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30 October, 2008

Eagles and Angels @ Prison Break

Prison Break

HD TVLast week on Prison Break. The FBI agent that made a deal with Michael and his team had to call off because 6 data cards were not expected. At last minutes Michael managed to prove to the Agent that his team can crack down the company. The deal was back on. T-Bag arrived at the apartment meant for Whistler, he also found a welcome letter: Whister's fake identity was to be a $75K/year employee (with a $10K commencement bonus) of a company dedicated to "Breaking the Chains of Negativity" and "Greatness Achieved Through Excellence."
Missed out last week's Prison Break? You can download last week's episode in stunning HD (High Definition) quality legally.

Tonight on Prison Break: (season 4 episode 4, Eagles and Angels)

Michael, Lincoln, and Sucre must crash a police benefit to obtain the next data card. Meanwhile, T-Bag arouses suspicion and runs into some old "friends" on his first day at his new job.

Prison Break starts tonight on Channel Seven at 10.30pm after Heroes. Don't miss out the show.

Prison Break

Here is the recap for last week's Prison Break:

Previously on Prison Break (season 4 episode 3, Shut Down iTunes),

Michael and the team have one day to find the next cardholder or they risk going back to prison; Mahone seeks revenge on Wyatt, who is searching for Sara; and T-Bag finds the gateway to his new identity and future.

Michael tells Don he's done, he did what he was asked to do; but Don says he has to get the other five cards that make up Scylla by the end of the day, or they'll all go back to jail. Michael relays this to the others. Roland points out that his wireless device sucked up all kinds of data from Tuxhorn's home; maybe it can lead them to the next cardholder. His calendar shows a secret meeting for today: no name, time, or place.

Mahone calls Lang, and asks her to send him some files; she protests, but Mahone wails that the Company killed his son. Linc overhears him. Don argues with his superior, Herb Stanton, who thinks going after five more cards is just too much risk. He's going to call Senator Dallo, and recommend that the plug be pulled.

T-Bag arrives at the apartment meant for Whistler, and luxuriates in his newfound comfort. He shaves to help disguise himself. He examines the papers in the "Gate" envelope, and finds a welcome letter: Whister's fake identity was to be a $75K/year employee (with a $10K commencement bonus) of a company dedicated to "Breaking the Chains of Negativity" and "Greatness Achieved Through Excellence." Michael and the gang deduce from coded e-mails and other evidence that Tuxhorn's meeting is about Scylla. They don't have all the e-mails, however; to get them, they'll have to hack into a server in Anaheim. Bellick and Sucre are assigned to stake out Tuxhorn at Spectroleum while the others, including a reluctant Roland, head to Anaheim.

In Anaheim Sara distracts the front desk guard, steals his security pass, and slips it to Michael. Michael and Roland find the server room. As Roland works feverishly Mahone (waiting in the car) gets a call from Lang. She got what he wanted, but tells him, "If you track him down, call me. Don't do anything that could get you hurt." The material will be ready for pickup by 5pm. The guard notices that his security badge is missing, and begins to interrogate Sara. Linc and Mahone, watching from the car, notice the trouble. They call Michael, who pulls the fire alarm. This distracts the guard long enough for Sara to escape. Unfortunately, just as Roland gets the e-mails, the fire alarm triggers a system designed to protect the server from fire by sealing off the room... and sucking out all the oxygen. They only have a few minutes of air. Michael calls Linc, who sneaks up to a newly arrived fire truck, and steals a fireman's jacket and ax. Thus disguised, he goes to the server room, and breaks down the door with the ax. They all beat a hasty retreat.

Don argues into the phone that he needs to see somebody now; tomorrow will be too late. Then an agent comes knocking at his door, and tells him it's time to go. Don looks defeated. T-Bag calls Gate pretending to be "Cole Pfeiffer," and asks if his commencement bonus check can be sent to him; but Trishanne, the receptionist, says that Mr. White needs to sign off on all checks… and Mr. White really wants to talk to him first.

Back at the warehouse the e-mails don't seem to be of any help. Roland's upset that he nearly got killed for nothing, and says anybody who dies for this cause is a sucker. Mahone, enraged, grabs him and throws him against a wall. Linc gets him to back down. Roland goes back to the computer… and finds that it's suddenly frozen. As Bellick and Sucre wait for a sign of Tuxhorn, Bellick suggests running off to Mexico. Sucre won't hear of it. Suddenly two armed agents flank the car, and tell them to put their hands up. Sucre manages to text "Run" to Michael. Roland thinks he'll get shot if he runs, so the others leave him behind, peeling out in the SUV just as government agents arrive with Don in tow. The agents give chase; Don calls, and tells them the mission is terminated. Traffic causes them to abandon the vehicle; the chase continues on foot, as Linc points out that they have to lose the ankle bracelets.

Gregory White calls; T-Bag attempts to speak in as generic an accent as possible. White's thrilled to talk to the number-one salesman in the northeast region for the first time… and T-Bag's thrilled to realize that White has never met "Cole Pfeiffer." They'll meet at Gate in the morning. The fugitives hide somewhere underground, where the signal from the ankle bracelets is blocked, giving them a temporary reprieve. They finally decipher the code in the e-mails: the meeting is taking place at the power planet in Newport Beach. They take off, stealing a cab… and Don gets their signal again. As Tuxhorn meets with Pad Man near the power plant, our heroes arrive with Don in close pursuit. All are caught except Michael. Linc grabs Don's tracker, and breaks it. He tries to tell Don a Scylla meeting is happening here and now, but Don says he has his orders: it's over.

Pad Man tells Tuxhorn that the op-order has already commenced. Something's gone down in Laos. Tuxhorn wants to know when they'll see the ramifications; Pad Man tells him not to worry about it. Michael spies on them as cars approach. As Don arrests everyone but Sara, Linc congratulates him for letting the Company win. Suddenly Michael tears back in the cab, blocking the exit. He shows Don a cell phone video he just took... of a meeting of all six Scylla cardholders. Self warns him not to ever run again… and then sends them all back to the warehouse. He calls Senator Dallo, and demands to talk to him immediately. Sarah and Michael are relieved that they won't be separated again. Mahone slips away to pick up the files that Lang got him.

Stanton is outraged that Don went over his head to the Senator, and warns Don that he's on his own from now on. Wyatt administers sodium pentathol to Bruce Bennett, and hypnotizes him into revealing that Michael, Linc, and Sara are in Los Angeles.

Michael tells Linc he's worried that Mahone is a liability; he clearly has another agenda. Linc tells Michael that Mahone's son was murdered. Linc then finds Mahone going over the contents of the file: autopsy photos of his son. As Mahone recoils in pain, Linc tells him that he knows about it. Mahone says they left his wife alive as a hostage, but she's in protective custody now. Linc tells Mahone, this man he's spend so much time hating, that he'll help find whoever killed his son, and whoever that man took orders from. The two shake hands.


Prison Break

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Prison Break

Posted by Antony on 30 October 2008 7:46 PM | Prison Break

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