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23 December, 2008

Selfless, Prison Break tonight

Prison Break

After the rather boring Monday night, the exciting Prison Break returns tonight at 10.30pm.

HD TVLast Wednesday on Prison Break. Gretchen failed to get the card from the General, and Gretchen and The General's relationship is in trouble. Michael refused to get the operation, decided to help the team to steal Scylla. Don and Trishanne (FBI) were trapped by Gretchen and T-Bag. Michael was caught in the security camera at the last minute, The General decided to come down himself.

Missed out last week's Prison Break? You can download last week's episode in stunning HD (High Definition) quality legally.

Tonight on Prison Break: (season 4 episode 12, Selfless)

Michael and the gang pull off the Scylla heist from deep within company headquarters, but a terrible surprise awaits them.

Prison Break starts tonight on Channel Seven at 10.30pm after Ghost Whisperer. Dirty Sexy Money follows the show. Don't miss out the show. Prison Break continues tomorrow night.

Prison Break

Here is the recap for last week's Prison Break:

Previously on Prison Break (season 4 episode 11, Quiet Riot iTunes),

The team carries out their elaborate plan to steal Scylla, accompanied by an ailing Michael; Gretchen encounters a setback in getting the sixth card; and Gretchen and T-Bag lay a trap for Don and Trishanne.

Mahone and Sucre carefully drill a small hole through the concrete wall into the Scylla room, and thread a fiber-optic camera through it. Meanwhile, a group of technicians report to Pad Man that Scylla is ready to be moved. Pad Man calls for Lisa so they can decide on the transportation schedule. Back at the warehouse, Sara wants Michael to go to the doctor right away. Michael wants to complete his work, but a stab of blinding pain changes his mind. He'll keep his 3pm appointment with Dr. Malden. Meanwhile, in a fancy hotel room, T-Bag exults over the revenge he'll soon rain down on Michael — as well as the millions they'll get for delivering Scylla to Feng — while Gretchen dresses up in a schoolgirl outfit, and poses provocatively for T-Bag's camera. The picture is sent to Pad Man's phone along with a text message: "Our old room. 1pm."

Sara describes Michael's surgery to him; he'll be awake the whole time, which suits him fine. Don arrives, and Sara clams up; they're hiding Michael's condition from him. He's got someone watching T-Bag and Gretchen in case they try anything. Meanwhile, Feng loads up a van with the $125 million: and also promises that if it's not handed over, he'll kill for it. Mahone and Sucre return with video of the Scylla room; they've got four hours until Michael has to go to the hospital. As they plan, a woozy Michael wonders when Gretchen will manage to get the sixth Scylla card from Pad Man. Meanwhile, Pad Man arrives at Gretchen's hotel room. As she undresses him, she tries to surreptitiously pat him down. Pad Man announces that he didn't bring the card with him. He's heartbroken that Gretchen has betrayed him; if she had waited just a little longer, she'd have had a card of her own. He's about to shoot her when she announces that she's the mother of his child. Pad Man lowers his gun, and promises that if he ever sees her again, he'll shoot her on sight.

Trishanne arrives at GATE dressed more conservatively then usual, in a blazer. T-Bag, suspicious, offers her money to take off the jacket. She refuses. White interrupts, and asks to see "Cole" in his office. T-Bag at first thinks White is suspicious of him, but White is actually rewarding him for apparent dedication to his job: a six-day work-cruise during which he can make $50,000 pitching. It leaves today. T-Bag, though briefly tempted to stick with his new and normal life as "Cole Pfeiffer," turns it down. Plans continue to be formulated for stealing Scylla. Mahone tells Michael about his first boss at the FBI, who had to undergo treatment for cancer just as they were about to conclude a RICO case. He didn't want to be taken off the case, but his team picked up the slack, and he lived to see the guy brought down.

T-Bag tells Gretchen that he's sure Trishanne is a Fed, and has a gun. He's also upset that he turned down $50,000 guaranteed now that Gretchen doesn't have the sixth card. Gretchen calls Feng. Don reports to Michael that Gretchen didn't get the card. Michael says there's no way to break into Pad Man's office before Scylla is moved… without losing a man. He asks if five cards are enough. Don doubts it. He's got one more piece of info from Gretchen for Michael: an envelope containing a picture of somebody, with a piece of paper attached. Trishanne calls Don; Feng's arrived. Gretchen asks for Feng's help. Michael decides that he couldn't live with himself if everyone else died, and he lived because he called in sick. He's going along on the mission. Sara gives Michael a shot to suppress his symptoms, but too much stress will still be fatal. Michael has given Sara the envelope Don gave him.

Pad Man apologies to Lisa; she was right about Gretchen. He lets Lisa believe that Gretchen is dead. The plane is ready: it’s time to convene the cardholders, and sign off on moving Scylla. As the gang enters the tunnel via T-Bag's office, Trishanne listens in on a phone conversation between T-Bag and Gretchen about meeting someone at a safe house: someone who is outbidding Feng for Scylla. Trishanne reports to Don; the two prepare to ambush them at the safe house. Don also throws the files on the gang in the trash so that Senator Dallow can't send them back to prison after the mission is completed. Sara is outside the Company building, a gun in her purse. Below, the gang puts their plan into action. They use an electromagnet to slowly break down the steel fibers in the wall. A number of holes are made in the wall, the debris sucked backwards with an industrial vacuum so it doesn't fall into the room and trip the alarm. Umbrellas with fishing line are threaded through the holes; they pop open inside and are then lowered to just the right height. The umbrellas catch some more debris. Some metal track that Michael has bolted together is threaded through a hole; it's sturdy enough to act as a suspension bridge. As liquid nitrogen is used to fool the heat sensors, the bridge is extended piece by piece. Michael suddenly gets dizzy; his wobbling knocks the liquid nitrogen tank over the edge. Sucre just barely catches it with his legs, but he's now barely holding onto the bridge. Michael pulls him back up.

Don and Trishanne arrive at the "safe house," but it's a trap. They're ambushed by Feng and his men. Back at GATE, Gretchen tells T-Bag that when the gang returns, he should give them an opportunity to surrender: avoiding confrontation would be best. T-Bag knows they'll resist, and relishes having an excuse to kill Michael at last. Back in the Scylla room, the bridge now extends to the glass wall that protects Scylla. Michael, wearing rubber gloves and carrying the liquid nitrogen tank, crosses the bridge; he's in a lot of pain. He uses a glass cutter, careful not to make a sound that would trip the microphone sensors. At Pad Man's office, Lisa reports that the plane is a go. Pad Man says that it's time; however, it'll be an hour before Scuderi arrives. He was in Vegas again when the call went out. Pad Man has Lisa go to a planned Eagles and Angels luncheon while they wait; they'll need law enforcement on their side now more than ever. Michael finishes cutting through the glass. He's just ten feet away from Scylla. Outside, Sara sees Lisa leave the building. She checks the photo in the envelope, the photo from Gretchen; it's of Lisa. At GATE T-Bag and Gretchen lie in wait for the gang's return. At the "safe house" Don and Trishanne are tied to a chair. In the Scylla room Michael finally lays his hands upon Scylla… and unseen to him, a little red light begins to blink. In Pad Man's office, an alert sounds. He pales, and punches up a security feed on his computer. He sees Michael in the Scylla room. He calls for a security team, and he and two well-armed men board the elevator down to the Scylla room as Michael continues the mission, unaware of how close they all are to being caught.


Prison Break

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Prison Break

Posted by Antony on 23 December 2008 11:43 AM | Prison Break

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