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10 December, 2008

Greatness Achieved, Prison Break

Prison Break

HD TVLast night on Prison Break. It was as the episode title "the price".
Michael reluctantly made a deal with Gretchen. Sarah understood the reason. A deal was made between Gretchen and other member of the Company. A deal was made between Gretchen and T-Bag, and T-Bag with the secretary. All centred around Scylla (data card).
Since Ronald (the computer geek) lost his copying device in Vegas, he was not happy with the team. He tried to sell the team to Wyatt for $1 million. Wyatt showed up (without money) and forced Ronald to release the location of Michael and Linc, then killed Ronald. An ultimate price paid by Ronald. The team captured Wyatt instead.

Missed out last episode of Prison Break? You can download last week's episode in stunning HD (High Definition) quality legally.

Tonight on Prison Break: (season 4 episode 9, Greatness Achieved)

The gang needs to get through a 30,000 gallon water main to get to Scylla. Meanwhile, T-Bag fends off an investigation, and Mahone waits for revenge on a captured Wyatt.

Prison Break starts tonight on Channel Seven at 10.30pm after The Unit. Don't miss out the show.

Prison Break

Here is the recap for last week's Prison Break:

Previously on Prison Break (season 4 episode 8, The Price iTunes),

A daring plan is hatched to get the final card from Pad Man; and an uneasy alliance is formed with Gretchen, but there's a traitor in the ranks.

Linc has a plan to get the last Scylla card without Roland's device. Years ago, in Chicago, he worked as a debt collector... and once collected from a dope dealer by driving his sturdy muscle car directly into the dealer's limo, splitting the limo open. He suggests doing the same to the General's limo.

Michael and Don meet Gretchen at a church. She wants traveling money in exchange for the extra pages of the bird book; she's being hunted by the Company just like they are. An uneasy partnership is formed. Sara tells Michael that she knows about the nosebleeds and his mother's condition; he insists he's fine. He tells her that Gretchen's alive. She agrees to the partnership, but is still reeling from memories of the torture she endured at Gretchen's hands.

Mahone tells the gang he's more interested in tracking down Wyatt than he is in the rest of the mission. Roland secretively looks up a map of cell phone towers in Southern California, and after agonizing over it for a moment, sends a text message to Wyatt: "How much for Scofield and Burrows?" Gretchen takes T-Bag and Trishanne to work at Gate, so to keep up appearances. Feng arrives, and demands to know where Scylla is. Gretchen knows who he is; and reverting to her old alias of "Susan," says she was the liaison between the Company and his employers on Operation Copperhead. She always got him what he wanted, and now that she's working against the Company she'll continue to do so. Her price is $125 million. T-Bag's eyes go wide.

Michael goes with Linc's plan. They steal a car from a scrap yard, and weld more metal to it to shore it up. They’ll fake a hit-and-run, shoot the General up with morphine, and download the card onto Roland's laptop while he's unconscious. They need Don to get them an ambulance so Sara can pose as a paramedic. Pad Man, the General, meets with the rest of the cardholders. Their operations in Laos were a drill; now they're ready to repeat the same thing on their real target: the United States. Wyatt tells Pad Man about the message from Roland, which was anonymous and untraceable. Pad Man says to bait the hook, and see if he bites.

At the Federal Impound Lot, Don distracts the lot manager while Michael and Linc steal an ambulance. Michael is angry at Linc for getting Sara worried about his health. As Don leaves, he gets a call from Gretchen. She wants him to deliver a message. Roland asks Sara why she and Michael don't escape together now that Michael’s not wearing the ankle GPS any more. Sara says some things are more important, and seems to genuinely hope Roland will understand that one day. Roland looks guilty, and says he's sorry, claiming it's for Vegas. Don calls, and says Gretchen wants to meet with Sara tonight at a motel to "clear the air." Sara refuses.

Bellick's got a bad feeling about the mission, and gives Sucre his mother's number. If he dies, Sucre can call her and tell her he didn't die locked up like a convict. It’s time to go. Linc and Sucre are in the muscle car; Michael, Sara, and Bellick are in the ambulance disguised as EMTs. Mahone follows in the van. As they roll away, Roland gets a text message from Wyatt: "1 million. For the brothers. Today." He texts back: "Done." To earn Wyatt's trust, Roland texts him the message, "King Willow now." Wyatt grabs his gun, and runs out the door. Gretchen agrees to give T-Bag a $25-million cut. He asks what the brothers' cut is; she says they won't be around to collect. T-Bag wonders why so much money and blood is involved over a little black book, and Gretchen laughs. Scylla is much more than just the Company's little black book.

As they stake out Company HQ waiting for Pad Man to leave, Sara makes Michael promise he'll tell her if he has any of the symptoms of his mother's tumor: problems with short-term memory, depth perception, and motor skills. Pad Man's limo is on the move. Linc and Sucre are waiting in the muscle car… on the corner of King and Willow. Pad Man is two blocks away when he suddenly makes a U-turn. A grey sedan pulls out, heading in Linc's direction. Michael radios Linc that it's a trap. Wyatt's in the sedan, and Linc just barely escapes… but Sucre takes a bullet in his side. At the warehouse the team reassembles. Sara tends to Sucre as the gang tries to figure out how the General knew they were coming. Just as Roland is texting "Trust me now?" to Wyatt, Michael confronts him. Roland denies it vociferously enough to fool Michael for now. Michael gives him back his laptop, and asks him to find out what local businesses have security cameras at the corner of King and Willow.

Don, Gretchen, and T-Bag meet at Gate. Gretchen says tonight is Sara's only chance to settle up. Don makes it clear that she's working for him now. She'll get her money when they get Scylla. When this is over, if she ever sets foot on American soil again, she's dead. The same goes for T-Bag. Trishanne enters with a spreadsheet she's made showing everybody's schedules at the office, so they'll know the best times for digging. Gretchen's annoyed, and shoves the clipboard back at her, telling her to stick to answering the phones. T-Bag meets Trishanne in the lobby; they've fooled Gretchen into giving them her fingerprints. It's insurance in case Gretchen tries to cut them out of "their" Scylla payday… which he tells Trishanne is $1 million.

At the warehouse Sara is stitching up a recovering Sucre when Don calls: Roland's GPS just went offline. Linc and Mahone bound up to his room, and discover that Roland's gone; his GPS ankle bracelet is sitting there, having been hacked off with a pair of kitchen shears. He took the Corolla and the laptop with all the cards. In a back alley Roland meets with Wyatt, who has not brought the money he promised. Sara, who has been having flashbacks to Panama (when she tried frantically to save somebody's life, somebody we can't quite see), decides to go to Gretchen's motel. We see Sara having another flashback: She is bloodied and beaten by Gretchen, and given a small key by an unknown blonde woman. In another flashback Gretchen is holding a gun to the blonde woman's head right in front of Sara. In the present day Gretchen hands Sara a whip, and then takes her top off. Sara has five minutes to put as many scars on her back as she wants. In the alley Roland says he won't give up the brothers' location without the money… and Wyatt shoots him in the kneecap. Back to Sara: remembering the blonde crying; Sara pleading for the woman's life; and Gretchen shooting her in the head. Gretchen tells Sara she's down to four minutes. Sara just asks her the name of the guard, the blonde woman who Gretchen shot and left to die in Sara's arms. She withdraws a scalpel, and presses it to Gretchen's throat. The guard's name was Michelle Taylor. Sara says that Michelle helped her to escape; Gretchen was so busy making an example of her, she didn't even notice the key Michelle gave her. Sara withdraws the scalpel. Gretchen says she's proved her point: they're even. Sara says they're a long way from even. She'll make Gretchen pay for Michelle.

In the alley Roland gives up the location of the warehouse, and Wyatt shoots him in the gut. Suddenly Mahone rushes in, and hits Wyatt with a tire iron. The others are behind Mahone, and just barely restrain him from beating Wyatt to death. They need Wyatt for one last thing. We learn that they found Roland because Michael moved the GPS from his ankle monitor to Roland's laptop. Pad Man enters a cardholder meeting, enraged. This wasn't just an attempt on his life: it was an attempt on his card. He wants Wyatt, and he wants Scylla moved; now. Back in the alley, as the others urge Michael to hurry up and come with them back to the warehouse, Michael instead unexpectedly takes Roland's hand, comforting him as he dies.


Prison Break

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Prison Break

Posted by Antony on 10 December 2008 12:55 PM | Prison Break

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