have a new Talent tonight
Copyright does not protect facts or information, IceTV wins
Happy Birthday Don
having trouble waking up?
The Week It Was 26th April 2009
Home is the Place @ Wisteria Lane
Four blackouts in four weeks, that's Sydney's electricity
two Gorm shelves

May, 2009

Vodafone's 3G coverage is getting better
Mark Vincent: Hallelujah
the week it was 3rd May 2009
Connect! Connect! @ Wisteria Lane
Camperdown Memorial Rest Park
a vacuum cleaner
more powers for overpowered NSW Police?
homemade Caesar Salad
the week it was 10 May 2009
The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened
Brother label printer
how do you kill a fly environmentally friendly?
5 new Nespresso blends
last night's meal
the week it was 17th May 2009
Mama Spent Money When She Had None @ Wisteria Lane
Doncaster grand opening this Saturday
post boxes
white police bashing black, still
invisibleSHIELD 50% off sale
the week it was 24 May 2009
In a World Where the Kings Are Employers, Wisteria Lane
my Zen is lit again!
invisibleSHIELD 50% sale extended to Friday
why did the chicken cross the road? here's the answer
the week it was 31 May 2009

June, 2009

Crime Doesn't Pay, Wisteria Lane
hit by a car
I hate flies
returning the favour
it's important to keep the tradition
the week it was 7th June 2009
The Story of Lucy and Jessie @ Wisteria Lane
big announcement from WWDC Keynote
The Mother Lode, Prison Break
a very seasonal desktop wallpaper
Vivid Sydney
the week it was 14th June 2009
A Spark. To Pierce the Dark. @ Wisteria Lane
how stupid you report police officer's sister a shoplifter; disgraceful Qld Police
Vs., Prison Break
hard to get a regular light bulb
Obama's environmentally friendly fly killing method
invisibleSHIELD iPhone and Palm Pre 30% sale
the week it was 21st June 2009
Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know
the plan for this Friday
S.O.B. Prison Break
'tis the eve before iPhone 3GS
a sad news: Michael Jackson has passed away
the iPhone 3GS upgrading plan
the week it was, 28 June 2009
Rose's Turn @ Wisteria Lane
biggest Lotto draw tonight

July, 2009

Cowboys and Indians, Prison Break
no Neverland public and private viewing
happy American Day
the week it was, 5 July 2009
Bargaining @ Wisteria Lane
special presentation Michael Jackson - The Last Time
get your tissue box and heater ready
Rate of Exchange, Prison Break
Long Live The King
Motion Plus
machine upsizing
more fine bone china
the week it was, 12 July 2009
Marry Me a Little @ Wisteria Lane
Killing Your Number, Prison Break
ants are hungry and strong
better late than never, 3 is here
Aroma Festival tomorrow!
Everybody Says Don't @ Wisteria Lane
the good old fashioned transporation
The Old Ball and Chain Prison Break
no lithium in the air
the week it was, 26 July 2009
If It's Only in Your Head @ Wisteria Lane
Free, Prison Break seasonal final
unflattering neighbour's skyline
Katherine Jackson gains full permanent custody

August, 2009

chook in court
Jackson kids custody settled
Nespresso capsules
digital radio switches on
12:34 today!
the week it was, 9 August 2009
Epson 1410
how many computers are enough?
Colonel Sanders's famous 11 secret herbs and spices
the week it was, 16 August 2009
Costco opens in Australia
Sony Off Camera Cable for Flash and Magnifying Eyepiece
dirty trains in Sydney
breakfast on the bridge
ET on Go!
a radio clock
the week it was, 23rd August 2009
shooting for Macworld Cover
Michael Jackson had a tad too much Propofol
just like American cops, racist NSW Polices targets non-white
Sports Resort
Snow Leopard hath arrived!
Sony to release PlayTV for PlayStation 3 in Australia by October
the week it was, 30th August 2009
more 3G areas with Vodafone

September, 2009

I Still Call Australia Home, new 2009 version
Parallels now for the Windows and Linux
bargain of the day; less is more
finally laid to rest
the week it was, 6th September 2009
printing like hell
just 21.5
there are quite a lot of eggs
photos from catwalk
trading hours
more photos from the runway
miss Naomi Robson?
This Is It - 28th October 2009
changing the credit card type? think again
Sydney marathon tomorrow
don't like fish?
solution for not enough power
old games for free, legally
red sky day
want to be part of 'This Is It' mosaic?
another red sky coming
3 iPhones
photo exhibition
there were 12 Apostles
report says: Australian Police are racist
a wallet

October, 2009

old fashioned referencing method
Michael Jackson was healthy
daylight saving starts in eastern parts of Australia
whatever they are called
new Mac mini without optic drive?
colourful Mountain Dews
Kindle is coming to Australia
Woolworths' new logo look too Apple-ish?
horrible weather
so much ado for nothing
a sad news to Boyzone fans
it costs $14,000 to die
my first Carl Zeiss
finally, contactless payment is coming to Australia
Wii Fit Plus is out
still not allowed
Monopoly in Canberra
Seven Bridges Walk this Sunday
new iMac, new Mac mini, new MacBook and new Magic Mouse today
Windows 7 is out
new Channel 7Two
got the Plus
pouring rain
vending machine
pictures of me
This Is It
very expensive pumpkins
Sculptures by the Sea 2009

November, 2009

7two and censorship
attacked by flies
PlayTV for Australia on 26th November
evil flies and very very hot weather.
my wireless stops working
disgraceful parents
wireless is back
Firefox turns 5
a poor man's way of entertaining guests
Nespresso is now at Bondi Junction
Lucky 13 today, and it's Friday
Christmas started early this year
PS3 EyePet
PSN not accepting my credit cards @#$%?
I now have a facebook profile
very hot day
PlayStation Store and credit card issue followup
no power cut today please
a poor man's way of surviving the heat
Christmas shopping
Happy Turkey Day (to Americans)
Sony PlayTV has arrived
ABC 3 is coming
late to the planet, LittleBigPlanet

December, 2009

naming and shaming those evil underage
NSW has a new American premier
we all love bargains
Christmas decoration
30-inch or 27-inch
fridge exploded?
shameless plug - LBP
wheelie bin missing
the car was hit again
a poor man's chair
bloody bus strike
the bin is back
uneventful hot day
still looking for last minutes shopping ideas?
my poor Christmas tree
it is still Christmas! Merry Christmas
device for flying insects
too poor for the bargain hunting
heading for Sydney NYE'09 fireworks?
Nespresso Variations 2009

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