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2 December, 2008

Blow Out, Prison Break

Prison Break

We don't like TV stations changing the air times. But sometimes, we like the situation we get more of the show we like. Prison Break is airing two new episodes this week, tonight and tomorrow night.

HD TVLast Wednesday on Prison Break. They figure out that one of the Scylla card is located in one of the FBI agent's office. The gang receive the help from Don (the FBI agent who hired them), break into the FBI's building, and managed to copied the data from one of the Scylla card. Sara learns that the guy following her is Wyatt. T-Bag finds out hidden messages in the Bird Book. Michael's gang want to get T-Bag out. Missed out last week's Prison Break? You can download last week's episode in stunning HD (High Definition) quality legally.

Tonight on Prison Break: (season 4 episode 6, Blow Out)

The entire operation may be in jeopardy when Mahone is arrested. Then, Gretchen visits her estranged family, while T-Bag continues to raise suspicions.

Prison Break starts tonight on Channel Seven at 10.30pm after Dirty Sexy Money (season 2 premiere). Don't miss out the show. Prison Break continues tomorrow night.

Prison Break

Here is the recap for last week's Prison Break:

Previously on Prison Break (season 4 episode 5, Eagles and Angels iTunes),

The gang, with Don's help, must break into a safe in the Federal Building to get the next Scylla card; Mahone tries to track down Wyatt; and T-Bag is nearly exposed, and gets a disturbing visit.

Don identifies one of the cardholders in the video as Griffin Oren, the head of Treasury's LA bureau; he works in Don's building. Making up a reason to meet him could result in five years' prison time for Don if he's caught. Sara notices that Bruce's credit card is missing. She then notices Wyatt trailing her. She breaks into a run, making a mad dash across the street through heavy traffic, and manages to lose him.

Mahone meets with his wife, Pam, in a diner. From a stack of 20 pictures, she identifies Wyatt as the man who killed their son. She tells Mahone she doesn't blame him for what happened. As Mahone breaks down in tears, she tells him that she used to hate the fact that he was so relentless in his pursuit of monsters... but now it's the only thing that lets her sleep at night. Michael sends Sucre and Bellick to look for T-Bag; they need the bird book to help with the eventual break-in. Don, the wireless device hidden on his person, barges into Oren's office, claiming it's a matter of national security involving stolen bearer-bonds and al-Qaeda operatives. As Oren opens his safe, Roland gets a signal. As the safe closes a moment later, the download stalls at 4%. Oren's on his way to Asia in six hours, and he's dismissive of Don. Afterwards Michael asks Don for blueprints of the building.

Sara finally gets back to the warehouse; and Mahone realizes that the person tailing her is Wyatt. T-Bag, startled by a suspicious Andy, spills a drop of tea on the bird book. After Andy leaves, he discovers that the spot where the drop hit has turned blue. As he spreads the tea drop around, hidden blue shapes and patterns emerge. Wyatt returns to the torture chamber, where he steps up his interrogation of Gretchen to try to get info on Michael and Linc.

Oren's safe has a biometric sensor; only his fingerprint will open it, along with a 12-digit key code. Don can smuggle them into the parking lot in his van, but there's no way to get up to Oren's 10th-floor office. Michael hatches a plan when he notices the room next to Oren's. Mahone and Sara determine that, assuming Wyatt was at his base when Bruce's credit card was used, there's a nine-mile radius in which his base can be found. Bellick and Sucre arrive at Gate, showing a picture of T-Bag, and claiming to have a $100,000 inheritance for him. Trishanne claims she's never seen him, giving T-Bag a knowing wink as they leave. She then blackmails T-Bag for his commencement check. T-Bag warns her if she gets too greedy or covetous, it won't go well for her. She settles for 3% of his commission.

Don sneaks Michael, Linc, Sucre, and Bellick into the Federal Building parking lot in his van. The gang piles into the elevator, and Michael uses Don's security badge for access to the 10th floor. Michael wires the elevator to go straight up, skipping other floors (to the confusion of employees waiting for the elevator), and then stopping on the 9th, where they exit the elevator through a ceiling panel. Don stops by the office of Sam Middleton: the office next to Oren's. They've made plans to go out to lunch, but Don's face falls when he sees that Middleton's got a bag of take-out burgers. Don claims to be a vegetarian, and they head out for a place on the corner. On the way out Don secretly squirts a black liquid onto the carpet. Bellick and Sucre, disguised as maintenance men, drop out of a vent into the maintenance closet. Michael's still in the vent. They're interrupted by an office worker seeking toilet paper; nobody notices as a drop of blood from Michael's nose stains her blouse.

Sara realizes that cardholder Lisa was headed for Laos, and cardholder Oren just happens to be going to Asia. She watches a news report on Laos; runaway inflation has led to food riots and impending famine. Mahone talks to Georgie, the bartender from the bar Sara patronized last night. She says Wyatt was driving a grey sedan.

Bellick and Sucre tell Elise, Middleton's secretary, that they need to clean up the black stain Don left. They'll be in the way for 90 minutes or so. They start up a vacuum cleaner that makes an unholy racket. Michael and Linc drop into the room via the vent. Then Michael uses a metal detector to find the back side of the Oren's safe in the next room. As they start to prepare thermite and drills, Linc interrogates Michael about the nosebleeds. He used to get them when he was thirteen. Michael insists he's fine, and asks Linc not to tell Sara. Pad Man shows up to see Oren. He asks Oren's secretary to call him back to his office, and takes a seat to wait. He's ten feet away; he'll hear the drill. There’s only 1/16th of an inch to go. As Oren and Pad Man meet, with Oren leaving in just five minutes, Michael dials down the drill to its lowest setting. Oren and Pad Man hear the buzzing, but it stops after a few seconds, and they return to their business: success… a hole in the safe. Michael grabs the Scylla card, and the device begins to download it. Pad Man tells Oren he wants to see the card. He's suspicious that Michael et al are up to something. Michael can hear them, and puts the card back. He pulls the hole in the back of the safe shut just as the download completes. The gang leaves without detection as an elevator-repair truck arrives.

Mahone arrives at Wyatt's motel, armed with a gun that Pam slipped him. The clerk says that Wyatt slipped out. As Mahone goes to examine his room, the clerk calls Wyatt, who had bribed him earlier to tip him off if anybody came asking about him. Mahone realizes something is up, and draws his gun on the clerk. The clerk tells Wyatt that his shift is over, and nobody showed up. The clerk gives Mahone the slip of paper with Wyatt's number. At the warehouse Sara tells Michael that the news said that billions in counterfeit money have been pumped into the Laotian economy. Earlier we had seen that there were plates for fake Laotian currency in Oren's safe. Sara says the cardholders are experts in their fields: energy, logistics, finance, etc. They're tearing down the country so they can profit from rebuilding it. Sara then admits to Michael that she went to a bar the other day. Michael says if this is all too much, he'll scrap everything and go to prison. Fifteen years is nothing so long as nothing happens to Sara. Sara says she's not going to fall off the wagon; she just wanted to be honest, so Michael knows she'll never lie to him.

At Gate, Feng visits T-Bag, puts a gun on his desk, and tells him he was supposed to deliver Scylla to Xing two days ago. Where is it? T-Bag has no clue what he's talking about. As Feng reaches for his gun, T-Bag, thinking fast, leans in and whispers that he can't talk freely at work. Feng says that if Cole gets him Scylla by the end of the day, he'll pay what they agreed to: Tomorrow, 50% of his fee; two days, 25%; three days, and he'll get a bullet through his brain. Feng leaves. A panicked T-Bag searches through the bird book, dwelling on one red spot among all the blue. What does it mean? Meanwhile, Trishanne is considering calling the number Bellick left. Back in Wyatt's torture chamber Gretchen overpowers her guard, kills him, and escapes with the help of a nail she's managed to work free from the apple box she's been sitting on.

At the warehouse the rest of the cardholders are identified; including a General Jonathan Krantz, for whom Don couldn't pull any personal information. It's like he's a ghost. Sara pales. She says that while she held captive in Panama, Gretchen took orders from a General. This is the man in charge of the Company. Roland calls up the enhanced image of the General. It's Pad Man. Wyatt meets with Pad Man, and tells him he should have let him kill Gretchen. Pad Man, sounding like he's trying to convince himself, says: "She'll come home. She always does." An aide interrupts to report that Don Self ran an enhanced image-search on him today.


Prison Break

Prison Break Missed an episode of ‘Prison Break’?
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Prison Break

Posted by Antony on 2 December 2008 12:59 PM | Prison Break

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