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26 November, 2008

Prison Break at new night

Prison Break

For some unknown reason, the last episode of Prison Break was aired on 30th October, that was four weeks ago. Well, Prison Break is back to Channel 7 at the new night 10.30pm on Wednesday night.

HD TVLast time on Prison Break. Michael, Lincoln, and Sucre enter a police function in oreder to obtain the next data card. Linc is recognised by one of the guards. Without any choice, they kill one guard. They finally get the data from a card. Sara is grieving and blames herself for Bruce's death. Sara is followed by the Company. Missed out last week's Prison Break? You can download last week's episode in stunning HD (High Definition) quality legally.

Tonight on Prison Break: (season 4 episode 5, Safe and Sound)

The gang must break into a safe in the Federal Building to get the next Scylla card. Meanwhile, Mahone tries to track down the man who killed his son, and T-Bag gets a disturbing visit.

Prison Break starts tonight on Channel Seven at 10.30pm after The Unit. Don't miss out the show.

Prison Break

Here is the recap for last week's Prison Break:

Previously on Prison Break (season 4 episode 4, Eagles and Angels iTunes),

Michael, Lincoln, and Sucre must crash a police benefit to obtain the next data card; reeling from another death, Sara falls back into an old habit; and T-Bag arouses suspicion and runs into some old “friends” on his first day at his new job.

As Michael and Sara watch a yacht in the distance, dreaming of sailing away together, Sucre interrupts. There's a diplomatic license plate fuzzily visible on the video Michael took of the cardholder meeting. The car belongs to the Turkish diplomat, Erol Tabak. The gang stakes out the consulate. They pull up by his car, armed with Roland's wireless device. It begins to pick up the next Scylla card as the consul, his wife Lisa, and their bodyguard exit the car. The signal is lost as Lisa walks away; Michael realizes that she's the cardholder, and indeed we find that she's meeting with Pad Man. The two seem to have an unexpected closeness and intimacy. T-Bag rehearses his role as "Cole Pfeiffer" for his impending meeting, and Don calls Sara with bad news: Bruce Bennett was found dead in his home that morning.

The gang needs to get near Lisa with the wireless for two minutes, but she's surrounded by private security. They are stunned to see T-Bag walking across the plaza, and then T-Bag sees them. He tries to run. Michael and Linc catch him, but they're spotted by some rent-a-cops who are regarding them suspiciously, and have to let him go. Pad Man calls Wyatt, who says he's trailing Sara to get to Michael. He's softening Gretchen up, but questions the wisdom of keeping her alive at all. Pad Man says she lives until she talks; she must know something. Pad Man says he has another job for him. It seems that a former employee has been looking into Scylla...

Sara's angry and grieving. Bruce died because of her. Michael tries to comfort her. At Gate, Trishanne the receptionist tells "Cole" that Mr. White is running a few minutes late, but he's already got a message from Mr. Xing. The message is a string of numbers that's also in the bird book.

Don warns Michael that if Bruce knew they were in L.A., the Company's going to be after them. Michael tells him T-Bag's in town, and might be digging into Scylla. Don calls Jasper Potts, and asks for the info again about where the building with the Scylla decoder is. Jasper says he thinks his phone is being tapped; they make plans to meet, but Wyatt gets there first. Don arrives to find Jasper dead. The gang finds that Lisa is being honored that night at a charity dinner downtown for "Eagles and Angels:" a benefit for the families of cops killed in the line of duty. In order to get near Lisa, they'll have to do it in front of half the cops in LA.

At Gate, White greets T-Bag, and then heads off to San Francisco. Andrew Blauner shows him to his corner office. Andy's jealous of T-Bag's status: he's been with the company for years, and then "Cole" falls out of the sky breaking all the sales records, so he gets the star treatment. As Andy goes, T-Bag notices that the office number, 122B, is written in the bird book. A troubled Sara goes to a dive bar, and nearly falls off the wagon.

Michael, Linc, and Sucre break into a storage facility, steal a bunch of official cop uniforms and badges, and then head with Mahone to the charity dinner. Michael hides the device at Lisa's table, and then tries to call Sara. She doesn't notice her phone buzzing because she's unburdening to the bartender about Bruce's death, her drink untouched. She also doesn't notice as a drunk at the bar named Shep steals a credit card from her purse: a credit card with Bruce's name on it. Wyatt visits the bound and abused Gretchen, and demands to know what she knows about who's looking into Scylla. She knows nothing. Wyatt gets a call: Bruce Bennett's credit card was just run at a bar in LA. As Wyatt goes, we see that Gretchen is slowly working her way free.

As the ceremony begins at the charity dinner, Lisa's bodyguard, Clozza, recognizes Linc. Linc ducks out; Clozza follows him. Just as Lisa's about to sit down at her table, Pad Man calls: "The kip just hit fifteen." Game on; Lisa makes her apologies, and leaves. Damn; Michael retrieves the device as everyone is watching her go. Outside, Linc is captured by Clozza, who knows his name. He's about to shoot Linc, but Bellick sneaks up, and stabs him with a screwdriver. Linc grabs the screwdriver, and kills Clozza with it. They call Michael and warn him of what's gone down, but Michael still wants to try to get the card. Getting an idea, he says to wait for Mahone. Mahone approaches Lisa, and tells her that she needs to ID a body outside. Nobody's leaving until they make the ID, and he "assigns" Michael to stay with Lisa until the ID is made. The device begins to download the card. As Lisa and Michael chit-chat, his nose begins to bleed again; she hands him a Kleenex. The card is downloaded. Michael ducks out just as the police Captain and some guards head their way.

In the bar's bathroom Sara breaks down crying. The weight is too heavy. Then she sees the origami rose in her purse. It gives her the strength to pull it together. At that moment Wyatt arrives at the bar, looking for Sara. He enters the bathroom, but she's not there... she just ducked out a back exit. The gang returns to the warehouse, and gives the device to Roland. Bellick's worried that somebody must have seen them when they killed Clozza, but Don's there. He says it's handled.

An aide tells Pad Man about Clozza's death. A tip came into LAPD that Clozza's death was politically motivated, a fanatic who was after the consul. Pad Man's satisfied to hear that Lisa made her flight. He sits back, and examines the money in his hand: a Laotian kip. In Chinatown Sean Xing — the Mr. Xing who left the message for "Cole" — meets with Feng Huan. Feng is angry, and asks Xing: "Why don't you have it?" Xing says that Cole Pfeiffer didn't show up for their meeting. Feng says, "So you don't have Scylla." He then unsheathes a blade, and stabs Xing to death.

Linc asks if they got any extra info off of Lisa's phone. Roland claims all they got was the card. Linc then thanks Bellick, who is clearly troubled by the murder he committed today. Mahone privately approaches Roland, and asks for help finding the man who killed his son. He's made a fairly accurate sketch of Wyatt. He wants Roland to hack into the FBI database, and find his profile. Michael calls Sara, who is still clutching the origami rose. He offers to come get her, but she says she's almost home. As she hangs up, and continues on her way, we see Wyatt is following her...


Prison Break

Prison Break Missed an episode of ‘Prison Break’?
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Prison Break

Posted by Antony on 26 November 2008 5:27 PM | Prison Break

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