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11 December, 2008

48 Coca-Cola's

I've been running low on Coca-Cola (cans) recently. Since Coles is having two boxes of 24 Coca-Cola cans for $30. I took two boxes home.

Drinking soft drinks in cans is much convenient than pouring out from a bottle. Not just saving the glasses to wash, it limits me on the amount I drink. (I drink more if I open a 1.25L or 2L bottle.)

Still I prefer Coca-Cola to any Pepsi flavours. As for the Mountain Dew, I think I should give it another try.

(to Don: 1. Antony is poor, 2. the regular size of a can is 375ml in Australia)

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Posted by Antony on 11 December 2008 9:47 PM |
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48 coke cans... I'd probably drink that up in about 8 hours.
Posted by Dave on 12 December 2008 7:58 AM.
Time to buy the 200ml Coke cans Antony, just the right amount so as not to OD on the sugar!!
BTW, sixty two cents plus per can is not a bargain!!
Oh, I forgot.....Antony is poor!!!
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 12 December 2008 9:11 AM.
I'd kill to be "poor" in his definition of the word. High end Macs, 48 Coke cans and all. But all I got are a few low end PC's, and some spare parts.
Posted by Dave on 12 December 2008 10:15 AM.
"all I got are a few low end PC's, and some spare parts."
But I am sure you are a lot happier than many people with all the so called "high end" stuff.
Life is about personal fortitude, not high price gadgets. IMO.
Posted by Rev.Dr.Wu Yi on 12 December 2008 11:25 AM.
Yup. As I keep on saying people these days only want high end garbage. All the guys I know who've had Apple products regret it. Shoddy service, shoddy parts, and WAYYY overpriced. (Ex: Heres Apple's new iOverDrive, which is actually a $49 WD drive put in a shiny case and charging $349 for it. If I choose to run OS X, it'll be on my PC that aint hiding the fact that its a PC!
Posted by Dave on 12 December 2008 12:16 PM.
Even with the new $5.59 price per 12-pack, I'd still pay $22.36, less than you did for the 48 cans.
If you want to do the math, our cans are 355mL, that means you get about 960mL more than I would in a lot of 48. 960 / 355 = 2.7 cans, and $5.59 / 12 = $0.47/can, so $0.47 * 2.7 cans = $1.25 extra, or $23.61. You still paid more.
Dave and Rev. Dr., Antony still has yet to understand that 14 of my 16 PCs were free stuff I picked up from various places or had gifted from friends, and only one of them is less than eight years old. (Of the remaining two, one was $2.50.) Yet somehow, merely by the fact that I have 14 free PCs and a $2.50 PC, I'm rich.
Posted by Don_HH2K on 12 December 2008 12:56 PM.
You can drink 48 cans of Coke in 8 hours! Must be more than Don can drink with his Mountain Dew.
Please do not forget that your price is in strong (high value) US dollars. US$22.36 = AU$33.264 which is far more than I paid for, before factoring in the difference in can sizes.
Posted by Antony Shen on 12 December 2008 5:36 PM.
Rev. Dr. Wu Yi,
Do you mean the mini-can version of Coke that is not available in major supermarket? (Available in K-mart)
Posted by Antony Shen on 12 December 2008 7:51 PM.
That's probably the only time I will ever hear that an 11% difference is "far more".
It seems like you're assuming that I actually did pay the equivalent of $33.264 just for soda. If you remember back to that blog article, I mentioned that cans were $5.59 and bottles were $1.64. 375mL * 48 cans = 18 liters, / 2 liters per bottle = 9 bottles, * $1.64 each is $14.76US, or $22.59AU. Hence I paid less than you, and you are rich.
I might have accepted the part that you prefer to drink it out of cans, but you told me that you have novelty glasses from Coca-Cola and coasters, so I don't see why you would have bought them.
Posted by on 12 December 2008 9:32 PM.
Because once I opened the bottle, it does not last that long (the taste and the gas), and I don't usually finish a bottle in one day or two.
I do have glasses with Coca-Cola logo on them, but they are nowhere "novelty", and yes, I use coasters, but even if I drink cans, I still use coasters (like most people). Those glasses are for the times when I drink them from the bottle or when I have guests.
BTW, those Coca-Cola glasses are cheap.
Posted by Antony Shen on 12 December 2008 9:43 PM.
This must be the longest response to a thread ever posted on Antblog!
And only about a soft drink!!!LOL!!
Posted by on 12 December 2008 9:52 PM.
This must be the longest response to a thread ever posted on Antblog!
And only about a soft drink!!!LOL!!
Posted by on 12 December 2008 9:52 PM.
People I know that recently switched to Apple products (Mac, iPhone etc) loved it. They love Apple's beautiful and simplicity design. Well, they regretted that they hadn't made the switch earlier.
Posted by Antony Shen on 13 December 2008 8:38 AM.
Two's always better than one :-)
Posted by Sam on 16 December 2008 6:25 AM.
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